10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A Traditional Job

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A Traditional Job

There are many ways to make a living and one of the newly adopted means of doing so is starting your own blog page. But as much as you are motivated to make money through it, money should not be your motivator in the long term. So there will definitely be something else that will keep you going.

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional' Job

What is so special about blogging?

Here are the 10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional’ Job 

1. You can earn however much you want to earn

Tradition jobs are what I would refer to as the usual day to day hustle. It is that job where you are employed by a certain company to do work for it in the end to receive end month snippets or salaries. It is that job that demands so much from you and yet you get so little in return and sometime you will be forced to shy into your boss’s office to request a pay increase that will still never be enough. If you are lucky, you would get promoted, the job doesn’t get easier though.


Blogging is a different kettle of fish, it is a different world altogether, an online world. Here, there is no one to look down on you, you are your own boss. You determine how you are going to work, how much effort you are going to put. You determine how much you are going to earn individually. There is no limit in expanding your blogging or how much you should earn.10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional’ Job.

2.The alternative means of earning

Blogging is not all writing, there are other ways by which you can diversify your way of earning. You can do so by increasing the breadth of what you do. In the process, you will face a lot of challenges and the need to adapt fast. However so, the benefits are huge.

10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional' Job

Another good thing is that the change is all on you. Knowing what to do, how you are going to go about it and what your focus would be all rest upon you. You are your own boss and this if your company.


For example, you could include direct advertisements to your blogging account through such tools as AdClerks or through a plugin like WPAdvancedAds. These means are not only stable but are the most stable and pay the most. Make sure that the advertisements are detailed on your blog. Also, you have an interest in teaching, there are online platforms you could check out. Or you could be interested in selling your knowledge as a service to clients online, either by helping them, WordPress, social media or through anything else you are good at.

3. Blogging never gets boring

Blogging is not just a platform for writing, it opens you to opportunities to learn as you have never learnt before. Working online and blogging requires you a varied skill set that will blow your mind. For example, a good blogger needs to be a good reader. For him to blog about a certain topic, he must have done conducted detailed studies from many sources including books, online and other online blogging sights to help him develop a deeper understanding of the topic. He notes down the key things he understood in point form then constructs complex sentences in his blog about them.

The second most important skill of a blogger is listening. He should have acute listening skills which will enable him to acquire audible points on a topic that would help him in his blogging.

The third skill is writing. A captivating piece of writing inadvertently draws the attention of many readers. The style incorporated and the means of delivery adopted would woe readers to your blog.


As such, blogging can never get boring. Each article constructed directly reflects a carefully researched topic in such that way that it delivers beyond the obvious expectations of the masses.

4. You can work anywhere

And isn’t that just convenient!? All you need to have is your laptop or I pad. Being a blogger opens you to the opportunity of working on other things and still be able to enjoy what your work. Conveniently, you can work from a taking a break at the gym, while cruising on a ship during your vacation or at home with your family. There are so many places you could work from. Your laptop is your office.

The mobility and convenience that blogging office also opens opportunities for you to advertise yourself to the stranger beside you. Catchy images and words reflecting from your laptop are key in catching someone else’s attention.

5. The people you meet are amazing

While you are working on what you love, you are likely to meet like-minded people. You will get new friends and your outlook will also change. Having a circle that understand what you do not only motivate you, but also help you gain an improved perspective on life. You get to interact with familiar minds in exchanging ideas, looking into creating new things, and also just being surrounded by people with great passion. This is 10 Reasons Why Blogging Is So Much Better Than A ‘Traditional’ Job.


In a traditional job, things are different only few exceptional individuals love what they do, the other lot, among which you fall, are unmotivated and generally only help in making your life more miserable and uninspired. And honestly, whoever made it in life with that attitude.When you do what you love, your life will never be the same.

6. Food for thought

Getting into blogging to make few quick bucks is not bad in fact for some, it sets the pace for them in the long run. Blogging offers you a variety of ways to diversify from in such ways that you would improve in your skills, gain more in-depth knowledge of topics you only understood on the surface and most importantly, you blogging would help you develop a deeper passion and love for what you do. It also offers a lifelong job that is secure. You wouldn’t need to retire as you are doing what you love at your convenience.

7. Nice things to keep you motivated in your blogging

Those who initiate themselves into blogging come across some hardship which if they last for long may completely demotivate the young soul from to continue blogging. Getting small views, some commenting just for backlinks and saying things like “nice post” or “useful posts” to getting negative commenting from time to time can really set a negative to you as a blogger. In other cases, such comments and hardships can be realized a few years down the lines even if you had an early success in your blogging life.

This is a common parlance that most bloggers can relate to. Keep in mind that even after setting your priorities right before starting blogging won’t always be easy for you. But don’t lose heart and here’s how you can do that

8. Blog for yourself first and for others second

Adopt your own style of writing and emulate it. Don’t try copying what another prestigious blogger that you look up to is doing. Your blog posts and style should reflect who you are to take charge of your niche and stick to your style of doing things. Some argue that new bloggers should avoid rewriting blogs that have already been written before. I advise that you look overlook that opinion and write it anyway. Adopt your own style of transforming an old article into a better shape.


9. Start with the basics then move to more advanced things

Starting off with a complicated topic that you had not initiated with a background is a bad idea and would not attract readership to your blog. You need to have a pile of content that makes a reader want to stay with your blog and this means that you write has to help them understand the topic. For example, ‘The Benefit of SEO’ and ‘Why is SEO Important?’

10. Forget about social networking and focus on blogging

I don’t dispute that social networking can be benefiting. It has its advantages, but how would you feel if you read an update of someone saying that they are having a great time in Miami? The answer is that you would feel Miserable. You would also want to get out from where you are and go have fun like they are. Constant social networking can demotivate you and make you lose focus on your primary goal, which is blogging. Your time will come, so first things first.
Forget about social networking and focus on blogging


Have a blog business plan. A plan is vital for any business just like it is in blogging. If you wish to make money, have a plan for how you are going to go about it. Make a content generation plan, a blog monetization plan, a marketing plan, a growth plan, and so on. With time, your blog plan will change according to your readership and needs or your readers, so adopt you plan accordingly.

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