10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

Content is considered king in digital marketing, and it is valued only when it generates organic traffic which means it is always important to come up with new ideas and additional points that the customer will appreciate. Today almost nine out of ten companies are using content to generate leads or market their product so providing a well-researched, unique and structured content will help the user to be more transparent about finding the answers related to the particular niche.

But coming with new and exciting ideas for your blog can be a challenging task. So here we are to provide you with some tips to generate some fantastic content marketing ideas for your blog which will remove the hassle of blogger to think what to write and from where to start.

Top 10 ways to generate amazing content marketing ideas for blogs

1. Google Autocomplete:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

It is an amazing tool to find keyword for the blog in any niche. Apart from this is great to find ideas on what to write.Here is a guide on how to use this tool:

To start with add wildcard to your google search such as (_) or (*).

Let’s understand it better with the help of an example, Say if you want to write on top 10 niche then type in “top 10 _” which will show following results

  • Top 10 aircraft
  • Top 10 shooting guards
  • Top 10 android games

It is a great way to start a blog with great ideas related to any niche.


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2. Use SEO Tools:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

SEO is a great strategy if you want to generate more traffic to your blog. The tool is mainly audience focus as it shows results of what the audience like to read on.With the help of the right, right keywords, you can easily decide on what to write and that too in a strategic manner.

It is useful and accessible because it hit the focus point of what people are looking for which will help you to provide precisely the content focusing the reader’s needs.Therefore SEO is a great tool to find topics that are in demand, and you don’t need to brainstorm on what the audience wants in the first place.


3. Social Media Groups:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

Social media has reached new heights in the last few years. This growth is a great advantage to bloggers who want to learn, connect and improve their blog. It is one place to track perfect content ideas which are in trend. Feature gossips content related to Bollywood or politics or any other trending feed is the best way to take your blog to the next level.Apart from this join some good social media groups as it will help to connect will like-minded people and ask questions and suggestions for your next write-up.

4. Brainstorm a Little Bit:-

The best way to come up with ideas is to sit back and think for a while. For this, you can either do it alone or sit alongside with others who are in the same field.

Always make a habit to note down what all categories you want in your blog and what are in trending or content readers will be amused to read. Just write down what all comes to your mind and don’t think it is good or bad. Later edit or delete what you think will best fit your blog.

5. Google Keyword:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

Google provides a great tool name Google keyword planner which can be used to come up with new content ideas for your blog. The tool is extremely simple to use you only need to type in the blogging niche. It will provide you with keywords and ideas for your next write-up.


6. Follow the Comments:-

 Comments are great ways to find out what the audience like and what they want next from you. It is advised to check the comments that are repeated continuously or something similar is pop-ups again and again.

It is observed most of the time that the reader left a lot of question to be answered by you. Therefore this can act as a lead on what to write next. So never ignore the comment section as you never know what you find next.

7. Take Inspiration from the Competitors:-

It doesn’t matter what your blog niche is you will have competitors before and after you start your blog. But it doesn’t mean to copy and paste their work instead provide what’s missing, and you feel it’s the critical aspect of the niche. Except this, you can read their comments and use it for their advantage by know what people actually want.

8. Add a Newsletter to the Blog:-

10 Ways We Generate Amazing Content Marketing Ideas for Blog

The newsletter is one thing that any blogger should add as it is a great way to stay connected with the audience. The easiest way to do so is by sending an automatic introductory mail to when someone signs up. There are many software’s present online which will ease your email handling.


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It is a great way to promote your blog and Facebook page ultimately increasing traffic to the blog. We know that not many people reply but even if only 2% of people reply then it can be a great way to generate a content idea for your next masterpiece.

9. Survey Method:-

Survey method can be a great way to ask your loyal readers about what they are interested to read next.

It is a great way to make a database of topics what the reader most enjoy and what they didn’t like. You can use Google forms to make a reader survey and share it on your blog, social media page and other sources where you feel you will get a response.It doesn’t matter if only one out of ten replies because that one will turn out to be a gold sack for your next write up.


10. Use of Previous Content:-

You can use your old content to get fantastic ideas for your next article by checking the last post which received the most views. You can use the illustrations for your advantage and update your old content with the new one.

So, these are some of the ways you can use to generate new ideas for your next write up to post on your blog.

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