14 Top Blogging Tools For 2018 (Categorized & Expert Tips)

14 Advanced Blogging Tools For 2018 (Categorized & Expert Tips)

A blog is fun and the writer who really knows the importance of blogging probably by now must be looking forward to some efficient ways to enhance the readability of the users. Of course, there are so many free sites where you can publish the blog of your name. But are you really aware of some effective blogging tools that can make this art look the most creative and enhancing? If not then certainly, this is the right page where you have landed up. Understanding that blogging requires efforts, dedication, and commitment. It is not just writing but when it comes to delivering the quality blog, you have to consider the best content with the better tools to make it readable.

Blogging Tools that works:

       Whether it is the blog or the message that you wish to send to the audience with some you tend to communicate often, you need to be clear about what all blogging tools would you be sending. Whether it is a plug-in or a blogging platform or simply a third party service, you need to know some of the best blogging tools. Well, the good news is you don’t really have to surf around much since, here you can get all the crucial blogging tricks that can ease down all the hurdles coming on your way of the successful journey.


Using the right Web Hosting:

       There are so many hosting providers who are also available for the bloggers. Yes, most of the people are still not aware of it. But if you want to make a choice amongst the best then Bluehost is the most preferred one. But other than this, Using SiteGround can also take you the extra mile.



This type of tool is usually endorsed for the WordPress. No doubt that it is one amazing option that allows your site to grow online. Besides, it is super fast and offers the best customer support that you may not find elsewhere. With SSL certification, storage capacity and caches to meet the standards, it is the best option over Bluehost that you can certainly think of choosing.

Outsourcing websites:

At times, you might want to go for the outsource option of the wisest to generate more traffic and earn extra income. At such time, you don’t really have to take stress as there are many genuine options available. Talking of which some of them are listed below:

  • Fiverr:
    It is best if you are facing issues with ouches to be made on social media or Youtube Videos
  • Freelancer: This one is excellent too since you can rent out the digital assistance or even the freelancing to get the job done
  • 99designs: Such type of outsourcing option allows you to come up with an efficient design. It is of less cost but certainly gives the primary quality

Selecting an incredible Theme with WordPress:

The rescans why your website looks dull or magnificent is because of the WordPress theme. That’s right, it all depends on the design and the concept of the theme which you choose. To make sure your site looks nice and user-friendly, you can enhance the theme.


Genesis Framework:

It is an ideal choice for the theme of option which often is considered to be a framework that does not have any unnecessary options. Besides it also allows you create a base and build upon it. Besides, it is SEO friendly and comes with huge community

Studio Press:

If you sign up for this option, you are likely to get the sample theme that goes along with it. It offers some incredible options at great pricing that you must try out

WordPress Plugins:

Now the time is ready and hosting is also decided, the next thing you need to focus on is the plug-in. Word press is known for the right plug-in use. With this, you can extend its features. Besides the options that you may try out are:

  • Jetpack

It is a set of extraordinary feature by which you can measure the number of visitors and even add or share the counters and have social media buttons to go along with it. [irp][irp]

  • Akismet

This is another incredible platform by which you can actually protect the site from getting a victim of spasm. It is quite intelligent enough o detect the spam comments with a good rate of accuracy.


For better search engine optimization management, it is the Yoast tool that can work the best. It allows you to manage the on page optimization without any hurdle. It includes the test reading, SEO titles and even checking the density of the keywords.


Creating inventory pictures for blogs:

The next thing to do on your blog is coming up with eye-catching pictures. For this the following option can work:

Flickr Advanced search:

It is used for seeking out those pictures that have an inventive frequent license.

Google image search:

With this tool, the pictures that have an acceptable license can also be used in the weblog


This is another effective tool that possibly gives you an opportunity to achieve the best quality pictures without any hassle.


Proof-reading device:

When it comes to a blog, it has to be content writing. A wrong is not targeted well with the keyword and is of not much good quality that can actually lead to loss of the customers. That is why make sure you use the right tool to achieve success. Talking of which the options to rely on are:

  • Grammarly: With this, you can proofread, come across new phrases and also be good enough to understand the spelling or grammatical errors if any
  • Hemingway App: This is another amazing web-based device app that helps to enhance the writing. It can allow you know what things are missing in your blog content and how you can improve its readability.

The above blogging tools can help you bring your blog to the top. But make sure you understand every tools purpose before you start using it so that it shall not be difficult for you to achieve success.

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