20 Socially Proven Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Nowadays many businesses using social media marketing as an alternative online marketing strategy and twitter is one of them. When you use correctly twitter is a powerful tool for business to generate leads, explore your branding, and to build connections with customers and with the future prospects. In this article, you will know the ways of How to grow twitter followers in details which helps to achieve your goal.

Use Profile Picture

Some may not use a profile picture because of many reasons. But one of the important points to follow in How to grow twitter followers is to add a profile picture. It makes people understand that it is a genuine and trustworthy company rather than a faceless corporation. One more tip you should follow while adding a profile picture is to add one with a smiling face as it will attract the attention of the people.

Impressive Bio

The must follow the tip of how to grow twitter followers is to craft an impressive bio. In detail, under the profile picture, there is space to write a few lines about you, your twitter account and your goal. You have to inform in detail about what you do, what your goal is and why they should follow you. Your straight-forwardness, writing style, and impressive words usage will surely add benefit. Use relevant keywords to rank higher and include region name to attract local users.

Unique Header

Using a unique header is one of the most important ways in how to grow twitter followers. You have to use a relevant and unique image i.e., horizontal for the best fit to the window.

Twitter Cards

The twitter cards let you create a media-rich experience for users who retweet your content. You have to set up for each card individually to use them. This is one of the proven ways of how to grow twitter followers.

Schedule your tweets

You have to tweet regularly to make your twitter account active and to make your followers engaging with your tweets. You have an option of scheduling tweets with the use of tools and they get posted according to the schedule you have set. The schedule your posts is one of the best ways in how to grow your twitter followers. Most of the important content schedule for weekends as people are active and will get engaged in your content and increases your followers.

Retweet Other’s Content

Retweeting content is the best way to increase your followers. If you retweet the latest news, influencers within your industry or other, or most engaging news helps you to increase followers. Here you have to grab the eye-catching content and retweet them; this is how to grow twitter followers.

Create Informative Content

You have tweeted on creating content that is both informative and helpful to your followers. This will keep them more engaged to your brand, makes them wait for your tweet, and they will talk with others about your tweet.  This is how to grow twitter followers and this helps to spread your brand.

Run Twitter Contests

Most people look interestingly into contests and it also involves fast spreading through person to person. If you run prize contests that help to increase your followers to get notified for your further contests. This is most trending one of how to grow twitter followers.

Use Images

The content on the image will reach people more quickly as images are most eye-catching. If you write content innovatively and with the best-suited image this helps to reach the people. The above is one of the social proven ways of how to grow twitter followers.

Repeat Popular Tweets

You have to keep track of your popular tweets and after some time passed. Take some of the popular tweets of your own and reword and present them differently. This will bring you the same amount of engagement even for the second time. Here you have to keep an eye of how to grow twitter followers as this is one of the important ways to increase your followers.

Follow More People

If you follow more people in-return they may also follow you. As studies say there is a correlation between followers and people you followed. The best tactic on how to grow twitter followers is to follow more people.

Use Links

When you use links in your tweets will help to get more retweets and this will helps you to gain more followers.

Relevant Keywords

You have to use the relevant keywords for the most trending news to rank higher in the search. This helps to reach more people and gain followers.

Relevant Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags in your post to get two times more engagement in your tweet. The people who are searching for particular hashtag will help to attract new followers.

Ask Retweets

Sometimes asking for retweets in the content will increase to reach a maximum number of people and in return, you may have new followers. This may not work for one keep on trying as this is one of the best ways of how to grow twitter followers.

Promote Twitter Account

You have to promote twitter account in your business cards, brochures, signboards, and on your website. Promoting twitter account is one of the proven ways of how to grow twitter followers which increases your followers drastically.

Reference Users

When you are tweeting about someone else mention them with their twitter account name. This helps you to engage more likely to your tweets and the best way of how to grow twitter followers.


Post some of the inspirational and motivational quotes to get retweets and people will connect as well as engage more easily. This makes you get new followers, which is an easy way of how to grow twitter followers.

Respond Publicly

Whenever there is any requirement respond publicly with an appropriate answer rather than on private message. This helps to gain more followers with your unique answering way of style. This is one of the brands making way and the best way of how to grow twitter followers.

Pin Eye-Catching Tweet

You have to pin the eye-catching tweet which has more retweets and comments to attract the new people to make them follow you.

Conclusion: There are many more other ways of how to grow twitter followers but the above given are easy to follow for free of cost. If you have any suggestions let us know in the comment section.

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