23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

What Is SEO?

SEO is a short abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of getting traffic on the web. That is, your article gets to be viewed the most and is shared widely in the web.

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

For any business enterprise, getting people to visit your website is crucial for your product and company development. It sets the tone of superiority and dominance among other companies in the same industry. For your company to rank high up in organic search result, you have to employ the best Search Engine Optimization tool to aid you in placing your website prominently on search engine result page (SERP). Knowing and using the best SEO tool is vital to your business.

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

Getting the best SEO tool has proven cumbersome to many small and large companies in the growing market. Google has, over and over again, changed the dynamics of operation of the search engines. It has features designed to optimize the search results from the uniqueness employed in designing of the URL, contents in the page and the effect the page is likely to give should it be brought up in the search results.Also, it has proven costly for small enterprises that seek to outsource SEO agencies to market their product online.


However so, below is a list of ‘FREE’ SEO tools that you can conveniently use for marketing on your own.

1. Yoast

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

Yoast works best if you have been using WordPress platform. it is capable of running on more than 8 million sites to obtain results and also on 11.4% of the top 1 million sites in the world.  It incorporates many features to help in the optimization ofyour content for search results, such as snippet generator, images titles and meta descriptions. It has been described as the most powerful application on WordPress by its user and is also absolutely free.

2. Ahrefs

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

Ahrefs was created to aid business build backlinks with others by conducting huge analysis on them. It would enable you to perform competitive backlinks analysis, identify the links your competitor is getting, and with how much traffic those links have, that you could also use to your advantage. It would also give you information on their quality.


3. Browseo

This tool allows you to see your website the way others see it. It also gives you an insight into what other websites look like without any distraction from the styles they have adopted.From your websites perspective, it enables you to see things like the order in which you have ranked your items.

Also, it enables you to make comparisons with others and make suitable changes to your platform as you see fit.

4. Copyscape

Some people make it a habit of trying to copy what others do. The same habit reflects in the business industry. Copyscape enables you to see any duplicated phrases relating to your product on other websites: It helps prevent plagiarism.

From cross-checking the words listed under the URL you copied from other websites you can choose to make unique content essential to your platform. Doing so can help create traffic of your product by scaling itup the rank or even for your blog.

5. Find Broken Links

Find Broken Links was designed by Ninja Internet Marketers. It has diverse key features that will make you want to use it right away. Such include: Checking your website for dead links, validate both internal and external URL’s, locate and show the problems in your HTML link, report error codes (404 etc) for all bad URLs.

Also, key to note is that it runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and iOS.

6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

It was designed by Google Adwords as a free tool that would give you insights on the monthly searches for a particular keyword, and the traffic there is, based on advertising costs spend on sponsored links. Advertently it would then give you suggestions alongside your keyword.

7. Google-Page Speed Insights

By keying your URL to this tool it would indicate how fast it loads. It will also give you suggestions on how you could improve on the performance of your page. It works both on your desktop and mobile.

8. Google Search Console

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

In few descriptive words, Google Search Console is a tool that would allow you to get an impression of your website after having analyzed the questions that bring users to your website, that is, how much traffic does your site have. It also enables you to send your XML sitemaps (sitemap location) and personal URL to Google. It reviews your index coverage to make sure that Google will receive the latest view of your site.

You will also be able to get email alerts if your URL has an issue and where that particular problem originates from. After you fix the problem, it will notify Google that you have fixed the problem.It will give you an overview of users activities on your site, their reviews and queries based on your sites impression, clicks and position on the Google search,

9. Google Webmaster Tools

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

It has an association with Google Search Console. That is after Google Search Console conducts a diagnostic analysis of your URL and other related searches, the impression it gives is taken to Google Webmasters. This one optimizes your website for Google’s search engine results. It gives you open suggestions on what you can do to make your website better such as suggesting a better appearance of your site’s front page.

It requires signing in to get started. This will enable you to get updates that Google Webmater’s find that would be beneficial to you.

10. Keyword Clarity

It is a keyword grouping tool. It makes it easier to identify the best keywords on Google search. It has a built-in keyword manipulation surface and an interactive tree visualization that works in grouping words. It does this without writing a single spreadsheet formula.

11. KWFinder

KWFinder or “Keyword Finder” is a fast tool that will help you find complex words on search engines. It takes credit from Google SERP in identifying the words.

This app will also help you locate keywords your competitors are missing out on because they may not have the knowledge of their existence. You can use these words to your advantage.

12. Linkminer

It works very fast (within seconds) to give you an alarmingly huge number of free backlinks to your disposal. It enables you to open the links directly from the site without the need to open a new tab.It has improved functions after you upgrade it.


13. LongTail Pro

It is a site that would promise to provide you with thousands of profitable, targeted keywords and also calculate keyword competitiveness almost for any niche.

14. MozBar

MozBar generates instant results about the site you are visiting. It has browser extension for Mozilla and Chrome.

15. Open Site Explorer

It is a complete analysis tool created by Moz. It allows you to research backlinks that would lead you to discover potentially damaging links. It would also find link-building opportunities and view social activity among others.

16. Reemove’em

Remove’em generates a report on over verbosity on the part of your use of particular words in your page. It highlights these words indicating that you need to take action or otherwise, it would list your site to be penalized algorithmically over that specific text.

17. Screaming Frog

It is a small installable small desktop program that fetches key onsite elements for SEO and allows you to export them to Excel so that it can easily be used as a base to make SEO recommendations from.

18. Search Simulator by Nightwatch

As its name indicates, it simulates search engine queries from any location on Google and easily check, and track your website rankings. It is downloadable and you can install it to Google Chrome.


19. Seed Keywords

This is a tool that brings up other suggestions or ideas and forms a basis of long tail keyword search. It first lets you set a search scenario then ask your friend to answer it as if they were using a search engine.

20. Seobility

It checks your website completely, by crawling all linked pages. Pages with errors such as duplicated content are collected and displayed in each search section for easy identification and to make the necessary adjustments.

21.SEO Chat

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

SEO Chat gives you a sure way of increasing your ranks on Google search. It incorporates searches across the main search engines by bringing in the clients into a live chat with you. This can cut across to YouTube and Amazon.

22. SEO Quake

23 Amazing Free SEO Tools to Improve Online Marketing

SEO Quake works as an extension of other browsers. It allows you to check any webpage for SEO parameters and export the data into a file.

23. DataBlip

Using the keywords and URL of your website, DataBlip will provide you with a dashboard containing all essential SEO statistics about your URL. It has a starter plan that goes for as low as $5 a month.


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