4 Ingredients of Profitable Blogging Niche

Imagine you are going to make a cookie for the first time.

You surf the internet to find the best recipe and tips on how not to flop the process of making a cookie.

You find the following blogs on making a cookie. Which one will you choose?

How to make the delicious cookie?

How to make the delicious cookie as a first timer?

It is more obvious that you are going to choose the second one because it helps you out of a situation. Similarly, many people on the internet want just the solution to the problem. If your content can tailor them along with the requirements then you are going to win the show. As a new blogger, you don’t have to focus on a wide range of audience but a specific type of reader who will consistently walk into your site.

Hence, choosing a niche for your blog is equally as important as starting them. Building a successful blog initially need a strong online presence. Here are some tips for the passionate blogger who are confused about picking a niche or wondering what niche can profit both you and the reader.

What do you know and love?

“Something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love is passion.” – Stacey Robert

This might sound a bit cliché. But every expert blogger advice is to start your blog on which you are passionate about. Without thinking so much about what you want to write. Just pen down all the topics that interest you. It can be personal or professional interest.

Start with what you love doing? On which topic you will be able to talk all day? Your blog is going to be all about that. Because successful blogs are not built in a day. It is very time consuming and need an extra effort. So if you are going to write about something of your interest, then you may never quit. You are going to spend some endless hours researching the same topic and produce unique content. You might not be able to make money in initial days. But do not give up because aspiring writers don’t quit.

If you are not sure about what you are really passionate about, then follow this exercise.

Create ten strong headlines for the blog posts that you can create which belong to same niche or your interest. If you are not thrilled about creating them or excited about writing on these topics then it is not your niche.

This exercise may sound cheesy but you can be on a right track. Also, the 10 topics that you’re listing down can also be the best lead for your future articles. You don’t have to waste time and start developing the lead into the content. Remember, you are not the only one who has the interest in a topic; there will be a set of audience who will be looking out for you and your idea.

Knowledge is the power of the blog

You might be interested in some niches but what if you run out of content later. Ensure that you have enough knowledge on the subject chosen. For example; you might be interested in cooking. But when it comes to origin or recipes you may struggle with the content. Running out of content is the biggest disappointment that you can give your audience. Because blogging is not all about surfing the internet and producing similar content. With the knowledge that you have acquired, you have to produce a unique content.

Know the hole in the market

No matter what, there will be millions of blogs on the same niche that you have started. You have to be really strong on what you are going to write. Even though there are many blogs, the topic that you choose must have a wide range of scope such that you can give the possibilities for you to write. Do not be narrow in your niche give your audience a different perspective of what has been already said. For example, there are many news sites online but we still choose only two or three sites that you find it interesting to read. You rely on them because you like the way the story is being said. The information conveyed is like a magic bullet. It should automatically reach their mind and the message gets stuck.

Making it profitable with your niche

Some people start the blogs as a hobby but based on the traffic gained, they think of monetizing the niche. Since it is a new age business, there is no proper validation method on how to monetize your blog based on the niche. But on analyzing various blogs online, you can see that most of these bloggers stay within the community. Say, for instance, you are running a cookery blog and you have to stay connected with the other similar blogs as well. This is not only applicable for networking but also you clearly understand what has been already and what you may avoid writing about.

Start commenting on the other blogs; share your information with them. You can answer the questions. Many interesting sites have evolved from the answering the questions of the public. The best example would be Quora. In this case, you are doing an indirect marketing for your blog niche. Making a profit here does not mean only the monetization but on how you translate the viewers to the audience. Meanwhile, during the transformation phase, you have to gain a strong grip on your planning at various levels. Truly, there is no common strategy for the blogs. But every blogger can create a solid strategic plan for their own.

Finally, to sum up, the above-mentioned points, do not overstep over niche without any plan. Have a step by step plan on how you would like to proceed. You might be in the middle of nowhere if you have too many choices in choosing your blog niches. The best approach is to focus one at a time. You can be excited about other niches but you have to take it slow. If you believe you can create an impact on the audience using the simplest topic such as Fashion, events etc. you can still win the show by making it exclusive. At any stage, you should remember that you convey something meaningful to your audience.

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