5 Secrets About Top 10 To-do List Apps For Android That Nobody Will Tell You

Nowadays, people swarm like bees more inside a play store than inside a market. It’s Alan effect of how productive Android has turned out in recent years with its products and services. Being a platform to serve it’s tonnes of users, users turned developers to design apps that’s up to full filling almost anything and everything of our needs. And in that huge pool of Apps lies a good number of apps serving us to help with our To-Do lists. What’s there in a To-Do list Apps..You wonder..? Well then, scrolling down this article you can find out the Top 10 To-do list Apps in Android and their features.

our needs. And in that huge pool of Apps lies a good number of apps serving us to help with our To-Do lists. What’s there in a To-Do list Apps..You wonder..? Well then, scrolling down this article you can find out the Top 10 To-do list Apps in Android and their features.


1. Google Tasks

As always Google is here for when you’re in need to make a To-Do list with your Android device. Probably, Google Tasks will be the most simplest To-do list App you’ll ever find. It was available all these years at our fingertips, hidden in a button away in Gmail and Google Calendar. And now as users started to realize how cool this then outdated product of Google is, they’ve customized this product into an app and also in Gmail. You can try it by using the latest version of Gmail, wherein the preview you’ll find the Google Tasks in the settings toolbar. With a Google Tasks account, you can sync your lists with Gmail as well as your device. The activity is simple, click Create tasks to add a task and save it! As simple as it is!


2. Todoist

Over 10 Million users in love with it, Todoist is a popular to-do list App you’ll find for yourself in Android platforms. You can add and organize tasks using the architecture provided by Todoist. Integrity is one big benefits offered by Todoist. You can sync and connect over 60+ Apps to Todoist amidst your tasks in it regarding to-do lists. You can create tasks, set due dates, organize those tasks into labels and collaborate with your company for better works etc using Todoist. Though the core features of the App is free, you’ll have to pay an amount of 29$ for accessing additional features.[irp][irp]

3. Evernote

Ever note is yet another most used and user-friendly to-do list App available for Android users. Evernote will serve as a PDA, notemaker, to-do list, pocket notebook etc. What makes Evernote even more user-friendly is it’s ability to auto sync with all your connected devises and operating systems. The service of Evernote is free via its Web App in Android, but its office version will provide you with additional features. To access it you’ll have to buy its premium version. Generally, Evernote is free for everyone under a usage of 60 MB of data.

4. Wunderlust

Wunderlust serves you as a simple to-do list App via Android platforms. What makes wunderlust attractive is its simplicity in adding tasks and handling it. It will be an idle task manager for those who seek for. Wunderlist is available for users in iPhones, iPad, Mac and Online apart from Android. You can share the app with others using the share option provided by the developers themselves in the App.[irp][irp]

5. Trello

As the name sounds attractive, the Trello Board too is an attractive application with a set of list of lists inside it. It’s basically consisted of a design filled with cards which could be used by you and your friends while adding Todo lists. You can open a card, organize projects of any size, add comments, upload tasks, add due dates, labels etc using Trello. You can literally and visually monitor the tasks and it’s progress using Trello. Additional features provided by Trello will be available after paying a premium fee of $12.50.

6. TickTick

As the name’s attractive, the Todo list Android app Tick tick is also attractive. It’s designed in a way that you can add different colors to each list you make using TickTick. Its versatile nature provides you with a bunch of parameters to make your list making a task easier. The application comes with a collaboration feature, which allows you to connect with multiple individuals while working on something. This easily accessible application will be available in its full form after paying a premium amount of $2.79 Dollars per month.[irp][irp]

7. Any.do

The easy interface provided by Any.do attracts a good number of users by its service as a Todo list Maker. It compares easily to add tasks, lists, and the remainder and to organize it via Any.do. You can set the app to alert you when a deadline is met for a Todo list. The smart suggest feature added by the developers will make your tasks efficiently. The developers are planning to release an Any.do assistant soon for user assistance. You can schedule the list accordingly by selecting the various options provided in the app. The premium payment amount is $26.88 per year.

8. Habitica

Habitica can be defined as a smart app for it’s not just a Todo list app. Habitica is actually designed to control a person’s habits. You can set a habit as either +be or -ve and the app will accordingly help you to deal with it. According to the completion of the Todo lists added by you, you’ll earn experience and golds. ‘Dailies’ are used to track a user’s habit by the app. The way of the app’s working makes it a type of role-playing game. You can also customize your avatar using Habitica. [irp][irp]

9. Toodledo

Toodledo is a Todo list app that helps you with organizing your tasks. You can improve productivity with the help of this application. Toodledo helps you in adding folders, tags, context, searching and sorting options to your added Todo lists. You can import existing tasks using Toodledo. Collaboration option is available in toodledo for effective working and user customization to ensure a user-friendly environment.

10. Google Keep

You may have heard a lot of this one though. Google Keep is a most underused but effective app in the niche of Todo list apps. You can add images, checklists, organize tasks, voice notes etc using this app. Synchronization with your own devices and cloud is another service produced by Google Keep. If you’re in search for a simple version of a To-do is an app, this may be your stop. [irp][irp]

We’ve provided you with a list of Top 10 To-do list Apps for Android. Now you may have understood these task simplifying apps aren’t just another set of apps but have their own way of making our life productive and simpler!

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