6 Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Blog in 2019

6 Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Blog in 2019

Every blogger wants to see that every article they write gets more views. Not only that but also that they are shard and thus he/she gets more readers to his page. Testimonies from successful bloggers will tell you that their journey wasn’t easy at all. In fact, some would tell you that they had reached a point where they had contemplated giving up blogging and try something else. However, along the journey, they found ways to market and grow their blog.


I shall sample what I call 6 key plans to promote your blog in 2018.

6 Marketing Tactics You Must Follow to Promote Your Blog in 2019

1. Write more

It may come as a surprise when I tell you that as a blogger constantly writing new blogs actually markets your page. In the age that we live in, people are constantly seeking new information, or the developing story that has caught the attention of the masses. Constantly updating your blogs will give you high rankings even on Google search results, as this will communicate to the masses that you love what you do and that you are constantly aware of what goes on.

You could further promote your articles by attaching hashtags that will make it easier for people to look up. Or by writing better titles to your article.


2. Organizing your page

Another way to better your blog is by setting up keywords on your page. Keywords would make it easier for your readers to look up particular articles. Use images on your articles. A picture speaks a thousand words and many people learn best through images. You could look up for royalty free photos from Pixabay or if you want you can buy some from Stocks at a small fee.

An effective way you could also to use to try and adapt your pages to having links incorporated into them. Linking is a tool that Google notices and would improve your ranking on search results. Additionally, the company you quoted in your link would take notice of your action and also share your link next time in their articles. Linking also provides readers with means by which they can get what they are looking for with ease.


Another key feature you should take into consideration is incorporating sharing options on your pages. These should feature either at the top or at the bottom of your blogs such as a share option for Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This would make it easier for readers to spread the word. Make your content easy to read by using plenty of subheads, bullets and numbered list keeping your page neat and organized also attracts more readers to it. And is itself a marketing strategy.

3. Make your page an advertising and promotion platform

Sponsor some posts from other social media platforms where you believe your audience spends most of its time. Bigger social media platforms should be your target if you want to grow your business.

Nowadays it costs to advertise on your platform unlike back in other years where companies would pay you to advertise on your page if they found out that your page is growing. As the trend changes, so should you be flexible to adapt to it. Pay a small fee to a company to promote their ad on your page. Surprise your usual audience with a taste of a foreign article. Have someone write a piece for you and share it on your blog. Not only will this attract some audience from some of your blogger’s side, but it will also help you gain knowledge and other skills in writing that you would employ in your writing. Also get to write for the blogger a sample article. The shared piece on his blog will shed some light on a new audience and would also grow your blog.


People like free things. As a blogger and owner of your job, you can decide to conduct giveaway events on your page. You could ask your audience to share a link on their social platform in return for a prize. In another way, you could create where your audience could win more prizes such as “Toll-Free-Tuesdays” or “Toll-Free-Fridays” where you could give prizes for free yourself or have invite companies to donate or sponsor these promotions.


4. Make the most of your social media profile

  • If you have several social media platforms, create captivating profiles for each one of them. Attach keywords upon them that would directly link the readers to your blog where there can get more insight from what you were talking about. You can also set-up important dates as attachments, for example, a date you will be hosted on a television show or a date when you will be setting up a live streaming on your blog.

6 Marketing Tactics You Must Follow to Promote Your Blog in 2019

  • Live stream on your blog. This is a fascinating way of engaging with your readers more directly. It offers you the chance to discuss a certain topic at broad lengths while also getting their opinion and suggestion on what they would like you to write about next.
  • Record videos and post them on your YouTube account. A pre-recorded account of events will give you a chance to meet new audience in different platforms that you wouldn’t normally encounter. You can also share the video with other sites.
  • Do a webinar. This is another video format which is more of a tutorial presented in the form of slides.

5. Have influencers

Nobody is perfect there is always someone better than us at doing something and we are also great at doing others thing that would normally prove difficult to others. Such as is the case with the world, it is also so in the world of blogging. Some are more successful than other while others are just start-ups. I would, therefore, advice that you find great bloggers you can follow and look up to in your journey of blogging. One way of reaching out to them is by attending seminars and conferences. These events bring you to the opportunity of meeting like-minded individuals where you can learn from them and personally interact with them and get to ask questions of your choice.

Another way is by following them on other social media platforms. Following up and commenting on their posts will show them that you are interested in what they do and they will mention you in their pages. This would improve your social image and slowly expand your blog.


You could also share some of their pages and links on some of your articles. Big bloggers love this and appreciate it a lot. In return, you will find that they will also share yours on theirs. This would help your name to sell.By adopting these means, you can also choose to do the same for small growing bloggers. This would spread out a good word about you. You could also choose to write posts for smaller bloggers, in the same way, it would help you reach out to a new audience.

6. Learn to be patient

This is a virtue that not so many people possess. It the gold mine to succeed. Be it that you want to develop better writing skills or build your relationship with other bloggers, it takes time. Many would anxiously wait on Google search results to see whether their article is going to show up first or be ranked in the top. This is unrealistic of them. It takes time to outdo a competitor who already has an edge over you in terms of experience or superior blogging articles. This does not mean that you will not see results except that it will time for you to see them, you will need to work harder. Having gone through all the right steps by following them up. You can relax and watch your efforts grow with time.


Exercising patience also helps you handle other aspects of business like facing adverse situations. When facing a hard situation it is wise to sit back and consider your strengths instead of being anxious. In the moment of reflection, you could also try looking for opportunities to improve on your work. Great ideas are born in the moment of reflection. Blogging is fun and it should feel so. Your readers would notice if you were drudging in your work. You. But if you enjoy producing the content, that will come across and have a huge impact on your success. Above are what I would consider the most fundamental marketing strategies for your blog to grow in 2019.

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