9 Steps Guide to Creating Your Facebook Page Video Chatbot

The word bot itself gives a negative vibe in the business world. As this is automatic, not human, and spambot. But it’s time to reframe all those in your mind as its technology useful to build your business. The simple video chatbot will give the information saved by you regarding your business on the Facebook page this will save your time and money. In this article, you can have a clear idea and detailed information regarding how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.

The ideal use of video chatbot is for lead generation and customer support. But in this tutorial we will focus on lead generation, you can follow the same procedure for customer support too.

In this context, we are taking real estate business as selling and buying individual houses, apartments, and villa’s in Mumbai.

  1. Determine Qualifying Questions

Initially, you have to make out some list of questions about data you need to capture from each user. You have to take the following information before you go on how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.


In this example, I will collect the following information before chatbot provides real estate estimate to the user.

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Individual House / apartment / villa
  • Area of the house buying/selling
  • Number of bedrooms (for house/apartment)
  • Size of the house (sq.ft)
  1. Map Video Chatbot’s Flow

Now you have to map the questions your chatbot asks your users in a sequence. This is a good idea to have the sequence and logistics of the conversation. This is an important step for how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.


Greeting -> Phone number -> email address -> individual house/ apartment /  villa -> area of the house buying / selling -> number of bedrooms (for house /  apartment) -> size of the house (sq.ft)  50,00,000 to 60,00,000 and so on..  (Make the money range in between to lessen the answers).

The cost will depend on the area of the house and the size of the house.

  1. Write Video Chatbot’s Script

Now, you have to translate basic flowchart into the full-fledged script for the narrator. Remember to include clear call-to-action at the end of each video clip. The user must give an answer or input before advancing to the next field of the lead gen form. This is also one of the essential parts in how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.

Some of them are given below for your better understanding

#1 Hey there! Welcome to ****(Your company name), the easiest way to buy and sell houses in Mumbai….

#2 Just a few, questions for you… firstly, what is your mobile number? Only type digit, please….

Continue with the other questions as well, it’s best practice to number each script to match the videos later. After writing about questions, you have to write the estimated outcome for the user’s better understanding.

Thanks! The quote is between 50, 00,000 to 80, 00,000 lacks. We’ll reach you out by phone for further conversations.


Thanks! The quote is 80, 00,000 lacks to 1 crore. We’ll reach you out by phone for further conversations.

And so on……

  1. Build Bot’s Flow

Next, you have to select a video chatbot’s available online like that chatfuel. You have to buy of this to get further in how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.

For example, I am using chat fuel; now convert script for video chatbot into a functional user experience. Initially, use text as the placeholder content. Ultimately, you have to ensure the script is compatible with user flow in chatfuel.

  1. Set up User Attributes

After creating questions block, a user who types” yes” it redirects to add a user input plugin. This plugin is the mechanism that will save user’s responses to specified variables which eventually determine the personalized estimate.

Repeat this step for all your qualifying questions.

  1. Arrange Go To Block

So far, we have saved user’s answers to the qualifying questions. Now, you will define the estimates that people will get. This is the main segment in how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.

Let’s create a new block for each potential outcome.

  1. Upload Videos to Dropbox


After testing the placeholder bot and if you are satisfied with the outcome results from testing, upload videos clips to Dropbox. You have to upload videos to Dropbox in how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.

You have to rename your video clips to match the script’s numbering system.

  1. Add Clips to Chatfuel

Finally, subtitle the placeholder text with your video clips and add the video plugin. You have to add clips to complete the video chatbot on how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.

Also, as you are uploading from Dropbox you need to replace “www. “ With “dl.” in the dropbox URL.

Now, fetch each video’s URL in dropbox by click on share and copy the link then paste it into the chatfuel’s corresponding video plugin.

Repeat this process until you have replaced all your placeholder text with video clips.

  1. Sync New Leads

If you want to automatically sync leads acquired from the video chatbot with your existing customer database, follow below. The final step to sync leads in how to build a video chatbot for the facebook page.


MailChimp, active campaign, infusionsoft etc helps you to sync new leads to an existing database.


Video chatbots are opening new possibilities and one of the best marketing strategies to get new leads. The chatbots will give instant replies and human touch videos. But how you apply this video chatbots to your business and brand is completely dependent with your writing skills and smartness of video making. If you have any queries or suggestions or do you want to know more about this chatbots feel free to drop us a mail and we will get back to you soon.

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