About Us

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Our Vision

We are developing this blogging site to keep our visitors updated with real-time information about our continuously growing digital industry, entertainment, latest technology,process of online learning as well as online marketing, various useful applications etc. We along with all our visitors, followers & subscribers will create a community of a huge volume so that we can help each other in need.

Our Story

Every process has a beginning and just like that we also started to write blogs after completion of our education.We started to work in IT industry but we felt that satisfaction in work can be gained through working with freedom.We started to work as freelancers and gradually a though came to our minds about blogging.Though blogging we are becoming much more experienced and powerful, we can connect people, we can provide information regarding various technical & non-technical topics.Last but not the least we really enjoying our professional life.

Meet the Team

Both of us (Mr. Amritanshu Roy & Mr. Kaustav Saha) have created this blogging site and recently we are strongly involved into this blogging site and also working hard with dedication for the improvement of it to help our followers

Amritanshu Roy

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Kaustav Saha

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