Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide 2019

What do you understand by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where a person promotes or recommend products through their blogs or websites of a particular organization. In return, those
organization give commission for promoting their products. This commission depends on the type of product you are promoting. Different products have different commission.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

When a company or any kind or organization wants to promote their products, they start an affiliate program offer. Now a person who writes blog or any website owner join that program they are asked to promote those products on their websites or blog. If any customer visits their sites or blog and purchase any products from the given link then the organization give commission to the blog or website owner.


Steps you can take for Promotions and Sale

There are four easy steps how affiliate marketing works:

1.Team up with Affiliate Marketing Program

The first initiative should be to join any affiliate marketing program based on your interest. But before joining make sure you know the process of payment related details. Some affiliate marketing gives free coupon with payments. So, if you want to earn good money then you should know every single details of the program.


2. Choice Of Product

After you join affiliate program, you have to choose which product you want to sell or promote on your blog or website. Before promoting you need to make sure that commission rate is relatively higher for the product. For example, if you are promoting a product of worth Rs 100 and the commission on promoting is 5%, you will get Rs 5 on every sale. So, if you want to earn a good money you have to choose your product wisely that contains a heavy commission rate.

3. Your sale and way of promotion

Promotion and sale are the hardest step in affiliate marketing. Almost 80% people fail here. After reading some lines on affiliate marketing many new bloggers move to the affiliate marketing resulting in no income or any gain of money. It is a long way process where you need to invest your time and hard work. It is not that you started today and became a millionaire in just couple of days.
So, now let us see how to promote affiliate product step-by-step. When you promote a product, affiliate program gives you choice how you want to promote. There are three options given:

(a) Link

(b) Widgets

(c) Banners

You have to chose among these three options. After you chose you need to copy the code of link or widgets/banner. It is quite simple you need to copy the code and sell the product.

4. Get your commission

When you sell the product, you get commission for that. Every product has different commission charges and the organization will send this to your account after your successful promotion.


How to promote your product in best possible way

It is seen that many people complain that even after following all the instruction we are not benefited so much. The main problem lies on the way of your promotions. If it is done in an appropriate way it will surely get a response but people make mistake in promoting the product in a proper way.

◆ Before we understand this make sure that your blog or website attract people and keep at least
500 or more subscriber engaged on your topic.

◆ Now post reviews of the product you are promoting on your blog.

◆ If you have account on social medias like Facebook or Instagram you can share link or display banners and fidgets there.

◆ Compare your products with other product and write reviews and post customer related questions.

◆ Upload video on YouTube sharing all its features and specifications with all related

◆ You can also make page on Facebook of the product you are promoting and share experience of the customers who already bought your products. These are some few basic steps you can take in
order to gain success in affiliate marketing. But always remember that it is a time-consuming job
and you have to be patience with your work. If you follow all the above instructions properly you
will see results very soon.

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