Affiliate Marketing Vs. AdSense: Which is More Profitable and why?

So before making any decision that who is better Google AdSense or Affiliate marketing we must go through their features and main advantages they offer. So, firstly in this Blog we will tell you all about the google AdSense.


Google AdSense is the process in which a company let a third party to publish their ads on company’s website so as to promote their products and services through the help of Google as intermediator. For example, suppose you are a retailer and you had to make promotions on the website of other company, then you can make it by paying a defined amount of charges to Google and Google will make sure that you will get what you had paid for. It is also called Cost per click (CPC) which means that you have to pay for every click which is made on your ad. The google has very strict and highly relevant algorithm which don’t let the website’s owner to cheat or make some fake clicks on the ads to earn more money. Only the relevant and genuine clicks are considered. If Owner will do any wrong thing to make more clicks on the ads, then Google will suspend their Google AdSense account permanently for the future.



If you have your website, then you can also start earning money from this. Simply you had to create an AdSense account after then you will become eligible to publish the ads of third party on your website. If your website has more traffic then it will definitely give promising results to you. If Cost per click charged by google is 1$ per 1000 clicks, then Google will give almost 68% that is 0.68$ to you and rest of 0.32$ will be taken by Google itself. It is profitable for you, the retailer and the Google itself.



It is the unique method of marketing which is rising rapidly with the growth of online businesses. In this method, a company pays commission to a third person which makes promotion of the products and services offered by company in front of more and more people through the referral links provided by the company. If you want to participate in an affiliate program of a particular company, then you will have to register on their website which creates an URL (unique link) for you. Every product has its own unique link. You are supposed to share and promote that link as much as you can. For every successful purchase made through your link, you will get a definite amount of Commision through it. Every product is not eligible for the Affiliate commission, you will
have to check it thoroughly.


Affiliate marketing is somehow better than the Google AdSense because Google AdSense pay far less than as compared to Affiliate marketing. But in some areas Google AdSense is better than Affiliate marketing because almost all the niches are accepted by Google AdSense whereas in Affiliate marketing there are limited products on which earnings can be made. So, in some areas AdSense is better and in some areas Affiliate marketing is better. But our recommendation is to go for Affiliate marketing because it has a little edge over the Google AdSense program.



For bloggers, Affiliate marketing is highly recommended because when a reader completes the reading and will decide to purchase a product or service then he/she will directly use your provided
link in it for purchasing whereas Google AdSense is not very effective because it will take the user to another website from which there is a very less chance to come back again for the reader on your blog. Google will give roughly give you 10-20$ per 1000 clicks whereas the same amount, rather more than this amount can be earned from the Affiliate links. Hope you guys had liked our Blog and some of you had already shared with your nears and dears but those who didn’t please share it so that majority of the people will come to know about the features of the Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing, which one is better and how to earn money by using these things.

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