5 Best Car Insurance Apps for Android!

One of the most important things about the car is insurance. In fact, in the US, it is compulsory to have it then only you can drive. The laws are slowly going in such path on that you don’t actually need to carry insurance with you.Everyone can now carry their car insurance documents digitally. Some car insurance apps do this very well by providing this system on people’s hand. Others really don’t. Here are the few best car insurance apps for Android. It’s also highly subjective from people to people. These are apps that just work well and quite popular in the market.[irp][irp]

1)Allstate Mobile:

Allstate Mobile is certainly one of the most popular car insurance apps among all. It provides its customers to do basically everything regarding car insurance. That includes pay bills, get roadside assistance, submit claims through their QuickFoto Claim system, find an agent, and many more. There is even an additional feature of parking locator (in many places) and a gas finder. You can also view your documents if needed at any instance. They rolled their system recently into the official mobile app for android phones. Drivewise they provide good drivers and try lower their rates. Thus, the merge is[irp][irp]ongoing and developers are working for the bugless android app at the time.

2)Esurance Mobile:

It has a mobile app which is slowly improving day by day. It can do all the basics, though. You can pay your bills and view your documents easily through the app. It also provides you with roadside assistance access, quick views of your policy information, and more support. You can also file a claim regarding your policy, update your payment method whenever you feel so, and even send photos for claims. It has a history of being quite buggy app for a lot of people who reported. The developers are definitely still working hard out some of the kinks to make it a bugless app. Still, it’s one of the upcoming car insurance apps with hell lot of future and features. Customers can use the app to complete their car inspection in as little as 25 minutes sitting back at home, instead of having to schedule a visit to there workshop or office, according to the company. The app provides instructions for car owners to record all the necessary detailed of the car. The content is then automatically forwarded to Esurance company for further assessment and[irp][irp]underwriting. Additionally, policyholders are provided with a feature to save video clips on their phones as evidence while the event of any claims.

3)Geico Mobile:

Geico Mobile is one of those car insurance apps that doesn’t overdo. You can do the basic stuff quite easily. Which includes paying your bill, view your documents stuff, and can make edits to your policy. The company would still recommend you get an executive by asking for service on the phone if you plan on making larger edits to your policy, though. It gets recall alerts, gives reminders for upcoming routine maintenance, it gives space to track vehicle’s history, Research service, and repair costs and read verified revied and find a trusted executive to attend you up. It also includes an additional feature of chat service for customer service, access to roadside assistance unlike other apps, and the ability to file claims according to your need. The app just works really well. It has Material Design and It is also very simple to use. There are a few bugs, but nothing too serious rather the updates are being provided frequently to clear all the bugs. [irp][irp]


The Progressive app has a bit ups and downs in the market in comparison to another insurance app. However, one of the most solid car insurance apps is regarded as this. You can pay your bills and view your documents easily through the app. It also gives you space to manage your other Progressive insurance accounts like renter’s insurance. Easy access to your insurance policy whenever required, it views coverage, discounts, ID cards, and policy details for sure. They give you the chance to report and add photo regarding your claim. You can view your billing history and can schedule upcoming payment. You can quote for or can change your policy It can also hail up roadside assistance and get a hold of customer service anywhere. Progressive is the most basic car insurance app on the list so far. That can be good or bad depending on what you’re wanting. [irp][irp]

5)State Farm:

An attractive app is State Fram agent android app. It uses their Material Design very well among all another insurance app. Like most of the insurance app, it also covers the basics and few additional own key features. The app gives following features which include paying your bill, filing a claim, viewing your documents, roadside assistant, and more. The app is fairly simple and easy to handle once you get used to it. You can also control your auto, home owner’s, renters, and control owner’s insurance. You can view and manage the insurance policies, quickly can pay your insurance bill-even with the Android pay, you can view your insurance policy coverage details. You can manage and track the status of your claim very easily through this app. Get assistance with mechanical issues are also provided and also repair facilities are added to their policies. They’ve even gotten into banking a little bit. This app has some more additional features like depositing checks. It’s something a little different from all other app developer’s thinking, but it does have a numerous number of features. It’s a bit heavy app, but it’s nice to have all of those things sometimes with all such additional features.

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