14 Best Social Media Marketing Tools


Social media marketing has brought a paradigm shift in the world of marketing. Getting into social media marketing can be quite easy and often you can get started with zero investment. However, to get an edge over the competition, you need access to some third-party tools that will make managing multiple online accounts easier. Moreover, with these tools, you can get better insights about which posts are performing better, or who your audience actually is. Here are 14 of the most popular tools that are used to improve your social media marketing skills.

1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular tools that is used in social media marketing. Buffer allows you to schedule your posts to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or more and collect insights from the posts. Buffer also has a free version that allows limited accounts and limited posts to be scheduled. It is one of the first tools one should try out when they are getting into social media marketing.

2.Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media marketing tool that provides more granular control over posts. Generally aimed at medium to large businesses, Sprout Social provides multi-level access, allows directorial control, easy task delegation to lower level staff and more. Moreover, you get post scheduling, analytics, and social listening to better understand the performance of your posts.


If you want to recycle old posts, then MeetEdgar is the ideal solution. Once you organize your posts by category, schedule your content accordingly, the tool will automatically go through your posts and post them automatically. Once all the posts from every category are made, it will recycle the older posts.


For the average social media marketer, Hootsuite is one of the best options out there. It has a free version; the paid versions are also quite inexpensive. There is also the option to schedule posts and measure analytics.


The acronym for “if this, then that”, IFTTT can be used to combine different events for social media marketing. IFTTT is quite tricky, but you can use “recipes” to get started. For example, you can send a tweet every time you make a post on Instagram.


SocialOomph looks much simpler than other services, but the functionalities it offers are at par, and in some cases, even better than the others. It’s a great tool to bulk upload content. You can upload multiple blogs in a text file that SocialOomph can then upload them at certain intervals. There is also an integrated analysis tool to measure audience engagement.


When it comes to discovering new content on the web, BuzzSumo is the best tool. Using it, you can search for trending topics, you can break down each topic by categories or keywords, have a look at the influencers who are sharing the topics and so on. It is a search engine for social media marketing. So, if you want to run promotional campaigns or market your products and services, you can identify the right influencers for you and gain increased visibility.


Feedly is similar to BuzzSumo, but it works slightly differently.  Feedly is a content aggregation tool. You give it a topic and you can get a bunch of reading material on that topic organized in the form of a feed that you can read at any convenient time. With Feedly, you will never run out of things to post on your social media accounts. This is one tool for social media marketing that you need to keep in your toolbox to ensure that you at least have something to post on a regular basis.


For B2B companies, Oktopost is a great tool – with content scheduling, in-depth analytics, content curation, social media listening and more. Plus, if you have large social media teams who create and share posts, then Oktopost can also accommodate them.


Tagboard allows you to check how a term has been discussed in social media. It is essentially a social listening tool. Once you input a hashtag, a term or a topic, you can see how much it has been talked about on different platforms. This makes it an ideal tool to gather feedback about a product, a service or even a company. Moreover, using Tagboard, you can also get new ideas to post and engage your audience.


With Everypost, it becomes much easier to curate content all in one place. You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, RSS Feeds and more. Moreover, you can schedule the post and customize them according to the needs of the audience on each platform. This allows you to maximize the effectiveness of every single post on their respective platforms.


With Bitly, not only can you shorten URLs to post on different social media platforms, but you can also get insight into how each link is performing and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly.

13.Agora Pulse

If you are looking for a simple, affordable and yet a comprehensive social media marketing solution, then you can check out Agora Pulse. It has all the basic features such as scheduling and analytics. Besides that, you can also use the tool to run quizzes, contests and promotions. Plus, using Agora Pulse, you can see how your campaigns are performing when compared to that of your competitors. Agora Pulse offers a free trial too.


Images are a crucial component for social media marketing these days and Visage helps you with just that. It is a tool that is designed to help companies optimize images for each platform. Every social media platform requires a different treatment for images. With Visage, you can create engaging visual content and easily manage your brand’s visual assets across different social media platforms and maintain a consistent visual appeal across all the social media accounts.

Wrap Up

Besides these fourteen, there are also a lot of other different tools that you can explore. Some tools are more specialized than the others, while some perform better on certain platforms. To pick the right one, you will need to explore different tools and see which one suits your requirements.

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