Best Ways to Give your Laptop a New Look

Best Ways to Give your Laptop a New Look

In today’s world laptops run the show. They are used for official, entertainment as well as gaming purposes. The point that laptops can be carried anywhere easily makes it such a big deal than normal personal computers. Thus laptops require more cleaning than computers as you end up using them more and if you are worried about the long run.

Here are some types of functioning problems that can happen with your laptop:

  1. Unresponsive and stagnant Performance: There are many possible reasons the laptop of your scan slowdown and all the time, if you are thinking about the existence of some kind of virus, is the reason then you are wrong because there is a huge possibility that the system which is not giving you a high performance is hacked. If you are using the laptop for a long time then also your laptop speed can decrease.
  2. Continuous error messages: Laptops do get occasional error messages. But the problem occurs when these messages pop up on a regular basis. The culprit can just be anything from a failing hardware to a virus, to a corrupted program installation. Try to keep a back up of your files before you start fixing the issue.
  3. Unrequested changes in settings: Virus attack is another issue that you need to take care of because sometimes when computers do not act normally or according to the protocol. This infection may change your homepage or reset your default search engine. New icons may also start to appear on your desktop.
  4. Overheating: It is very important your laptop stay cool while it’s running. Heavy using like playing games may heat your machine, but if the problem is occurring frequently then something is wrong with your internal system. Using a laptop cooling-pad may fix the issue.
  5. Noises: It is normal for a laptop to make some noises when it is booting up but loud and unfamiliar noises is a sign of a major problem. It is possible that the laptop fans which are being used all the time while the laptop is on and it can make some noises and sometimes if you do not fix this problem then it will give you a lot of problems.


When we talk about washing any laptop we mainly refer to file management and removing junk contents. Due to our low awareness, we do not take proper care of the look of a laptop. We spend so much time with our laptops and carry everywhere so it’s bound to get dirty.

So here are some professional steps to provide the beloved laptop of yours with a brand new look :

1. Cleaning materials are paramount: There are many special cleaning gels are available in the market with which if you clean the screen then the screen will have a new look. Now you need to take care of the rest of the part so for that take some water and in that water mix, a small amount of soap and you will is the best option that you can use.

2. Shake the laptop: you can find dust particles everywhere in your rooms and it is obvious that the laptop of yours also have these dust particles so for that reason the preliminary step you can take by shaking the laptop of yours if anything is present inside will come out eventually.

3. Use of compressed air: If you have a vacuum cleaner, then attach a small brush to it and gently clean the surfaces of the laptop. The alternate process is to use a can of compressed air. Tilt the can towards the laptop and gently spray. If you are facing any problem, try tilting the laptop instead. Do continue spraying till as much as debris has been removed.


4. Cleaning the laptop keys: Try using a knife to remove the keys gently without hurting yourself or damaging the connectors. Before taking out the keys it is important you understand how to put them back. If you are not sure to pop out one at a time and replace it. Fill a bowl with water and put few drops of regular dish soap. Place the keys in the solution at let them sit as long as it takes to loosen the gunk. You make need to scrub the keys lightly to complete the process.

5. Use of isopropyl alcohol: Take another bowl, fill it with lukewarm water and isopropyl alcohol solution. Then take a lint-free cloth, dip it in the solution. Wring out the cloth properly to avoid dripping of water. Then gently wipe clean the inside of the keyboard, as well as the side and another face of the laptop.

6. Take the can of compressed air can again: Remember to keep the can upright. Spray air inside all the connector ports along the side of the laptop, until they are nice and clean.

7. Leave the laptop to dry: It is better for the laptop if the lid part is open. If the keys of the laptop are being removed, then you may rub those keys with a dry cloth. Moreover, when they are completely dry gently put the keys back into their places.

You have to disburse some bucks to help your laptop to stay healthy and same is applicable to every aspect of your life. You may buy the above-mentioned products online. The flatten air can cost you around 300 bucks and the 200ml bottle of isopropyl alcohol may be around 200 bucks. You can find ready-made solutions in the stores near you which can be very much effective. In our daily life as the usage of electronic gadgets is increasing rapidly people who are using laptops can understand how valuable it is to them. So from this content, you can understand the significance of the laptop of yours and how you can save it for a long run.


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