7 Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in 2019


Buying a speaker is not an easy decision because there are several technical points that must be kept in mind. Also, music lovers want the best for their budgets. In the market, there are several brands available at the same price. All of them promise a similar quality product description. But it is not true when they touch your ears. Very few companies make a good quality product and even fewer makes them at a low price. So there is a need to depend on some expert’s advice to get your work done.

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This article would help the readers to get a fair idea about the wireless Bluetooth speaker that are creating confusion the new buyers. This sorted list has been prepared after testing all the devices. The pros and cons are described in detail for each product.

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Here goes the list for seven best wireless Bluetooth speaker

1. UE BOOM 2


1)Brilliant design


3)A robust set of features

4)Battery life hasn’t improved over the original


This model of UE makes it the best of its kind. It has loud clear sound with portability unit. It is a durable product that may easily last longer. This one is best suited for nearly every occasion. Being waterproof you need not to handle it that much care. Gives an edge over other Bluetooth speakers. It has an impressive design with impressive multiple features. If you don’t have much knowledge in this field and looking for a good quality Bluetooth speaker then this can remains the first choice.



1)Awesome sound

2)Amazing battery life

3)No flaws to note


The Fugoo comes in your choice of jacket style (Style, Tough, or Sport) and thus it provides a variety of options to its buyers according to their need. It has a small size but yet it gives optimum performance. It also gives a tough competition to other Bluetooth speakers in the market. Its standby time is 40 hours at a medium volume and 20 hours at high volume. This shows how advanced it is from the other bulky Bluetooth speaker. Being small it is portable.



Kicking bass response


Exposed woofer


This a package of optimum features, affordable pricing and peak performance. This product gives excellent sound quality to the users. It has a distortion-free sound with loud audio. It is rated as one of the best Bluetooth speakers at affordable pricing. The exposed woofer punches an extra bass into the music. Being waterproof it can be easily handled and can be carried to various places.



1)Stellar sound

2)Built like a tank

3)Compact form factor

4)No NFC or multipoint Bluetooth


Although this version is a bit old and was released in 2015 but however when it comes to performance it leaves no stone unturned. It still gives a tough competition to its competitors. The quality of sound is quite a decent one .you can’t expect a better option than this if you have a tight budget. It has a deep base that gives a peak level of sound. While most of the speaker sounds ok, this one sounds excellent. Being small it is portable easily. It proved that small size does not matter to produce a deep impact on music.

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5.Anker Soundcore Flare


1)Impressive sound for the size

2)Excellent mobile app

3)Average battery life

4)Harsh at max volume

It has got the tag of the best Bluetooth speaker at a budget price. Anker has a history of producing excellent budget speakers. The sound is quite a descent until the volume is turned up. The sound distorts a bit when at high volume. But to get a decent sound, plug at the medium sound. No one should understand that since it is a budget speaker thus it has medium battery life. It is not a waterproof bit if handled with care it is a durable product too. However, for a budget person, it offers an optimum feature to suit the average requirement.



1)360-degree sound

2)Multipoint pairing


4)Slightly confined sounding


This speaker has got the tag of best waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Coming to its sound it has got a decent sound quality. With less distortion and good sound quality at higher volumes, it offers a unique 360 degrees sound feature. To make the audio experience more lively this feature is provided. Now if someone is looking for the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker this is the best. The multipoint sharing feature makes it even more unique in this category. This unique feature is not provided by any other Bluetooth speaker in this price range.

7.Creative Muvo 2C



2)Has some actual bass

3)Buggy app

4)Advanced features can be complex


This tiny Bluetooth speaker offers a decent sound quality at a tight budget. This is again a great choice for budget speaker hunters. It has its own bass radiator which is the first of its kind in this budget. Also, it can play music over 3.4 mm jack or micro sd card. This makes it much more viable. There are several features added to it that one cannot find at this budget.

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This article provides a comparative analysis between different Bluetooth speaker brands and their quality. The list has options for budget speaker and also for the premium speaker. The details provided here are practically analyzed. Thus one can get a fair idea about their requirement according to their budgets. This will help them to make their quest for wireless Bluetooth speaker easy. Our aim is to provide a sorted list of the array to guide you through the right product. Nowadays various products are available in the market and thus it becomes difficult to make the correct choice. This article can solve this confusion and straight away guide to the correct place.

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