Top 7 best wireless sports headphones.


Here comes the sorted list for the most rated and reviewed headphones to help you experience music the way you want.




Specially designed for the hardcore athlete and spicily who want a no compromise headphone. If money is not a barrier and quality is what you are seeking for then this is the best option. It features high-quality audio with complete waterproof layering making it one of the best piece.

It is ideal for VO2 and also for HIIT training. They have an optimum sensing technology that shows how are you doing throughout the workout, updating the distance covered and how close you are from your goal.


2)Powerbeats3 wireless


This comes with great design and comfort. If you are a runner and has got tired of those clingy headphones that dangle around your ears then this product is for you. The product comes up with an excellent grip pad.

If you are having an iPhone and you are ready to spend $200 then this headphone will meet your requirements. Many a time after running when you are out of your breath and rest on your knees earbuds seems to dangle around making you feel irritated but as far as this one is concerned it gives optimum comfort. Coming to its sound quality it has an extra bass that amplifies the sound. Also, the sound quality goes in par with the Jabra sports pulse.


3)Bose Sound sport Wireless

If you are conscious about the brand and need a high-quality audio headphone with comfort and stylish design, you can’t miss this headphone. It will cost you a bit but gives you optimum performance. While running many headphones drops out of the ears but is not the case with Bose. The money you spend is worth spending.

When comes to sound quality it gives a powerful rich base, which is a bit louder than normal so it is recommended to hear at medium volume. It does not contain any fitness app feature so it can operate seamlessly and also it is not Android or IOS specific.


4) Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless

This headphone is made for the casual runners who don’t want their earphone to slip out of their ears. It has a decent sound quality and has a decent battery life of seven hours when at medium volume.

However high volume tends to break the treble and the vocals. So operating it at a medium sound will give optimum results. But the quality that they provide at their rate is an exception. If you are budget freak then you can have them in your to buy list.

5) Decibullz Custom-Fit Wireless

It has got the tag of one of the most comfortable sports headphone. They have an excellent grip and just don’t slips out of your ears so easily while running. It gives a hassles experience.   They come at $120 and are a bit expensive. When coming to its design it has got a blunt design without a gloss. It doesn’t suits or looks premium in your ears. They can stream up to aptX audio. They come with a good quality inbuilt mic so that you can switch calls between your music.

The ear pads are cushion based and have got a unique fitting arrangement, made out of the scientific experiment, that is almost unbeatable. Coming to sound it has got a decent sound quality. It has a passive noise cancellation feature but does not contain a powerful bass to boost your ears.  It also has got a decent battery life that lasts pretty long.


6) Jaybird X3


This headphone stands out of the crowd as it infuses all the quality in its headphone. When comes to design and looks it can catch eyes. It has a stylish body with a premium look.

Comfort level is good and of course, the fittings are pretty good and don’t come out of ears while running. It is specially designed for the audiophile athlete who has a keen love for music and sports. It perfectly balances all the profiles and frequency in a decent manner to give you a balanced treble and bass land bass. It is the future headphone for the music freaks. It has 30+ Bluetooth range beating the rest. Also, it comes with an EQ option to Balance sound profiles.


7) Jabra Elite Active 65t


This is a dynamic wireless headphone that gives a power pack performance. Jabra, as the name suggests, has got powerful drivers and audio system that delivers a stunning sound quality. The sound quality has a unique level of depth and accuracy. It has also got a dedicated in-built mic that helps you to switch calls between your music. It is perfect for everyone who needs a good sound system without any hassle.

This version of Jabra is a bit more sports specific. It has a good quality sweat proof coated layer. Also, it has got a powerful sensor to track your motion. It gives optimum results during your running. You can track your running speed and distance more accurately with the app. It has also got a silicone air wing that helps it to remain intact during your running. They just don’t come out at every jerk. With them, you have the power to enhance your music experience with its neutral and advanced sound system.



This article would help people to choose the best range of headphone out of the whole lot. With all the pros and cons of some of the best available wireless sports headphone, this article would give a clear insight into their performance.

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