15 Common SEO Questions That You Should Know

Now days SEO has become too much important for any website or e-commerce business to survive. And if your company or business is not having online presence, sure you are losing half of your potential customers to your competitors. Google’s Algorithm gets updates & changed by time to time, so there are constant learning curve digital marketers need to follow. Following are answers to 15 Common SEO Question that you should know:

SEO Common Question # 1:

What is SEO:

This is the most common SEO Question usually asked by any person entering in SEO field. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to get ranked higher in SERPs (Search engine results Pages), you must need to get your website SEO done by some professional SEO person. This helps to get you organic traffic to your site.

SEO Common Question # 2:

How do I do SEO:

Before going for any process of SEO, very first go with a site audit of yours, so that you can get clear picture of changes or updates you have to make to your website. This audit will show you score of SEO, usability, performance, social, security & will show updates also to be done to improve your website SEO, any online SEO audit tool can be used for this.

SEO Common Question # 3:

What factors improve my website SEO:

There are lot of page ranking factors of Google, yet some basic factors which can lead to show your site on very first SERPs (Search engine results Pages) are keywords, their placement, website or WebPages speed, mobile friendliness, back links, bounce rate, click through rate, keywords decoration and many more.

SEO Common Question # 4:

Is SEO required one time or for long time:

SEO is not a onetime process, yes for 1st time, it will take more efforts, strategy & measures to get your Website optimised, but it is a long time process, to get your website keep ranking up all the time, monitoring it all the time can get you benefitted from SEO.

SEO Common Question # 5:

What is Keyword Research for SEO:

You must have listened this Keyword term over & over again when researching SEO. Keywords are those words that bring visitor to your website when they search specific words in search engine which are related to your website. So you can find those keywords which are popular in market & use them to bring visitors to site.

SEO Common Question # 6:

How shall I use Keywords in SEO optimised blog:

Stuffing a keyword all over just to get traffic, while not providing so service, can get you penalised by Google, but placing keywords in right manners in articles, blogs & descriptions can lead you get better SEO of your website. Use it in title, headings, paragraphs, to get best keywords for your website, do a keyword research online for keywords that suits best to your business.

SEO Common Question # 7:

Can I install some software for SEO to my website:

Yes, there are lot of plug-ins available to check your websites SEO optimization. If you are using Word press panel for your website, then use Yoast SEO, it can keep you updated about your blogs or articles SEO scores & changes to be made about.


SEO Common Question # 8:

What is Domain Authority in SEO:

Specific subject industry or area relevance with website describes domain authority. There are some metrics which define your domain authority. A higher domain authority makes your website more prominent in SERP.

SEO Common Question # 9:

What is Google Analytics:

It is free service offered by Google to measure your website performance online, it track website traffic, traffic source, helps to achieve specific goals, if you have not signed up till now, go ahead as this will help you to improve your SEO.

SEO Common Question # 10:

Is On-Site Optimization that important:

Yes, it is important as getting customer to your website can be easy by paid digital marketing. But what if Google doesn’t find your website well structured & couldn’t understand website content. So it’s good to get your website on-page optimization done.

SEO Common Question # 11:

Does redirects effect SEO:

It depends on type of redirect, will it affect SEO or not, like 301 redirects have 90% ranking power, but 302 redirects will not do same. Keep checking your website crawl errors & redirect to pass link equity to get resulted in search engine results.

SEO Common Question # 12:

How long wait is to see SEO working:

Keywords, their placement, website or WebPages speed, mobile friendliness, back links, bounce rate, click through rate, keywords decoration and many more are some factors which need to be measured, monitored & to be worked upon them to see SEO efforts in work. It takes around 2 to 3 months of efforts in on-page and off-page SEO to witness any significant difference in page rank through SEO.

SEO Common Question # 13:

Does Social Media helps in SEO:

Yes, Social media share of your website links and your social media presence helps in SEO as it has become integral. When your website, article, blog, link, product or anything get shared on Facebook, twitter or any other social media platform, it helps to create more back links for your website.

SEO Common Question # 14:

Can I check my pages index:

Yes, you can check your website pages index in Google webmaster tool. There is Index status; you can check your pages index. If you do not have logged in to Google webmaster, just search in Google: site:yoursite.com , it will show you all of your index pages in Google.


SEO Common Question # 15:

Can I get paid back links for my website:

Yes, You can get paid back links for your website, but these will not help you in long term, for once your website can be ranked higher, but temporarily, as Google prefer original back link to consider for long term best results for SERP.

So these were some SEO Common questions, you shall know, for understanding all SEO processes, you need to do lot of research online, what are basics of SEO & how you can master on them.

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