Creating A New WordPress Blog? Here’s What You Need To Know

Would you like to begin a WordPress blog the correct way? We realize that beginning a blog can be an alarming idea uncommonly when you are not quirky. Think about what – you are not the only one. Having helped more than 130,000+ clients make a blog, we have chosen to make the most far reaching guide on the best way to begin a WordPress blog with no specialized learning.


Composing is in every case simple when the words stream only the manner in which you need it to be. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for the privilege blogging stage that will connect with your intended interest groups that could be an issue.Let it be known, we as a whole confronted the situations of picking the best blogging stage that suits every one of our needs. There may not be an ideal one out there, but rather in any event we realize that there’s one blogging stage that will be the best among the rest.

In case you’re in indistinguishable circumstance from I did, I trust you have hunt down WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.All things considered, Wix and Weebly can be exceptionally alluring as it has the intuitive interface where clients can tweak the subject the manner in which they need it to be. That is to say, I was pulled in to that capacity and even made online journals on the two stages. Be that as it may, after some time, I dumped them and picked WordPress.


Why WordPress?

Creating A New WordPress Blog? Here’s What You Need To Know

Fun reality: WordPress is as of now managing the Web with more than 60 million sites today.

After some examination and perception, I found that WordPress has a decent SEO esteem contrasted with the other blogging stages.It astounded me that my substance wasn’t found on Google when I was utilizing both Wix and Weebly. As much as I adore how I can alter the subject the manner in which I need it, yet it sucks that I can’t contact my intended interest groups. I can’t get my substance out there.

In this manner, I’d state WordPress is the best decision that I’ve at any point made.I comprehend that numerous individuals are very confounded with regards to picking the reasonable blogging stage. When you have picked WordPress, at that point there’s another problem – what are the contrasts among WordPress and


What do you need to start a WordPress blog?

There are three things you need to create a WordPress blog:

  1. A domain name idea (this will be the name of your blog i.e
  2. A web hosting account (this is where your website live on the internet)
  3. Your undivided attention for 30 minutes.

Yes, you read it right. You can start a blog from scratch in less than 30 minutes, and we will walk you through the whole process, step by step.

In this tutorial, we will cover:

  • How to Register a Domain Name for Free
  • How to Choose the Best Web Hosting
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Change Your Theme
  • How to Write Your First Blog Post
  • How to Customize WordPress with Plugins
  • How to Add a Contact Form
  • How to Setup Google Analytics Tracking
  • How to Optimize Your Website for SEO
  • How to Make Money From Your Blog
  • Resources to Learn and Master WordPress

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