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The world is running after link building. It is meaning full because Google loves links. Although Google evaluates the search results based on hundreds of factors, a backlink is most important followed by content.

Google juggles with its SEO rules. This is not because Google loves to play the juggling game. This is because Google wants to provide the best possible result to their users. So we can’t keep track of all the ranking factors all the time. Something we can do instead. A backlink is one thing which has been the number one ranking factor of Google.

Although, I can’t give the guaranty that backlink is number one still now or not. But must within the top 3. Remember about the juggles. However, to success in SEO, one should create high-quality backlinks. Some of us may doubt that what is backlink actually? The backlinks are also of two types. Dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks. I will differentiate between do follow and no follow backlinks. How to check do follow or no follow backlink? How to get do follow backlinks? Don’t worry I will discuss it all.

So let’s get started.

What are backlinks?

Before going to know anything else about backlinks, let’s know what is backlinks itself. Backlinks are also known as inbound links or external links. Backlinks are the links from other websites to your website. This Image of Moz will explain more about it.

Why backlinks are so important for SEO?

If you think that why everyone is talking about this backlink, then you will find your answer now. Backlinks are like votes from other websites. Each single votes tells Google that the content is valuable. In this voting system the more vote you have, the better ranking you get. So the more links mean more trustworthy your site will appear.

Google changes their algorithms each day but backlinks remain the same. More links to a website increase the domain authority. More domain authority boosts your ranking. As of now, we have a clear idea of what is a backlink. Let’s differentiate between do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks.

Difference between do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks pass the link juice to the linked page. This type of links counts towards SEO. Building quality does follow backlinks boost your Google ranking. By default, most of the links from the websites are do follow.

A simple to follow link has HTML code looks like this:

<a href=“”>Your site backlinks</a>

Have you notice something. You don’t have to add any special tag or attributes to make the link to do follow. Nofollow backlinks don’t provide any link juice to the linked page. This type of links doesn’t count towards SEO. Actually, Nofollow backlinks were created by Google. Google wants to stop the link spamming like spam links in the comment to get links to their blogs. Social media sites use this approach to protect the easy creation of spam links. Because social media is free to use and anyone uses it to build hundreds of links.

No, follow links looks like this.

<a href=“” rel=“no follow”>Your site backlinks</a>

Notice that a rel=“nofollow” extra attribute was added to the link. This aware the search engines that this link is not for SEO boosting purposes and don’t provide link juice to it. I am putting both do follow and nofollow links for better understanding.

<a href=“”>Your site backlinks</a>

<a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Your site backlinks</a>

How to check do follow or nofollow backlink?

This is very simple. No need to be giant in programming knowledge. In Chrome, right click on the link and select “Inspect Element”. After that, a window will open up on the right or below with the link HTML highlighted.

Just check that, is there any rel=“nofollow” attribute is in the code. If you find then this is a nofollow backlink. If you don’t find this attribution then assure that this link is do follow. You are getting a do follow backlink from that. If you are using any other browser, there must be an option called “View page source”. Or simply the shortcut key Ctrl + U.

Benefits of do follow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks have many benefits like

  • Helps to improve page rank.
  • Content ranks higher in SERP for multiple keywords.
  • Improves domain authority.

Now you have the complete knowledge on do follow backlinks. Do you want to know how to create a do follow backlink? Let’s find out.

How to create do follow backlinks?

Creating do follow backlinks is one of the most important goals to achieve. The world is running after it. However, there are some methods you can use to create high-quality backlinks. Moreover, get the most out of the result, you have to create quality backlinks from niche websites.

Guest blogging

Guest post or guest blogging one of the most recommended ways to create a quality backlink. I know some people say that “the guest posting or blogging is dead”. But I said it is still alive today. It is hard than before but not completely dead. Another good thing about it, you will get targeted traffic to your blog.

Find blogs that accept the guest posts and ready to provide you with a do follow backlinks. A backlink from a high authority domain is far better than a hundred low-quality links. A lot of website owners have stopped the guest blogging after Google warning. Although it is a hard task let’s make this simple.

Let’s take an example. I want to find-out Neil Patel’s guest posts. I also want to exclude the results from his own blogs and company websites and also want to exclude the people who have mentioned him as a contributor.

Type the bellow phrase in the Google search bar.

“Neil Patel” + “guest post”

You can do the same thing according to your niche and author.

You can do another thing.

Type the bellow phrase in the Google search box.

“Neil Patel” inurl:author

This shows you all the pages that the name of Neil Patel as the author. Now you got the point.

Create super detail contents

Super details contents earn backlinks. Create a content that is lengthy and in details explanation. I am not saying that you have to write 5k words plus contents.

If you are writing any content then try to describe everything under the sun. This will helps you in the long run and earns do follow backlinks over time.

Create infographics

Infographics are content rich with images. This is a social media material and earns hundreds of shares and backlinks. Sometimes it may go viral. You can embed the code to your blog so that someone can use this in his blog and give you a do follow backlink.

Broken link building

This is one of the most unknown ways to create high-quality backlinks. You can get backlinks for domains like .edu, .gov type website as well. You have to find out the links that are giving 404 error.

Find the resource pages in your niche. I am taking travel as a niche.

  • “travel” + “resources”
  • “travel” + “resource page”
  • “travel” + “recommended sites”
  • “travel” + “links”

Go to the pages and find the broken links. To make this process simple, install Check My Links Chrome extension. It highlights the broken links in red color. Now aware the site owner about this and send him an email with the broken links and try to suggest your website links. Most of them don’t replay but you will get some do follow backlinks.

Use forums

Forum websites are a good place to get a backlink. This is also a good place to drive quality traffic to your blog.

Sign up to the forums according to your niche and try to solve the queries. Don’t just link spam there, you may be banned from it. Another thing to check that, the link is do follow or nofollow. You can use the above method. Usually, the forums have a high domain authority. If you get do follow backlink from them, you are good to go.

You use Google search to find forums according to your niche. These are some recommended methods you can use to drive links to your website. I have not included the method like blog commenting, social bookmarking etc. Because it doesn’t provide the value to the time you have invested in it. So better to stay away from those methods.

Instead of that, you can follow the recommended methods listed above. Industry experts recommend the above methods.


These are the methods you can use to boost your link profile by creating high-quality do follow backlinks. Link building is not an overnight success. It takes a handy amount of time and effort. Instead of building hundreds of low-quality links, try to build high-quality links.

What is your favourite link building strategy? Feel free to comment me below.


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