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CBD oil is currently very popular, and much of this popularity is well deserved because of its
many good health benefits. But many people wonder what CBD oil is, and what it does. CBD
oil is still so new that it is confounding lawmakers and health professionals alike. Read this
article to find out more about CBD oil.
CBD oil is an oil that is cultivated from the seeds and stalks of the cannabis hemp plant.

This oil delivers the following health benefits:

● Its cannabinoids – the main reactive ingredient in CBD oil – bind with sensors in the brain
to relieve depression and heighten the user’s mood.
● It enhances appetites in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

● It relieves the pain from arthritis and major diseases like Parkinson’s disease
● It helps counter addiction and the withdrawals people who smoke sometimes experience
● It can help control and lessen the seizures people with epilepsy get.
However, like any drug, CBD oil comes with its risks and side effects. For example, the usage of
CBD oil can cause:
● Weight gain
● Increase in appetite (not desirable for obese people)
● fatigue
Because drugs that are derived from the same plants that their illegal hallucinogenic counterparts are, no real laws governing its usage, distribution, or production exist. The market is largely unregulated as a result. The CBD oil market is considered to be risky and difficult to control for this reason, and for the following reasons:
● Most of the people who use this drug are sick people and their families.
○ They suffer chronic pain and other maladies which regular medicines and drugs are unable to effectively treat.
○ It is because of this fact that they are desperate for any ‘cure’ to help alleviate their pain, illnesses, and possibly lengthen their lifespans.
● The fact that CBD oil is officially illegal in most countries around the world, and the fact that its production and distribution means the drug must be imported.
○ Those people who want to grow hemp legally in their backyards, and/or nurseries must obtain special licenses to do so
■ The process of obtaining a license is not easy because of lawmakers still don’t understand the full effects of CBD oil, and because the plant which it is produced from is illegal.
○ The hemp from which CBD oil is produced is grown in many countries that lack effective record keeping systems
■ Therefore no real data exists in terms of its side effects stemming from long-term usage, and the real benefits stemming from long term usage.
■ No real data regarding the volume and quality of hemp exports exists for this reason.
○ There have been instances where children have almost died after taking CBD oil because of its high lead content
■ The hemp plant absorbs any minerals and metals in the soil in which it grows
These are some of the reasons why CBD oil remains controversial around the world. People laud its benefits, but they still cannot shake off the social stigma attached to it because of its close association to a highly addictive and dangerous drug: marijuana!
CBD oil is currently very popular, and much of this popularity is well deserved because of its
many good health benefits. But many people wonder what CBD oil is, and what it does. CBD oil is still so new that it is confounding lawmakers and health professionals alike. Read this article to find out more about CBD oil.

The curious mechanisms of the new medicine on the block: CBD oil

The high cost of conventional medicine and their many adverse side effects (cyclosporine, an
anti-rejection medicine, can cause certain types of cancer) has to lead many to turn to homoeopathic medicines for relief. Many homoeopathic medicines exist. One such medicine is CBD oil which is produced from the stalks and leaves of the hemp cannabis plant. But many people have a basic question to ask: “How does CBD oil work?” The answers are contained in this article.
CBD oil main benefits come from cannabinoids. The human body produces endocannabinoids which regulate the body’s vital systems, from the mood to appetite.

CBD oil works in the following way:

● Its cannabinoids bind to two main endocannabinoid receptors: CB1 (this controls brain functions), and CB2 (this regulates the immune system).
● CBD Oil cannabinoids activate these two receptors to perform the functions they would normally perform in a person who is not suffering from any type of illness.
● For example, cannabinoids activate the TRPV1 receptor to regulate the body’s temperature, inflammation levels, and perception of pain
○ The cannabinoids then activate the FAAH enzyme which is a compound that activates the CB1 receptor
■ The cannabinoids minimize the oil’s effects of THC (CBD oil contains 3%
THC) in terms of activating the CB1 receptor so as not to produce a hallucinogenic effect in the user.
This is not all the cannabinoids in CBD oil can do. For example:

● The cannabinoids activate the adenosine receptors which control the anxiety and pain that a person feels;
○ The user feels less anxious and depressed and feels much less pain as a result
○ Adenosine receptors release and regulate the levels of glutamate and dopamine in the body

■ These play major roles in the human body

■ Dopamine controls the cognition, motor control, reward recognition, and motivation functions in the human body.

■ Glutamate mediates the excitatory signals involved in memory, learning, and cognition.

○ High concentrations of CBD oil are known to activate the 5-HT1A receptor which is a serotonin receptor that controls the depressive effects the human body feels.

■ The cannabinoids can stimulate appetite and memory in depressed people as a result, since both are partially attributed to depression.

■ The cannabinoids can also make depressed people feel less anxious and depressed for this reason.

○ The cannabinoids block CPR 55 which signals to decrease bone reabsorption in the human body
○ It also blocks those cells that encourage cancer cells to multiply.

■ CBD oil can reduce the bone degeneration associated with age, especially in women as a result.

■ The cannabinoids can also send all types of cancer into remission.

■ GPR55 is widely present in the human brain and is associated with the modulation of bone density, blood pressure, and cancer cell growth in the
human body.

CBD oil has many benefits for the human body, as can be evidenced. Its natural properties work wonders on those enzymes and receptors that regulate body growth and brain function. Because cannabinoids and endocannabinoids are complex in their nature, their effects in terms of benefits on the human body are virtually unlimited!

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