All bloggers like to write content that would be error free in order to increase their total number of likes and shares. The internet has a very competitive environment where the slightest mistakes may make you lose your pool of readers. So, to avoid this, it is best that no writer should trust on their writing skills alone but take the help of some online proofreader tools that are free and methodical too.[irp][irp]


This proofreading tool is not only free but provides excellent facility to edit ones writing. To make the process of editing more effective, one can include add-ons like Thesaurus, Lucidchart diagrams and Template gallery too. Saving files when offline or working on them without an internet connection is possible too with this free online proofreader tool for error free writing. Some of its salient features are listed below:

  • A 15GB free space for all the Google users

  • Facility of saving almost any type of file

  • Share the content according to your own style

  • It is a completely safe and secure free online proofreader tool for error free writing.[irp][irp]


This free online proofreading tool is considered world’s best grammar checker. It helps to correct sentences and their proper framing without having to worry much. This software tool is considered very serviceable for the ones who make silly grammar mistakes or want to improve their writing and productivity at a high scale. It has the following powerful features like:

  • Impeccable English corrections

  • Works in Microsoft Office and browsers

  • Offers lightweight application

  • Comes in a great design

  • Has a good built-in dictionary

  • Has an automatic translator too


Polish my writing also known as After The Deadline, is also a competent and free online proofreader tool for error free writing. This tool helps to check grammatical mistakes, style and spelling error if any in your content. It offers features like:[irp][irp]

  • Contextual spelling check

  • Advanced check of the style of writing

  • Intelligent grammar check

  • This tool is very simple to use

  • Offers a free plugin called ‘After the Deadline’ for WordPress users.

This tool is equipped with artificial intelligence and a natural language processing technology that helps to detect grammar mistakes for a complete error free writing.


This free online proofreader tool for error free writing is said to be the most accurate tools for grammar correction for delivering good content in the internet world. It not only helps with grammar corrections but also provides relevant explanations for the errors made. The benefits provided by this free online proofreader tool for error free writing are:

  • Helps to eliminate writing mistakes

  • Helps to write error free anywhere on the web like writing on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Tumblr, and even LinkedIn

  • This software tool is built by world’s leading linguist making it completely effective for use

  • Comes with an in-built plagiarism checker that will help to find any duplicate content in the writing copy.

  • Provides precise details of the document one is working on.


This free online proofreader tool for error free writing advises a writer to use correctly spelled words in the right context of the text. It comes with a most advanced contextual spell checker to rectify grammatical errors. It is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to help writers and students write with the most attractive style possible. This software tool has the following features:

  • Grammar and spell check facility

  • Free online proofreading

  • There is no requirement for downloading this tool

  • Has a plagiarism detection tool

  • Provides writing suggestions to writers for carrying out their work in a proficient manner.

To impress your blog readers always go for error free writing and take the help of these free online proofreader tool for error free writing.

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