How To Download Google Play Store

For many of years, Google has been providing lots of free services on Android platform. Google play store is one of them.

Despite providing so many services which are free, Google doesn’t forget to notify you about the new updates for those apps or services.

But sometimes it takes more time than the usual to send an update. Though the basic functionality doesn’t change the feeling to use an updated version is also pretty nice.

Most of us use the Google Play store to download apps and there is no doubt on it. As it comes preloaded in our Android smartphones and you can find all your day to day needed apps here, so why should we go somewhere else.

But sometimes you may have to download the Google Play store manually. There can be many reasons for it. Maybe it is not responding well, delaying in getting updates or you uninstalled it accidentally.

For which you are looking to download a fresh and new Google play store on your smart handset.

As Google play store comes with your phone already so, you might not know the method how to download Google Play Store.

Don’t worry, it’s ok. Here I sorted it out for you. Follow the below steps and just by putting some efforts on your fingertip you can download and install Google play store.


So let’s start.


Step-1 Check Which Version You Are Using Now.

Before starting the downloading process, go and check which version of Google play store you are using now.

Open your Play store app, tap on the ‘three horizontal lines’ showing at the top left corner of your screen.

Then scroll down and click on ‘Settings’. Again scroll down go to the ‘About’ section and you can see the Play store version number, which is now rolling on your device.

It might be the reason that if you are using an oldest of Android OS, so the play store does not respond you well. Then it’s time for the switch to the latest smartphone.

And if you uninstall it accidentally or want to use the latest version of Google play store, then you skip the step-1 and jump to the Step-2.


Step-2 Download Google Play Store From Trusted Source.

You can download the play store app like any other Android apps on your smartphone from trusted sources.

Because untrustworthy sources might contain some bugs and defects, which can harm your device later.

You only have to go after the APK file which signed by Google and most trusted sources like big Android blogs, tech blogs only upload a copy of that. On which you can trust because they haven’t fiddled with it.

So, before download the Apk file from any trusted source you have to enable the ‘unknown sources’ option in your phone.

Don’t know how to enable it? Follow the steps

  • Open your settings app on your Phone.
  • Scroll down, search the ‘security’ option and click on it.
  • In the security, the section goes to the ‘Device administration’ Panel and click on the ‘unknown sources’ option to enable it.

‘Unknown sources’ has been a regular part of Android for ages. By enabling it, you are given the permission to download APK file from any third-party source.

Disabling it prevents you to download apps from anywhere aside from the Google Play store.


Step-3 Download Google Play Store

You can download Google Play Store from trusted third-party online sites like

The downloading process is very simple.

  • Open any browser on your Phone.
  • Type and search for it or you can simply click on the above-given link to directly land on page.
  • Just tab on the search icon and type ‘Play Store’ and search for it.
  • It will show you all the available latest and oldest versions of Google play store.

  • Choose which one you want to download and click on the download icon showing along with it.


  • After click on the download icon, it will navigate you to the next Just scroll down and click on the version number, which is shown in blue color.


  • On the next page scroll down and you can see the ‘download APK’ Without any delay click on it and downloading process will begin. Which you can see on your notification section.


  • The downloading process may take some time to complete depending on your internet speed. So, wait for it to complete.
  • After the downloading process complete, click on it and install.
  • After the installation process complete, disable the ‘unknown source’ option which you enabled at the beginning.
  • As it is a security major and can cause problems. So, the best way to keep yourself safe is to disable it.



That’s it! Now you got to know how to download Google Play Store from a third-party trustworthy source.

If your Play store doesn’t work properly or you uninstall it unknowingly, this is the best way to download the latest version of it.

This above describes method works on almost every Android devices but it might vary depending upon your Android version and OEM.

Always remember to keep the ‘unknown source’ option disable stage if you don’t want to face any security issues in your phone.

Follow the above-mentioned steps one by one and the Google Play store will easily download on your device.

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