Mobilegeddon – A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

What is Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon - A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

If you are an SEO person since before 2015, then you must know about Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm – Mobilegeddon. Google made big changes via its very expected and unexpected update of Mobile Algorithm. Google’s Mobile friendly update was released On 21st April 2015. And it was claiming that it will bring ‘significant impact’ in mobile searches of Good worldwide, it delivered the same up to some extent. As per its announcement, it became a threat to all those website & companies whose the site is not mobile friendly as their ranking in search results was about to down over other mobile-friendly sites. It was predicted as a very big threat.

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What happened to Mobile addon? – Let’s know how much success was this update claims

According to a survey done by a Company, across the United Kingdom, Australia & Canada, a total number of 4600 Small & Medium Enterprises were surveyed to find out Mobilegeddon impact on the worldwide market. Upon the result of this survey, this Company stated this change or Mobilegeddon – Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update as ‘Overhyped, Incorrect and unhelpful’. Actually, the conception of or belief about Mobilegeddon could not load in a larger picture. This update had some conflicting effects. No doubt, any website owner would find himself in chaos & confusion, if even after updating as per Mobilegeddon update, their website doesn’t rank on top results in search. This negative impact created confusion amongst website & business owners.

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Google has more than 200 ranking factors for showing a list of websites as search results. There was some indifference for sites who have updated as per some different ranking factors. So there was no surety about it to get ranked on very search results of Google search when this Mobilegeddon update commenced. Yet here, we can say that sometimes, users search on mobile & later they surf on the desktop, so there are many chances of losing and gaining potential customers, especially for e-commerce websites. As mentioned above, a search performed by a visitor on mobile may be or not may be converted into a lead as the visitor may like or not website mobile friendly version. So it can lead to losing potential proposed customers by small & medium enterprises of e-commerce. Mobile experience will be different from desktop experience, so this Mobilegeddon update couldn’t result in that huge friendly update for websites. Same business is based on organic search & getting prospective customers from that. This business is based upon keywords.

Mobilegeddon - A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Mobilegeddon update will not show my business listing in the search result in top if my site is not user-mobile friendly or has responsiveness for Mobilegeddon update. Some businesses have a significant or larger proportion of sales from a direct online search. No doubt with Mobilegeddon update of Google, which is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm lot of websites or e-commerce business would have lost traffic for their site & would have seen the drop in sales. So as we summarize how was this Mobilegeddon update of Google, which is Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm, then it had both positive and negative impact on websites, some would have been benefitted from it while others were felt punished by this Mobilegeddon update.

How Mobilegeddon works?

Mobilegeddon - A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Mobilegeddon – Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update was introduced to make Google search engine use in mobiles more user-friendly. Mobilegeddon made changes in the visibility of mobile-friendly websites to be ranked higher in search in comparison of non-mobile friendly websites. So it made scrambling all online marketers as this change would give a tough time to those sites that are not mobile friendly. If you want to know is that your website mobile friendly or not, you can check it with Google tool of Mobile-Friendly Test. Here you will get a clear stat of your websites pages resources loading status also. If your page is Mobile friendly, it will make show it: Page is Mobile friendly- This page is easy to use on a Mobile device.

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Does Mobilegeddon have an impact on Desktop/ laptop/ Tablet search?

Mobilegeddon - A Complete Guide to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

No, If your website is not mobile friendly, you do not need to be panicked about this Mobilegeddon update, because it will not affect desktop/ laptop / Tablet search. Only searches made on mobile search will be prioritized to show mobile-friendly pages in search results. As this update only affect Mobile search.

What if your audience is not mobile targeted?

You do not need to be worried about if your website is not targeted to mobile users, like if you have some college or school website & it needs a complete layout to e shown on desktop & not required as much to be opened on mobile by your users. Because it doesn’t affect search results on the desktop so your site is not going to be punished by Mobilegeddon.

What to do if your audience is mobile targeted?

Check your website responsiveness by Google mobile-friendly website test. Just type your website URL there & click on Run Test to check your site compatibility for Mobilegeddon. If your website is not mobile friendly. You are having two options to be compatible in search for Mobilegeddon – Google’s Mobile friendly update. First one is to redesign your website to become responsive for Mobilegeddon; it will include all coding again & redesigning your website, or buying a new theme with mobile version responsiveness. Yet there is another option for this Mobilegeddon update. Then with help of Google Webmaster guidelines, you can you can get a mobile-friendly website of 5-6 pages. It is cost effective & affordable.

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