How to Add Friends on Social Media?

How to Add Friends on Social Media?

Social media is the best way to establish a decent relationship. It is a cellular-based application used to share information among peoples. Social media is a combination of two-word social+media. The word social means interaction and media means communications. In the business world, a large professional link helps you to create the better advantages in business. This will give a great hike to business. If you engage with business social media will provide you the economic attention of the crowd. You can market your business, product among people. Social media allow the user to exchange photos and messages. One can get the chance to interact with new people. A person can explore the culture of different countries. Social media is a phrase used for different means of communication and interaction, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Social media comprises many features, some of them are listed below.

  • It provides the personal user account from which one can share information. The account can private or public according to the wish of the user.
  • It provides the two most common ways to interact with people by like and comment button.
  • Apps provide you the liberty to post anything of your choice. One can promote business through social media.


The mentioned below are different social media apps and how to use them to find friends:-

1. Facebook

How to Add Friends on Social Media?

Facebook is American online social media app. It helps the person to make new friends. Facebook can be installed on various devices with internet connectivity. It allows the user to exchange messages, photos, and videos. One can find new friends and get the chance to explore their culture. If one is interested in painting or any activity heshe can find mentors or connect with people of their profession. Mentioned below Are the steps how to add friends on Facebook.

1. Click on the option search at the top of the page.
2. Type the name, mobile number or email on the bar and click on the icon to search.
3. You will find a lot of options, and then click on your friend’s profile and select the option “send friend request” or to add it click “on add friend” option.
4. If you do not find your friend trying clicking on people option.

2. Instagram

How to Add Friends on Social Media?

Instagram is video and photo sharing social app. It is also owned by Facebook. In this, there are many more features including location sharing and live videos. One can say it is an advanced version of Facebook. This app is featured with messages and for sending multiple photos and videos. In this, we can tag our friend to make them feel special. This app is basically meant for social interaction between people. One can enhance hisher profession by using this social app. Given below are the steps.


  • Method 1 -Search the person from your contact list or from your Facebook account
    1. Open the app and go to profile.
    2. Click on three dots and scroll down “follow people”.
    3. Click on Facebook friends or contact to add your friend on Instagram
    4. Tap on following option next to the profile of your friend
    5. He/she is now added to your friend list.
  • Methods 2- search for the person
    1. Click on the search option from the taskbar.
    2. Enter the name of your friend.
    3. If you do not find you are a friend, keep clicking on people.

3. Snapchat

How to Add Friends on Social Media?

The snapchat is the fastest way to share a moment with friends and family. It is multimedia message sharing app. It is quite interesting and funny app. In this, we can add a filter to create the birthday picture or wedding image. One can make the event playful and funny. We can share live moments and express our feeling for our loved ones. Here is a step to finding your friends and family on the snapchat.


  • Method 1 via username

1. Open snapchat and click on ghost icon.
         2. Select add friend.
         3. Click add by username or opens the profile of the person and tap on “+” this option

  • Method 2 via the contact1. Open snapchat and click on ghost icon.
    2. Select add friend.
    3. Click add by username or opens the profile of the person and tap on “+” this option
    4. Click add to Contacts

    5. This will show your contact which is on snapchat. You can add them by clicking on “+” options.
  • Method 3 via snapcode

1. Take a picture of friends snapcode and click on ghost option.
        2. Click on add friend via snapcode
        3. Select the photo from your camera roll and your friend get automatically added.


4. Twitter

How to Add Friends on Social Media?

Twitter is oldest news and message sharing social app. The user post and message on this app are known as tweets. Tweets are generally of 120 characters. Twitter is the largest source of breaking news. One can find all the celebrities on this app. This is a better way to interact with loving one. Below are the steps to add friends.

    1. Open the app and click on the search bar.
2. Type your friend and username and click on the search button.
3. If you do not see your friend trying clicking on people.
4. Press on the follows button the user profile.
5. Now you will able to see feeds and latest photos of your friend.



In the busy schedule no one has time to call, everyone just drops a message to inform. Social media is a better way to interact with new people. A phone without social apps is not of use. Social media is a better way to extend business and get in touch with new people. Above mentioned are some social apps one can go for. If you are still not having a social app on your phone you don’t advance with technology. If you want to share your live moments with your loved one then go for snapchat and capture the moment on your phone.


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