How to Backup Photos and Videos on Android Phone or Tablet using Google Photos

How to Backup Photos and Videos on Android Phone or Tablet using Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best and most efficient photo apps from the tech giant. It provides users with limitless cloud access and saves your photos and videos by automatically compressing them. This lets users save precious storage space for other stuff, and still have instant access to the cloud-stored videos and photos.

How to Backup Photos and Videos on Your Android Phone using Google photos application

The built-in ‘Backup & Sync’ function in Android/iOS phones is an excellent way to save all your photos and videos from your various devices and access them from anywhere and at anytime. Also, when you photos and videos on Android from your synchronized devices these get saved on a private folder, unless you choose not to. This is an excellent feature to keep your private pictures and videos secure from prying eyes.

As Google Photos is a cross-platform app it allows users to access and see the same videos and photos on their Android and iOS smartphones and devices with equal ease. The guide below is an efficient and excellent way to learn all you need to know on how to backup photos videos using Google Photos app.


How to Activate Backup & Sync functions in Smartphones – iOS and Android?

How to Backup Photos and Videos on Your Android Phone using Google photos application

Both mobile operating systems have a similar process for activating the ‘Backup & Sync’ function.

Simply launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone and go to the phone’s ‘Settings’ menu. Scroll down till you find ‘Backup & Sync’ and tap on it. Next, choose the On/Off feature, according to your preference. If you choose to switch on the ‘Backup & Sync’ feature, then all the photos and videos on your devices will be copied by the Google Photos app to the cloud server.

To access these backup photos and videos online, you simply need to visit the Google Photos webpage and navigate your way through the easy menu layout.

It is also important to check if any photos and videos are not copied to the cloud. To do this, open the Google Photos menu using the icon on the top-left corner of the app screen, then click on ‘Photos’. A list will be displayed after this. Navigate through the thumbnails to check for a small icon depicting a cloud being struck through. All thumbnails having such an icon attached to it indicates that the marked file has not been included in the backup and synchronization process.

It is important for users to understand how the synchronization process works. When you activate the synchronization function to backup photos, videos using Google Photos, the changes made to the photos/videos are applicable across all similarly synchronized devices linked to this account. This means that if you delete a photo or video on the Google Photos webpage then it will get deleted from all other devices synchronized with your current account.


Important Facts to Know Before You Backup Photos Videos using Google Photos

These are some vital points that you need to know about the process to backup photos videos with Google Photos synchronization feature.

What is Backup & Sync?

  • The backup feature saves your videos and photos to the Google Photos library (cloud server).
  • The photos and videos that you backup using Google Photos are saved in a private folder by default. This is an effective way to keep your personal videos and photos discrete. You can also choose to forego this option and have your backup photos, videos using Google Photos saved on a normal folder on the server and share these photos online as well.
  • Synchronization is applicable across all Android or iOS devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs) that are connected to the particular account.

Steps Before Choosing To Use Backup & Sync

Follow these important steps if you wish to successfully backup videos, photos with the Google Photos app.

  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone device.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. At the top of the screen, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal bars).
  4. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Backup & Sync’ option.
  5. Tap on the ‘On/Off’ switch to toggle.

Check to see if your upload size is set to ‘High Quality’ setting as it allows you to get limitless and completely free storage. However, if it is set to ‘Original Quality’, then the photos that are backed-up will take space on your Google Photos storage. Google Photos provides users with 15 GB of storage space for videos and photos included. The quality of the stored photos is not compressed or compromised in any way when being stored in this way.


Hopefully these tips and facts about how to backup photos, videos using Google Photos were helpful and come handy for you to get an excellent recovery method for your precious and memorable clicks.

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