How to Do A Simple SEO Audit In Just 5 minutes

What is SEO?

In this modern era of internet and technology, SEO has become a major process if an owner of a website or blog wants to ranks its website, blog or any social media platform higher in search engines. There are so many companies and associations which do paid SEO. There are so many ways to do SEO.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a feature which gives a user proper and extended insights and details of website or blog including every single detail. It also gives insights of individual social media pages which are connected with the website or blog. It gives every detail about the traffic of website or blog and social media pages connected to them as well. SEO Audit is a great thing if anyone wants to improve his/her website or blog rankings in search engine. SEO audit not like a usual audit. SEO audit is performed solely for marketing purposes. If you are serious in your internet business and you want to grow your internet business then SEO Audit is a great way to get your internet business ranked higher in SERPs.

It is true that SEO audit will help you to determine that how the website or blog is performing but it will be not good for the websites or blogs which are on a small level. Because when you a user who has a small website will overdo SEO audit when will he do work to grow his website. Concentrating on stats can be a waste of time especially if there are other things that you have to take care of. But if you have a website of medium level and you got a drop in your engagement or traffic then you must have a look on your website’s stats and should check out the root of the problem which has resulted in the drop of engagements on your website. Performing an audit for audit’s sake is a waste of time.

How to do a Simple SEO Audit in Just 5 minutes

Now you just got an idea about what is an SEO audit. Now it’s time to talk about our main topic which is how to do a simple SEO Audit in just 5 minutes.

Here is how you can do your own 5-minute SEO audits.

Don’t be tensed if it goes above from 5 minutes because 5 minutes is just a phrase which is used instead of telling about very short time. The most important thing is that the faster you will work the faster you will get to your goal. More you work harder more you will be successful. The important piece is having a practical framework to delve through.

Things you need:

If you want to start an SEO audit you will need three things:

1- Domain: You should have your own domain.

2- Brand Name: You should have a specific brand name.

3- Location: It is important if your business needs local searches. If you have no concerns with local business then it is not important for you.

Traffic Overview

The first thing you should do is to check the density and value of your keyword. There are many online platforms which give you this opportunity to have a brief look on the keyword you want to. Some of them are so good at their work that they will show the organic and PPC rates of that keyword and some will even show you the percentages of traffic coming from different sources. You can see a chart in which you can clearly see that from where the traffic is coming to this particular keyword.

SERPs Appearance

Search your brand name and brand name with a location in the search engine. Check out the following things:

Does the domain appear?

Is your brand in the 1st position?

Are there any of your site links?

If so, are they suitable selections?

How good are the titles and descriptions that are shown?

How accurate is the information?

Do you think anything is missing?

Are the descriptions meaningful and attractive?

Do they make you want to click them?

All these things will come in the mind of a viewer when it will see. So everything should be perfect. Make everything best according to you. If they need any changes you must change it.

Social Media presence

Search your brand name with social media names on Google like brand name + Facebook / Instagram. This will show you a ranking of your website in social media.

Other than these check your domain authority and now you are ready to do a quick but thorough SEO Audit of the website

  1. Check the speed of the website because loading speed plays a vital role in maintaining a good in flow of traffic. A website with a constant high speed loading time is often more traffic puller than a good website with a slower loading speed
  2. Multi device usability of the Website – These days most of the browsing occurs through multiple devices. Smartphones and I pads form a very large traffic viewing base. So ensuring a broader device and browser usability helps a great deal.
  3. A Good and catchy headings for every content in the website to capture the attention of the traffic – A reader will only visit a page if the title or the tagline is interesting enough amidst the thousands of pages that pop up in relation to a specific subject.
  4. A good quality meta-description of the content for quick assessment
  5. Check domain ranking, Canonical issues and Root domain
  6. Better Indexibility of the web-content – This is a very essential component one should check for during SEO audit. Many a times unknowingly we might block Search engine bots or send wrong HTTP status response codes. Better Indexibility prevents these errors from occurring.



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