How To Download Videos From Hotstar And Easily Watch Videos Offline On Smartphone And PC

How To Download Videos From Hotstar And Easily Watch Videos Offline On Smartphone And PC

In the world of innovation and technology, television is getting vanished anywhere behind the use of the latest innovations of various websites where you do not need to subscribe the unwanted programs. In television, people have to subscribe even the channels that are not even preferred to be skipped while performing navigation for a specific program. Various applications are coming into existence which can help the people to watch everywhere they want to enjoy the entertaining programs. The thing that you need is an internet connection and a digital device which can help you to choose your own entertainment. But the problem arises when we do not have the connectivity of the internet, but by downloading the Hotstar movies and series you can get relief from this too.


Suppose that you are going out somewhere and you do not want to waste money on the data packs, then get the benefits of wifi or broadband available in your homes. The urban households are very prior in this field because entertainment can be handy this way. Downloading of the Hotstar videos is very beneficial for the people, but the question arises that how to download the Hotstar videos, but first we need to know that Hotstar can be surfed by two ways:

1. Hotstar application for the smartphones (Android and iOS)

2. Website of Hotstar with URL:

Hotstar is an entertainment platform which helps the people to enjoy lots of programs in a single application or website. It is the  blessing in the entertainment field and it was launched in the February of 2015 with the instructions of Star India. Hotstar offers the videos on the demand of people. This provides a full package of entertainment in the sports season because 200 million people watch matches on the website or the application, but people generally get bothered when the internet connection gets slow. To solve the problem of buffering, the organizers of the website have decided to put the downloading feature into it so that people can watch videos offline hassle-free. As it owns the streaming rights of IPL, due to which people get attracted towards this. Now have a look at the processes of downloading the videos of your favorite programs or the cricket videos with the following steps:


How to download offline videos from Hotstar application in Android phones?

How To Download Videos From Hotstar And Easily Watch Videos Offline On Smartphone And PC

People who are using the Hotstar application on their smartphones and want to enjoy the specific programs of this application offline for the future use can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the play store application on your mobile phones.
  2. Register an email id with the play store.
  3. Search for the Hotstar application.
  4. Download the latest version of the application.
  5. Check for the updates available if you are an old user of the application.
  6. After completing the installing process, you need to surf the application.
  7. Register in the Hotstar application if you do not have registered yet.
  8. If you are an early user then try to login to your own account.
  9. Now go to the search option.
  10. Type the name of the program of your choice.
  11. Below the poster of the chosen program, you will get the download option.
  12. It is not mandatory that you will get the option in every program because some of the programs are not free of cost there.
  13. Now if you have found the download option, then you will see the resolution slots, click on one of them according to the storage capacity of your phone and according to the speed of your internet connection.
  14. You can find the downloaded videos in the download section offered by the application.


How to download the videos from iOS devices in the Hotstar Application?

There is not much difference in the downloading process for Android devices and the iOS devices because both have the same configurations of the applications. These differ in the programming or in the initial navigation of the app because both have different sources of downloading. In the iOS devices, the Play store application is replaced with the iTunes app store and you will have to download the Hotstar application from there and the rest of the process is just the same as mentioned for the downloading of videos for the Android devices.


How to download Hotstar videos offline from PC?

Apart from the application process, this method has an advantage that it does not require any lengthy process of downloading. It can be a little bit tricky as the website does not allow you to download the videos and two methods to download videos for the PC are as mentioned below:

1st method:

  • Download the Bluestacks player which is an Android-based Emulator.
  • Complete the installation of the application.
  • Search for the Hotstar application from the Play store of Blustacks.
  • Follow the process mentioned for the android applications of downloading Hotstar videos for the offline use.


2nd method:

  • Open the browser on your PC.
  • Go for the Hotstar Downloader for windows.
  • After the downloading of a file, extract the RAR file
  • Open Hotstarlivestreamer.bat
  • When you will open this file then you will observe a popup.
  • That pop up will open the command prompt
  • Then type or paste the URL of the program that you want to watch.
  • Now click Enter
  • Now it will ask you to enter the resolution of the video i.e. 720p or 480p accordingly
  • Type D and press the button Enters
  • Once the file will get downloaded, you can find that file in the videos folder
  • You can get this file in the earlier extracted file
  • Now your file is ready to share with your loved ones either via email or USB transfer or with any comfortable medium.


The aforementioned ways can help you a lot to download the videos on your smartphones or tablets or your PCs. Here is a master point to know that you cannot share the downloaded videos either from your phone or tablet because these videos are the same as the offline videos on YouTube. So, enjoy watching your favorite programs offline and do not get bothered about the internet connection. But if you are an expert in dealing with the technological advancements, then enlighten us with the more methods of downloading videos from Hotstar in the comment section.

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