How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

Emailing is the most popular form of online communication today. Seemingly simple and mostly unchanged from the day it was invented emailing allows businesses to communicate efficiently and reliably with the different sections and departments within. This enables businesses to function at optimal efficiency. There are several types of files, such as text documents, images and even videos that can be shared using email. PDF files are amongst the most commonly- used attachments with emails today, thanks to their immense benefits.

What are PDF files?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. In simple terms, this type of file is designed to retain its format no matter which platform it is being used with. PDFs are especially useful in business email communication. There are numerous uses for PDF files, including:

  • Invoicing clients
  • Maintaining consistent customer records
  • Delivering important business memos

As these files have a fixed format, there are no risks of the file getting edited or manipulated easily by the user.


Benefits of PDF files

These are the top 7 benefits of using PDF files for business or other important communication when you wish to share files with others:

1. Consistent document format Sharing files, such as MS Word or MS Excel files over the internet is tricky when it comes to proper formatting. With a PDF file, you can ensure consistency when it comes to maintaining the format of your shared text and image files. This is also an excellent option to ensure ideal printouts of important documents that are shared over email.

2. Ubiquitous formatting PDF has become a widely used file format all over the world. It is supported by all popular platforms and can be easily received, accessed, viewed and reused by amateurs as well. The format is easier to view and share, making it ideal for sharing documents online.

3. Compressed file size – PDF is able to compress larger-sized, high-quality files to a sufficiently smaller size easily. This makes it efficient for saving storage space on your system, especially if you have limited storage space in your email.


4. Password protected files PDF is also highly secure for sending sensitive business information using email. The password-protection feature allows you to secure the file effectively against prying eyes and ensure that it is seen only by the authorized person you share the password with.

5. Easy Attachments PDF files can easily integrate non-ext elements, such as images, hyperlinks, charts, etc. It also allows you to maintain an easy-to-use layout with proper and active hyperlinks within it.

6. Completely Compatible One of the main reasons that PDF files are used so popularly worldwide is that they are compatible with every major OS (operating system), such as Windows, Linux and iOS that are used today. Not only this, these files can be accessed and used with equal ease on your Android OS smartphone devices also.

7. Increasing Popularity Technology advances swiftly but PDF files have remained constantly popular from the past more than two decades. The format is already used popularly all over the world and it remains one of the top file formats in use today.

How to Edit PDF Online?

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

PDF files, with all their advantages and benefits are used thousands of times each day around the world. As in communication, there might be a need to actually make amendments or changes in the PDF file shared.


So here are the top 5 ways on how to edit PDF online for free:

Tip 1 – Use PDF PRO


How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


PDF Pro is an excellent tool to edit PDF online for free. It offers a wide range of editing features, such as shifting text from one part to another on the document, along with highlighting and erasing tools, that are most useful in making quick changes or editing the document.

Apart from these conventional PDF editing features, PDF Pro also has an efficient ‘merge’ tool along with a converter features to transform PDF files into Word document or an image file.

Tip 2 – Download PDF ZORRO


How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


PDF Zorro is one of the leading tools to edit PDF online. It is also comparatively improved than the PDF Pro. It works excellently with multiple platforms, along with your smartphone device or tablet.


Some of the excellent features of PDF Zorro include the ability to add text or entire pages, write in free hand, and even export the PDF files to MS Excel or MS Word documents. Not only this, you can easily add an entire section or page between the original texts as you require.

Tip 3 – Try PDF ESCAPE


How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


PDF escape is a unique tool to edit PDF online for free. It comes with the innovative ‘Sticky Note’ tool which helps users to add annotations within the PDF files easily. The best feature in this free PDF editing software includes the ability to edit pages extremely.

Users can white-out entire sections of the page, insert or crop any form of HTML coded fields, including radio buttons, check boxes, search bars, etc. For added protection users can easily activate the password-protection feature and restrict the viewing of this PDF file as needed.

Tip 4 – Check out FORM SWIFT

How to Edit PDFs Online for Free

Form Swift is another excellent tool to edit PDF online in the easiest manner. This tool lets you make modifications to existing documents, and allows you to convert your files into PDF format. The software also offers a large array of choices in its library for editing templates.


One of the unique features in Form Swift is the panel which lets you choose editing options, between ‘Type’, ‘Draw’ and ‘Upload’.

Tip 5 – Try SEJDA


How to Edit PDFs Online for Free


Sejda is considered to be the top editing tool for PDF files. This tool is highly advised for professionals who have frequent need to edit PDF online in their work. It has an immense library-full of features that can provide solution to every editing need for professionals and others as well.

From re-organizing the pages in a PDF file, to splitting the PDF and even converting the PDF file to another format, the

Follow any of these tips on how to edit PDF online and learn the easiest way to make changes to the PDF files you receive. The above-listed PDF editing software and apps are designed for use across multiple platforms and are completely free of charge.


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