How to Generate/Retrieve your Aadhaar Virtual ID Number

How to Generate/Retrieve your Aadhaar Virtual ID Number

Today, information security has turned into an essential concerns. In light to the different data breaches in most recent couple of years, the more huge being Facebook- Cambridge Analytica information break, one should be exceptionally watchful as far as individual data. Aadhaar has subtle elements of your telephone number, address and your biometric, protection and security of your Aadhaar information is an absolute necessity. Presently UIDAI has launched Virtual ID in Beta, which will supplant your 12- digit Aadhaar number with a randomly produced 16-digit number. It will enable clients to cite their Virtual ID without unveiling the 12-digit Aadhaar number for distinguishing proof and check purposes.


How to Generate/Retrieve your Aadhaar Virtual ID Number

The advantage of Aadhaar Virtual ID is that you won’t be really sharing your 12-digit Aadhaar number, nor your biometrics. And keeping in mind that confirmation, the service provider will just gain admittance to the required subtle details.

Why to have Aadhaar Virtual ID?

How to Generate/Retrieve your Aadhaar Virtual ID Number

  • Virtual Ids are the substitution of Aadhaar numbers. That implies every one of the organizations that are requesting KYC validation can have this ID as opposed to the private Aadhaar ID.
  • Being temporary, after a state of time the ID gets deactivated. So nobody can abuse it or can alter it to get private data of the individual. One virtual ID can be generated against one Aadhaar number at once.
  • It is secured as it doesn’t get to a great part of the data of the individual. It just gets to essential data and unique mark points of interest for verification of KYC.
  • In prior circumstances, every one of the organizations need to spare person’s Aadhaar details in the system for future references. It was a monotonous task for the offices to deal with such enormous information. In any case, now they don’t need to do that. They can utilize virtual ID for their KYC purposes whenever.


Steps to generate Virtual ID

1. Aadhaar virtual ID can be produced by the aadhaar client whenever through online process. Clients need to visit the Aadhaar site The Home page will open.

2. On the Home page, client must discover the option ‘Virtual ID (VID) Generator’ from the ‘Aadhaar Services’ choice list. By tapping on this option, the client will be diverted to the VID generator page.

3. On the following page,, the client will get two empty content boxes given. Initial one is for the Aadhaar Number and the second one is for the security confirmation code. The client needs to give their aadhaar number in the main box and after that the given security code in the following.

4. After filling off the compulsory details, the framework will send an OTP to the enlisted phone number of the client. The OTP should be entered a short time later according to guideline.

5. In the second part of the VID age page, the OTP must be entered in the content box given. Alongside that select the choice whether to produce/recover VID. At last clients must click on the submit option to create the VID.

6. On submitting the form, the virtual ID will be created. It will appear on the screen. The generated ID will be informed to the clients’ via enrolled phone number.


Create VID through Mobile application

1. Aadhaar Virtual IDs can be produced through the versatile App too. UIDAI has presented mAadhaar App, accessible on Play Store, for aadhaar services. The clients need to download the App to utilize it.

2. In the wake of introducing the application on your gadget, give your Aadhaar card 12-digit number to begin with. After giving the number, an OTP will be sent to your enlisted portable number. Enter the OTP to continue.

3. When you start the App by giving the OTP, you will be requested to create a watchword. This secret key will be secured codes that will be expected to login to the App each time you open it.

4. After generating the password, sign in to the application. Discover the option Generate VID from the choices and tap on it. It will request that you enter your password to continue.

5. Subsequent to entering the password, you should go to the Virtual ID segment. There, in the segment, type any 16 numerical digits in the content box given. After doing this, a virtual ID will be produced and sent it to the enrolled mobile number.

Important Features

1. Each virtual ID has a stipulated time of repudiate. Contingent upon the organisation and the administration, virtual ID’s expiry time has been set by UIDAI. They are brief and can’t be active beyond a certain period.

2. From March 1, 2018, the utilization of Virtual ID began. As per the legislature, from June 2018, utilizing virtual ID for KYC validation will be obligatory in India for any organization or administrations.

3. This virtual ID can be made only by the aadhaar card holder. Offices that verify KYC won’t have the ability to produce virtual ID for any client.

4. The UIDAI has begun constrained KYC framework. Under this system, clients can give just that quite a bit of data that is required for KYC verification. Offices will record just required data for KYC, given by the client through restricted KYC framework.

Nowadays there are numerous incidents regarding Aadhaar spilling data in India. To expel and decrease such disarray made among residents, the UIDAI launched the idea of Virtual ID. The officials have stated that it’ll be easier to link Aadhaar without disclosing any confidential information.


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