How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

About LinkedIn:-

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a common word generally heard at work place, through colleagues or by someone who is searching for a job. LinkedIn is nothing but a social platform like Facebook but for professionals- anyone and everyone looking for a job, new opportunities or career growth. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with many other professionals through various fields by sending friend requests and private messages. In LinkedIn you can add your photograph with your resume and some information about yourself, this will help in connecting faster with other professionals of your field. The features of LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, if you know Facebook, LinkedIn will be easier for you to work with.


Basic featured of LinkedIn:-

There are many more features offered by LinkedIn, below are few of them:

Home: once you have logged in to LinkedIn, the home feed is your news feed which shows the recent post from your connection with other professional whom you are following.

Profile: the profile shows the name, photograph, qualification, occupation, experience, location and other information fed by the user. One can also customize various different sections like a short summary, education and other thing and make it like a resume.

My Network: this feature has all the list of professional you are currently connected with on LinkedIn.

Jobs: All sort of jobs listing are posted on LinkedIn every day are displayed on the basis of your profile.

Search bar: this the most efficient and powerful feature which helps in finding different jobs, professional etc.

Interest: other than following professionals, you can also follow certain interest on LinkedIn as well. This can include company pages, slide share etc.

Pending Invitation: when someone wants to connect with you, he will send an invitation. You will receive it and it’s your decision to approve or disapprove it.

Advantages of LinkedIn:-

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn, through My Network section can be useful in finding old colleagues and friends. Just enter your email to sync your contacts with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with new professionals locally or internationally.

2. LinkedIn offers you to make a complete and interactive profile on it, this profile can also work as your resume. You can also use it as a link in an email or cover letter when you apply for a job.

3. LinkedIn is one of the best platform to find and apply for jobs online. LinkedIn gives you recommendations of job plus you can find a specific job with the search bar option.

4. LinkedIn publishing platform allows user to publish blog post and get an opportunity to have their content read by tons of people. This will also be shown in your profile ultimately increasing your credit ability in related field as well as it will be relevant to your profession experience.


Being secured on LinkedIn:-

How to Hide Your Last Name on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest online interaction platform. This social network can connect you with thousands of other people and their profile. The information fed by you in LinkedIn allows many other users to contact you directly by sending private message. Hence, this has made LinkedIn a dream destination for identity thieves. So, one should be extra careful to who you let in and who you show your profile to. It is better to hide your personal details from the people you are not directly connected to. LinkedIn has many useful features and tricks to protect your profile from unknown user. One of the feature offered by LinkedIn is to hide your last name from those are not connected to you. This is an advantage for LinkedIn user and one should use this feature in order to be protected from anonymous users.


Following are the steps to hide your last name:

1. First step is to log in to your LinkedIn account and press on the Profile icon.

2. Once you press the profile icon a drop box will appear with many options, Setting & Privacy being one of them. Select this option.

3. On the top of the Setting page you will see Privacy icon, press on this icon.

4. Scroll down the drop box and you will see an option of “Who can see my last name”.

5. Click on the “Change” written right next to “Who can see my last name”. You can also click on the option itself to change the settings. This is an alternative option.

6. When you click on “Change”, this will show you two options. Among these options will be your complete name and other will show the first letter of your name or abbreviated name.

7. Select the abbreviated name and this will be saved automatically.

One can also make changes in their account on this particular page. One can even manage who can see your email address or even manage connections on the platform. This feature offered by LinkedIn gives an individual the power to choose how much of their profile should be visible to strangers and to the people you are connected with. This platform allows you to show your account to others as you wish. Visibility, syncing contacts and calendar as well as blocking and unfollowing users you don’t want to connect with and many other managing task.

Although, hiding last name on LinkedIn does not completely make your name invisible to everyone, your connection can still see your name even after hiding the last name.


As mentioned before, linked is the largest socializing platform for budding professionals and experienced professionals. LinkedIn helps in interacting with various people from different areas, countries and backgrounds. Hence, security is also main concern for the authentic users. LinkedIn understand that you are the ultimate person who has the right to choose your connection and who can view your profile. It is not necessary that everyone would like to connect with second degree connection or like anyone to view their profile or try to connect with them. For that LinkedIn has offered various measures one of which is mentioned above- “Hiding last name”. This feature particularly helps to those who don’t want their profile to be visible to all or to those they don’t want. This feature is a useful privacy tool. “Hide your last name” helps to avoid various frauds that can happen by connecting with the wrong person, also this feature will protect your personal information to be leaked or misuse.

Being on LinkedIn is a great experience, especially when you know that your profile is safe and secured from all the fraud activities.

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