How To Make Money From Blogging: 5 steps Towards Making $2000k Per Month

How To Make Money From Blogging: 5 steps Towards Making $2000k Per Month

Nowadays, every individual is taking Blogging as their primary career and a way to earn money. Some people claim that they write blog for helping others however I don’t really agree to this point.
Until and unless you are not paid for something you don’t take interest in doing that thing. So, what is blogging? A person who writes blog on personal, professional experience or any achievements is said to be blogging. Making money from blogging is a different ball game. Bloggers don’t take money directly from the users but indirectly their source of income depends on the users. Many people believe that it is very simple to earn money online and[Tweet “depends on the users. Many people believe that it is very simple to earn money online and”] become rich in no time. Little they know that it is a myth. You need dedication, hard work a lot of patience for that.[irp][irp][irp][irp]

What to write?

Earning money is not that simple, you have to constantly burn the oil of your lamp to reach that
level. It is your passion and determination which comes into play. If you don’t want to be miserable chose a topic you are passionate about. Firstly, select the topic which is interesting yet complex
that it can sustain for twelve months. Secondly, you have to be very specific with your content and for that you should have enough knowledge of the topic. And lastly, there is a vast competition in the market. You need to know what is the demand in market and how better you can make use of that.

Ways to earn money from blogging

Everybody wants to earn money but don’t want to work hard. If you want to earn good amount from blogging not just hard work required but smart work is also needed.


1. Advertisements

Google AdSense is no doubt a best way of advertisement. But bloggers get only 60% to 70% of total advertisement cost. For more income you can use direct advertisement method. In direct advertising you came directly in contact with your client and have a direct interaction. For this you
need to have some marketing skills.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way of earning money. You just need to share the link of the product of a particular organization on your blog. If a person purchases that product from your link you get commission for that.[irp][irp][irp][irp]

3. Income through Referral

It is just like affiliate marketing where you get commission for referring the product. The only difference is that you get commission on every sale in affiliate marketing while on the other hand
you are paid for any referral per join on referral income.

4. Paid Review

Earning money from paid review is quite difficult. For this your blog need to be popular and authentic. However, if a blogger builds the credibility, they might able to get paid reviews.


5. Infolink

Infolink is the best alternative for AdSense. You are paid for every click. It is like CPC network
and you must have seen Infolink ads on many of the blogs. Way to $2000k per Month Nobody can assure you that you will start earning $200k within a period of time. You need constant hard work, dedication and patience. There are few things you can do in order to reach that level:

● The first key to your success is start connecting with your audience through social media like
Facebook and Twitter. Your focus should be on audience building rather a website building. Use Facebook ads, share things and make friends with others. You should build your audience and develop a status as a trusted source of high-quality content.

● After you build your name, then start creating high quality content.

● In this vast competition, you need to think something out of the box. Just selling ad space would never help you to reach your goal. You can look for white-labelling product which can benefit in lot of ways. Affiliate marketing is also there for better commission.

● Even after all this you need to increase your audience. The more public the more gain for
you.There is nothing called impossible. If you set your target right and work hard to achieve that you will you can reach to your target in no less time. You just need to keep yourself calm and be have patience. It make take some time but people will notice your blog if you are honest with your work and profession.

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