How To Modify Aadhaar Card Address

How To Modify Aadhaar Card Address

In the year of 2009, the Aadhar program was launched with the objective of providing a universal identity to the Indian citizens. During the initial enrolment, people had to face a predicament with fingerprints and iris scanning due to technical faults but they were resolved later on. The enrolment doesn’t have any age bar from children to adults have to have Aadhar card if they want to be a permanent citizen of India. The twelve digit number that is provided to the people is based on the demographic and the biometric data. The department of UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India is responsible for collecting the data from across the country. It is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The project has the largest biometric ID system across the globe. The first UID or Unique Identification Digit by UIDAI was on September 2010. Its main aim to produce such a number that cannot be duplicated at any cost by using cost-effective measures.

Aadhar has no means of making people aware of their rights duties and benefits. It is a random number that can start with any kind of a digit other than 0 or 1 and provides security and privacy to legal issues. In July 2014 Aadhar-enabled biometric systems were being installed in government office buildings to count the attendance of employees. It was an experiment basically. The system made use to check the late arrivals and the absenteeism of the government officials of all the classes. The status was uploaded on the website named This is just an example of Aadhar experimentation when it was introduced there are many more.

How To Modify Aadhaar Card Address

Benefits and mandatory fields of Aadhar card

  • Passport is made within 10 days
  • Useful in digital locker system- It is initiated by Government of India where people can securely store their important documents. The sign-up process requires Aadhaar verification
  • The voter card is also linked to it that means you can give vote with Aadhaar card also
  • Monthly pension scheme requires Aadhaar link to the bank account
  • The driving card requires Aadhaar link
  • Aadhaar card is required as proof to open any bank account
  • It’s mandatory for disabled children between 6 -14 and also for booking tickets online from the government site IRCTC.
  • Any kind of incorporated investment plan requires Aadhaar card verification

Aadhar card is of vital importance in today’s scenario. Every Government related activity needs Aadhar card because that defines your identity that you are a citizen of India. Since it’s compulsory to have it, therefore, all the details that you put everything original data and if changed you need to make sure that it is updated. So if you changed your place of stay recently and you are in dilemma and facing problems regarding updating your new home address here’s are some suggestions


The UIDAI has given to options in order to upgrade. They are:

How To Modify Aadhaar Card Address

  • Online Update
  • Visit the enrollment center those who want to do the procedure offline

How to update the address Online? People who have registered their valid phone number with Aadhar can online update their address online. As every online payment option needs an authentic phone number, therefore, Aadhar registered number is mandatory. One option of changing every detail (name, date of birth, email, phone number gender) is by using the SSUP app. Follow the steps below:


  1. Click on to the SSUP site. A page will open with three major options highlighted with colors. The first option will be Aadhaar enrollment the second will be Aadhaar update and the third will be Aadhaar Services. Each heading has got its individual sub-headings. The second heading has both the option address update request (Online) and Update at Enrollment center.
  2. You need to log in at first with your Aadhaar number to perform the further proceedings. As you select the option of changing address online you will land to a new page where there will be four more headings. The first will be Login with Aadhaar as you enter your twelve digit number it will proceed you to further steps. When you enter the number below the number there will be a box where you need to write the verification code (OTP) which you will receive as an SMS on your registered phone number from UIDAI. It will help you to login to your account.
  3. The second heading of the landing page will be data update request here you need to submit your request for an address change from the drop-down approach it will show as soon as you click it. You need to scan and upload a self-attested document which will work as a proof for your Aadhar card. When you submit the address a request you will be given a number for Aadhar update request that will help you to check the status of the process.

These are the steps in order to upgrade your address online.

Offline Update


The offline update can only be done if you visit your nearest Aadhar Enrolment Center. In an Enrolment center, you will find both demographics (name, address, phone number, gender, email) and biometrics (fingerprints, iris, and photograph) updated.

Make sure that you have all the original documents as you go there. The documents are mandatory for scanning purpose

  • Fee requirements

Online address up gradation is free of cost but if you go to an enrolment center for any kind of update you need to pay a minimum amount of Rs 25 each time of your visit.

  • Work time period

The time required to accept the request for your address change and updating it is around 90 days (as per the UIDAI website). Your request will be verified by a UIDAI representative. When your request will be approved you will be able to download the newly made Aadhaar card by clicking “Downloading Aadhaar” from The update certificate hard-copy will be delivered to your new address.


Aadhaar is gaining its utmost importance at present times. It’s soon going to be the only identity that would be considered as a priority over any other identities such as passport or ration card or your voter id card. Aadhaar card has all the important information of an individual, therefore, it may be a valuable id in the case to track someone missing by using their bio-metric information. This is one such example of its usefulness.

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