How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

It is no longer a whammy situation for the Facebook users to be blessed with exciting surprises from the desk of Facebook. The geniuses of Facebook in the past too have been adding creativity and innovations to their social media platform to keep their client circle engaging. To list a few of the existing features of the Facebook are credits, feature phones, graph search, IPv6, listen with friends, mood faces, phone, poke and greetings. In addition to these features, the Facebook platform also upgrades its users with smartphone integration, fundraising, status updates, subscribe, ticker, URL shortener, verified accounts, hash-tagging support, impressum and so on.

How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

Recently the social networking site Facebook has come up with an important feature which calls for the dire attention of all the platform users. Now go endlessly with your connectivity with Facebook as it helps you with the ease of recharging your prepaid mobile number. Yes! You get it right. The backend team of Facebook now has incorporated the feature of renewing your prepaid number instantly through their social networking platform itself. Currently, the feature is operative on the Facebook’s application meant for the Android Operating Systems.

The Facebook users can now avail the instant prepaid recharge feature of the Facebook and get their account recharged. The prepaid number recharge feature supports multiple mobile operators. Though currently, the feature is available only for the android users, the Facebook family is very keen on introducing the same for their other clients such as those who are iPhone users and those who log in to their Facebook account via their desktops. Isn’t it amazing? Sources convey that even the post-paid billing feature will be a part of a Facebook feature in the near future.


Do you want to make the use of the prepaid number recharging feature at this moment itself? Then your search ends here. We have brought a concise and easy to follow guide on How to recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook. Follow the steps mentioned below as a bible to make your next prepaid recharge efficiently.


How to recharge your prepaid number via Facebook?

How to Recharge your Prepaid Number via Facebook

Since the feature is entirely new, we shall be spoon-feeding the entire process of recharging your prepaid number.

The first and the most important thing you need to do is to get the hold of your android smartphone. Next, go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the Facebook application for Android. If you have one pre-installed, check whether your Facebook Android Application is up-to-date or not. If not, then get it upgraded by visiting the Google Play Store.

Once you have the upgraded version of the Facebook Android Application, next thing you need to do is tap on the menu option. The menu option is present in the right-hand corner of your Facebook Android Application Screen. Once you tap the menu option, you will see a

drop-down menu which pops-up. Scroll down the menu option list and choose the ‘Mobile Top Up’ option from the list.

After you are done with your selection of the ‘Mobile Top Up,’ you will soon be led to a new screen which shows a display button to recharge your prepaid number via Facebook. It reads ‘Choose a plan and pays with your debit or credit card – its fast, secure and free.’ Next, you need to tap the option which reads ‘Top Up Now.’ While handling your payment, please make sure that you accomplish your payment either through the Visa or the MasterCard only. Currently, the Facebook platform supports only Visa and MasterCard payments.


Now, enter your ten digits pre-paid mobile number. As soon as you enter your pre-paid mobile number, the Facebook will detect the mobile operator on its own. By default, if there is a technical error in the auto-operator selection by the Facebook, then you need not worry. You may change it manually at your end. For bringing about the operator change manually, all you need to do is select your connectivity service provider (say, e.g., Airtel, Jio, BSNL, Vodafone or any other) from the drop-down menu. The browse plan category option allows you to choose from the available pre-paid recharge options. The drop-down menu for the recharge plans contains bifurcations such as the full talk time, 3G mobile data, TopUp, SMS recharges, and Special Tariff Vouchers. Choose the best idea which satisfies your recharging requirements. Instead of this, you may enter the amount you wish to renew your pre-paid account by entering the figure manually.

Tap the option to review your recharge plan selected and enter your credit/debit card details. The card details are inclusive of card number printed on the front side of your card, the expiration date of your card which is below your card number and the CVV number which is written on the back of your card. The CVV code represents the security code to make payments via that credit/debit card. Please note, never disclose these three important details about your card before anyone. Finally, tap the option of ‘Place Order.’

If you want to trace back the number of recharges you made via Facebook, then the social networking site has made the relevant provisions in this context too. With Facebook., you can track a detailed log of your payment history you made in the past. To avoid entering the card details for every recharge, you may save your card details the first time you enter them. This will save your valuable time in future recharges. The payment verification will be accompanied by one-time password entry process. After the successful completion of the prepaid recharging payment, Facebook will notify you of the same. You may receive a successful payment text on your registered mobile number. Alternatively, you may receive an email indicating the recharge accomplishment.


Facebook also gives you the liberty to generate a four digit recharge pin and the delivery address. These two features from the Facebook will facilitate the future payment processes.

Hope the guide helps the newbies to make their prepaid recharges via Facebook more comfortable and convenient to handle.

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