How to use Google Maps offline on Android and iOS

How to use Google Maps offline on Android and iOS

Google has become an integral part of life as they provide ample of effective services enhanced with technology. Google map is a very reliable method to navigate. But a common complaint of users is that it requires the strong internet connectivity. Internet connectivity is possible in advance cities, but in remote areas, there is no internet connection. To overcome this problem google launch offline map system. This system acts as a boon to the traveler and explorer as they can easily find the shortest route to their destination without wasting time. Google map is easy route-planning method helps you to find a destination with a little hard work. Google map provides you the full-fledged information about route, building, house and many traditional sites by just putting the address. By applying the street view one can see the actual image of the route you are going to drive. It is time and battery saving technique as it works on zero potential data not safe couples of battery hours. It can save time as data are pre-stored in a device no buffering is required. It decreases the roaming cost and saves money.

How to use Google Maps offline on Android and iOS

Google offline maps, add up many new features as voice direction and search specific destination. It is a reliable navigating service. Many services are provided which are beneficial to us in all aspects. Google map is available as an app for Android phones and iOS devices. It provides the shortest and traffic free route to the destination. This is all time available apps on the phone and helps you all the time.


How to use Google Maps offline:-

Before taking an advantage of google map you first need to download the area of interest. One must download the area before leaving the city with a strong internet connection. The space required to store the file depends upon the area of the particular city. The way to download the preferred city is Menu>offline area>setting>storage preferred. The preferred storage can be external or internal stored. One should keep in mind that the expiry date of the map is 30 days, so you need to add up updates before they get expired. In modern technology, automatic updates are available, the map gets automatically updated before the expiry date. The below mentioned is how to download the offline map in android and iOS devices.

How to use Google Maps offline on Android and iOS

How to download the offline map in the Android system and iOS devices?

✓ Open the google map app.
✓ Make sure you are strongly connected to net connection and signed in google map.
✓ Search the particular place you want to explore.
✓ At bottom tap on the download button.

After this, your google map will work normally and in the absences of the internet, it will provide you the direction. This will help you to track the shortest and traffic free route to your destination. The offline maps are very beneficial and easy to use.

The Features provided by offline maps:-

  • Remote area search If you are a traveler, then this offline map is a boon for you. As in some area, there is no internet connection or only EDGE or GSM is working. It is very hard to load the map on a slow network. No need to worry if you are having offline maps you can easily reach the destination point.
  • Decrease roaming cost If you are out of state the data roaming apply to your network in that case network become expensive. But the offline map has fully overcome this problem, hence if you are mapping offline map on your Android or iOS device you can easily track your destination.
  • Faster loading It is not about the cost, comfort mattegoogle maps is offline check your network connection
  • rs a lot. The loading is much faster as information is already stored in the device. No chance to miss the position and destination. No buffering is required. It saves time and money. One can safely reach a destination on time.
  • Battery Saver After a long journey, everyone’s phone battery is about to die. Offline maps can save your battery for a couple of hours. This provides extra benefit as offline map potential zero data and saves your battery. The saved battery can be utilized in the photo shoot.


  • Information Google map provides the full-fledged information about the road, cities, town, and houses. In short, it covers the whole diversity. One can track the traffic free and safe road to the hisher destination. Google map provides the street view and has indoor maps of the airport, museum and other important or traditional places.
  • Sharing is caring One can share location with family and friends so that it becomes easy to coordinate. You can entrench your information to mail and share it on social media. In case you got  trapped in the worst situation, you can share your location on the other person’s phone so that they can track you easily. It is quite beneficial for working women who work at night.
  • Transportation It provides the multiple modes of transportation. It provides trip information for the car, bus, and foot. It has local buses and train schedules, including stop and destination points. For long route, it provides the ticket price comparison, timing, and shortest path.
  • Offline working The user can download the entire map of cities or area and can access it later on when required. This is a key feature of the offline map. The size of the file will depend upon the area of the city.


Conclusion Google map is an easy and effective way to navigate. Above mentioned are advantages, features, and uses of a google map. This time and money saving technique, help you to find shortest and traffic free route. Many advanced and exciting features are developed. One of the features is street view. In this, one can see the picture of the road and track the path. The Google offline map is a boon to explorer and traveler.

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