Super Useful Tips To Improve The ideal length for every online content

When we sit to write something online, we often forget how long and precise should it be. It is not the topic which makes a content interesting but the way the writer represents their thoughts. A content writing is considered to be successful only when you merge all your thoughts and present it in a concise manner.[irp][irp]

There has always been a debate on this topic and people came with a lot of different strategies and ideas as how to make an online content successful. I personally believe if your writing is penned directly from your heart it makes a content very appealing to the readers. It never means that

grammatical errors can be taken into consideration. If content is a mixture of your brilliant writing skills and an eye – catching words then it will surely make a great impact on readers.

In order to make things more clear to you, we will examine what the research says related to the length of an online content:

Go for not less than 1000 words. Research says that over 85% of online content present is not more than 1000 words. Your chances of performing well increases if you surpass that word length.[irp][irp]

It is seen that a reader’s interest of reading a blog decreases after seven minutes and it consists of 1600 words which is the ideal length.

It is the content quality which matters the most rather than your length. If the points are irrelevant and repeated every time readers don’t find much interest in reading your articles or blog.

Ideal length for all online content

Length of your content depends upon the online platforms on which you are writing. Let us see what should be the ideal length for every online platform:


People don’t like to read long status on Facebook. Short and crisp the message more attention will it get. Ideal length for your status is of 40 characters and should be well described.[irp][irp]


Generally, people don’t put status on their pictures. But if someone is interested in adding caption with their photo, they cannot exceed more than 2200 characters. Picking up your words well and short will be an ideal thing to do on Instagram.


Twitter is such social networking websites where you can share latest updates and news instantaneously. Originally tweeter restricted to 140 characters but now the limits is doubled for all languages except Chinese, Japanese and Korean. For twitter 100 characters is ideal without a link.

Blog post

A blog is a website with full sources of informative contents. It won’t gain any attention if your content is extended unnecessarily. It is best to stick up to 1600 words as the attention of the readers will be only for 7 minutes. The content should be such descriptive and precise that readers find interest in reading.


It is a website based on business and employment-oriented service. It was launched on May 5, 2003. Being a professional online channel, it carries different kinds of contents. It is suggested that a professional headline should carry a maximum of 120 characters. If you are writing a summary 2000 character should be the limit. For status update a maximum of 600 character will do.[irp][irp]

What does this overall mean?

Online Content Length. Copyright Matt Ragland

Quality over quantity is always a better idea. People read those things which entertain them. If your content is subjective and a mix of humor it will definitely gain attention. If your goal is to gain attention then first start with a short content filled with full of interesting facts. Then after sometime go for a long form content where you can cover up all your ideas and information in a detailed way. Apart from all these if you are writing for fun then don’t care about the word limit just express your thoughts in best possible way.

Most importantly, focus on relevancy that if someone clicks into your search result, they get what they came for. Quality of content should be such that audience appreciate it and start admiring your thought. This factor will help in the success of your content and lead you to a decorated content writer.

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