Incredibly Three Useful Google Ads Features You’re Probably Not Using




Online business is growing faster. How to survive in this competitive online world? Well, there are many. But if you divide them into a category then you will find two main ways. One is freeways and another is paid the way.

As a business goal varies from business to business, but one thing may common. To attract more and more customer and generate conversion.

One can make their online presence through freeway SEO. Although SEO may not be absolutely free. Another way is paid way like an advertisement. One of the best ways to do this is, through Google Ads.

Google Ads may seem to a new service to you. This is nothing but the new name of Google AdWords. Google has recently changed the name form of Google AdWords to Google Ads. It is one of the most effective ways to achieve a business goal. You can run various type of ad in various Google platforms using Google Ads.

You can achieve this goal through SEO. But it takes a lot of time and effort. Through many useful Google Ads feature, you can achieve the same goal much faster. Although the faster way consumes money, sometimes time is important than money.

With many useful Google Ads features, it is the number choice for the digital marketer. But there are some useful Google Ads features most of the marketer not using.

Let’s put some light on it and see how it helps to achieve the business goal.

Auction Insights

Google Ads contains many useful tools to give maximum insights and data to the marketer. Some tools offer you to plan and manage campaigns.

But running many ad campaigns may not enough. You have to evaluate your competition.

Unfortunately, there are not many tools for this particular field. As ad evaluating your competition is a major factor for any business, the marketer should know.

Thanks to Auction insights. With this tool, you can easily figure out how your ad campaign performing. This useful tool shows you where you’re doing better than your competitor and where you aren’t.

This is the most useful Google Ads features every marketer should use.

This tool has also the potential to highlight new and better opportunities for you to explore.

To analyze the competition in a better way, it provides six Key Performance Indicator.

Impression Share:

This column shows you how often your brand’s running ad shows up in the auction.

Average Position:

The average position of that ad when someone searches for the targeted keywords.

Overlap Rate:

Overlap rate shows the data, how often another competitor’s ad received an impression in the same auction when your ad also received an impression.

Position Above Rate:

This column shows you how many times an advertiser’s ad (in the same auction) shows in a higher position than your ads when both you and the other advertiser’s ads were shown at the same time.

Top of Page Rate:

This column shows you how often your ad was shown at the top of the page in SERP. It may depend on what the search queries were and the search was performed from where.

Outranking Share:

How often your ad gets ranked higher in the auction than another advertiser’s ad. This also shows how often your ad showed when compotators did not theirs.

With these many insights, you can easily figure out your ad performance. You can easily figure out the necessary details like the competitor’s budget, your biggest competitors, which campaign perform better than you.

Note: This useful Google Ads features, Auction Insights reports are only available for the Google Search Network.

Time lag Reporting

This is an unknown and useful Google Ads features. This is an important tool if you are sealing any product.

The Time Lag report provides valuable information on how long it takes to convert the users after first visiting your website.

Shows you an ordered list of the most conversions to least. It shows the conversion paths that were 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12+ days long. This provides a clear understanding of the average length of your online sealing cycle.

It gives you a clear view, how long it takes your customers to convert after first landing on your website

If you noticed that most of the conversions happened after 30+ days after users first landed on your website, you can also track them. The default setting is 30 days in Google Ads. You can increase it to 60 to 90 days.

You can edit these settings in Google Ads. Just head to “Tools > Attribution”.

Click to call

Mobile searches have been skyrocket. There is an explosion of mobile devices and mobile searches like never before. This is also a useful Google Ads features.

The study shows that a number of people like to search in their mobile devices than any other devices. So this is the right time to target the mobile audience through calls attribution in paid search.

There is also a call only ad campaign. With this campaign, you can run an ad campaign whose intention is to grab more and more call.

The difference between Click to call and call only is, the searcher can visit the website or can call in Click to call ad. But in Call only campaign, the searcher can only perform a call.

So every ad campaign can’t underestimate the mobile devices. So an ad with a call option may grab more clicks than a normal text ad. More clicks mean more customers and more sales.

Click to call requires a little bit of setup in Google Ads. You can add call extensions and even schedule that when these extensions appear. You have to do this manually within Google Ads.

This has become an automated process in some aspects. Google uses AI and identifies the landing pages that contain a phone number. According to that, it generates call extensions.

Click to call is more valuable for a local business. It can provide a way to communicate directly from the search result.


Google always wants to give the best possible services to its customers. So it crafting their tools on a regular basis. There may not always a new one, but there are some underutilizing tools.

This tools may depend on business to business. There are many useful Google Ads features are there. I have to figure out some unused tools or features of Google Ads.

Start utilizing them and you will find a dramatic conversion boosts to your site.


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