Everything You Need To Know About Google Freshness Algorithm

Google keep changing its algorithm after sometime to give its user’s relevant & quality information for searches made. There are many factors that decide websites ranking on Google search list.

Basically we can say, there are four basic dimensions which decide Google search results to a greater extent. These four dimensions are Generic Search Results, Google Freshness Algorithm, Area targeted or Local search results, Mobilegeddon update of Google. All these dimensions consists various factors to decide Search Engine Result Pages. What is this Google Freshness Algorithm? In this article we will cover, everything you need to know about Google Freshness Algorithm.

Google Freshness algorithm: Google just do not filter content on the basis of popularity while it filter content on bases on time the content was updated also.

We can say – Freshness is all about latest, recent & most updated content on web. It is all about time-sensitivity or relevancy. The most recently updated content on a particular keyword or user search is intended to be shown by Google listing as it is fresh and contains latest information about keyword.

One website can use two types of content: Fresh content or Evergreen Content. Or your website can use both type of content.

Most of the time, it is also based on in which business or industry you are. Like, if you are having a news website, then sure the content on your website is all fresh & need to be updated on hourly or daily basis, then you have to use fresh content.


And if you are having some product or services website you cater to your customer, then you can use evergreen content all the time, yet some updates are also required, but as it is evergreen, for your users it is always informative.

Google want to serve its customer fresh content, as this Google Freshness Algorithm was updated in November 2011, it has shown significant changes in search results in before and after.

Google freshness algorithm is very vast, yet there are also some ranking factors which decide basic of search results. For example, if we take into account Google Freshness Algorithm & make two different searches, what will be the results? Like I have searched for ‘Game of Thrones’ and second term ‘Best Cake Baking Recipe’ , Now will Google Freshness Algorithm will be applied on both of search or not? For search results, Google will show latest episode highlights websites links in ‘Game of Thrones’ search but not latest ‘Cake baking recipe’ as user is not looking for recent one, user is looking for the best one.

So here’s catch, such type of queries are monitored by QDF- it is Query Deserves Freshness. What is need of query, shall Google serve its user with recent or latest update, or shall it be shown with domain or page authority ranking.

So this QDF – Query Deserves Freshness update will make it sure what to show to user. Shall it be evergreen content or fresh content? Like recipes of some world famous dishes are considered as evergreen content.

Now, you have clear picture about Google Freshness algorithm you know how this work for Search Engine Optimization. Let’s have a look to how to raise your Google Freshness Score:


User dwell timing:

When a user visits a websites, dwell sometime on your website and make repetitive visit to your website, Google Freshness score consider it positively that your website has fresh content, that is the reason your website has returning visitors. If user leaves website in no time, or spend less time in comparison of last time, then Google freshness algorithm considers your content stale. So we suggest doing interlinking on your website so that customer check out interesting content on your website & spend more time.

Updating Website Content:

When was the last time your website content was updated? If you are using fresh content, then it must be updated hours or days ago, or if you are relying on Evergreen content, even then it needs a update. After some time, you content becomes stale & that doesn’t help anymore to keep Google freshness score high. We suggest having a blog section of website; do content marketing and keep updating content given on site & adding new & fresh content to keep your Google Freshness Algorithm score high.

Back links & external Links:

Today you have updated a post & got more than ten social shares of your website post. But after that, this content was not shared at all. This example is of lowering Google Freshness score. As it is good to have gradual growth in back links. Encourage your website visitors to share your content on time to time. A sudden change in likes, shares or comment will not benefit the blog for raising Google freshness score high. External linking should also be having quality. Make sure to do external linking of websites which update their content regularly.

Query Analysis:

How many times your website has been listed in search results & it has been clicked by user to make intended search for a particular keyword. This Query Analysis also determines Google Freshness score that how much updated and fresh is your content. The more your listing or content ignored by user search, the more are the chances to get lower ranking in Google Freshness score. So it is advised to use relevant keywords along with genuine & informative content.


Google Algorithm Freshness update had vast impact on all websites as it filters data on basis of freshness along with QDF. But if one wants to keep their website in listing of Google Search Engine Result Page’s, then these factors & ranking points cannot be ignored.

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