Let’s have a look of 10 Best Thanksgiving Apps for Android in 2019

Let’s have a look of 10 Best Thanksgiving Apps for Android in 2019

Thanksgiving is known as the national holiday and it performs on the fourth Thursday of each November. It is basically a harvest festival. It has been celebrated since 1789. George Washington had inaugurated this festival first. He did it after a request of Congress. Thanksgiving is a part of the winter holiday. It is celebrated in the U.S.A. [irp][irp]

Thanksgiving is a happy moment for all people. It is a great festival where you can communicate with your family. You can eat several foods as it is a food festival. You can see that maximum people remain busy with their daily life. They are busy with their mobile, and with others. [irp][irp]

When any festival comes, then they become conscious and they can give more time to the family. It is very important for all. Thanksgiving is also such kind of festival where people get together and make fun with their family. They can visit their family for the festival’s purpose. There are lots of Thanksgiving apps which can make your day easy and smooth.

10 best Thanksgivings apps for Android in 2019:

One by one, you just get information about these apps.

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner:

It is basically a recipe app. It is a great app. Though to cook a Thanksgiving dinner is tough and very stressful. All people do not know more and more cooking recipe like their grandmother or mother but they can try. Here you can get assistance from this app. It will help you in several ways. It describes a lot of recipes. You can get the recipes from breakfast to dinner. It tells the several seasonal recipes’ name which is very delicious. It is a free app. You can download it very easily. The process of using this app is very easy. It shows lots of videos where you can get several food recipes. It is really very beneficial for the festival moment, especially in the biggest cooking days. Because of this reason, it remains within the Thanksgiving apps list.

2. Groupon:

It is also very helpful for Thanksgiving apps. It keeps coupons for several things. You can relieve the coupons and through this, you can save your money. This app comprises the food, cloth, hotels, and several other materials. Maximum of this stuff is useful for thanksgiving festival. Though there has another coupon app such as Krazy Coupon Lady. It focuses on food more and more. [irp][irp]

3. Pinterest:

It is also a very pompous thanksgiving app. It is true that it does not give any information specifically, but you can gain some ideas about the different materials. It covers recipes, decorations and several other items. This stuff has been posted by the community people and it is free to download and watch. It provides the original flavor of all things. It is not expensive rather free and it helps to reduce the time. People can get several new ideas about the recipes. This app is absolutely free to download.


4. Reddit:

Reddit was like the pinterest when it first came to Thanksgiving apps. It did not give any specific favor. People may get subreddits for any types of Thanksgiving stuff. These are covered with funny incidents, recipes, decoration process, advice, and several other things. It is really very tough to get the proper subreddits. Here one thing is clear and it is the information. All the information which has been provided is correct. It is true that who are new, they can use the official Reddit app. There has the third party option also. The most interesting thing is that it is absolutely free to use. It is not costly. You can gain great ideas from this app. [irp][irp]

5. Thanksgiving Live Wallpapers:

It provides several various Thanksgiving themed wallpapers. It is included with live wallpaper. It is decorated with several simpler stuff. It covers with text also. It can turn it as deficient as you want. It updates itself each year. It will encourage you to remain in the festival. The most important thing is that it is absolutely free to download. There you would get several advertisements, but that is not a big deal. You can use it.

6. TickTick:

It is also very good apps among 10 Thanksgiving apps. It leads to generate the tasks. Which you want, you can get it from here. Thanksgiving needs several planning as it is a holiday festival app. All tasks, you can perform here. You may give the task to your family. It will help you to make sure about the others’ activity. You may create there the lists of works. The basic features are absolutely free. You must know that the paid version is for business persons. You can download this app free of cost.


7. YouTube:

It is the best and excellent app on Thanksgiving app. The video is always better than audio. It helps people to understand anything keenly. It has included the recipe video, decoration type’s video or in fact it describes the Thanksgiving music also. It is also true that YouTube is free to use. This app is very useful to use for anybody. There has also lots of advertisement, but that cannot be a big deal for you. You may pay $9.99 per month. You need to pay this money to remove the advertisement from the app. As well as you can get the other features this might be very useful for you.

8. Zedge:

This app is very popular for the ringtones and notification tones. It is also renowned for wallpapers. You can get some nice tones from this app and you can get the nice thanksgiving wallpapers also. It is a very quick app. There have also advertisements, but it is also avoidable.

9. whatever streaming service you like:

It is also a very relevant app and there has enough Thanksgiving content. There have several stations such as Apple Music, Google Play Music, Pandora, and many others. Here you will get the playlists which are available. It is nice to listen to music with the family.[irp][irp]

10.Device themes:

It has the wallpaper, coins, and several other items. It is also a free app though you cannot get it in Google Play.

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