How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a company solely built for professionals can help you create more leads, generate brand awareness and also connect your brand to others. However, LinkedIn is different from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Here are some of the tips that can help you market your business on LinkedIn.

Start with Your Own Profile

Even though you are marketing the brand, it is important to complete your own profile first. Moreover, you should also see that the others who are associated with the brand have a complete profile. The team behind the brand or the company is the driving force of the brand. When people look up at your company, they should be able to get a good idea of the people running it and hence a complete profile is needed. They should be able to know from your profile if your company is worth investing in, or if they can partner with your company.

When you are running a company, it is not always about catering to the customers and the end users. It is also about finding partners, collaborators, and investors. Therefore, try to get a profile that is 100% complete.


Make an Effective Company Page

The company page is the business profile on LinkedIn. It is something like a Facebook Page but has certain functional differences. Even if you run a very small business, having a page on LinkedIn can get you noticed by larger businesses. It allows you to post updates and add more information. With a company page, people will receive the information from a brand and not from an individual promoting a brand. Once you start communicating via a company page, your marketing efforts look more professional.

Understand the Audience

It is crucial to have a good understanding of who your audience is. As a company or a brand, you will only cater to certain people. On LinkedIn, you will either be generating leads, or you will be increasing brand awareness, or you will do both. Once you know who to target, doing the job becomes much easier.

Suppose your company produces data visualization software. In that case, you can target larger companies that work with big data: financial institutions, healthcare companies and so on. If you are a company that provides packaging solutions, then you can get in touch with businesses who need to ship products, companies with online stores, or startups selling a certain product.

Search Engine Optimizations Help A Lot


When you have a company page, you need to ensure that the page is SEO friendly – that is, it is easier for search engines to find your page. Therefore, no matter where someone is looking for your company – inside or outside of LinkedIn, they can discover your company page more easily. Here are a few things that you need to do to optimize your page for search engines.

Add Keywords: Search engines categorize pages based on certain keywords. First, you need to do some research regarding what keywords describe your business the best. Then you will have to insert these keywords not only while building the company page but also while you are sharing content on it. A good way to find the right keywords is to think of a search term that a potential customer would use to search for your company.

Create Links: Having relevant links are quite important. If you are maintaining a separate company website and a company blog, then make sure you share the links on the LinkedIn company page. You can easily do some cross-platform promotion where you can use the company page to notify followers of a newly posted blog.

Share engaging and relevant content: To ensure that people visit the page and stay on it, you will have to share content that people will find relevant. You also need to understand that the content here would be different from the content you share on Facebook or Twitter. So, make content accordingly for the LinkedIn crowd and share that regularly.

Add Followers

Like with most other social networks, LinkedIn also has the concept of followers. Getting new followers will help you reach out to more people and tell them what the company does. First, start with the employees. Your employees can be the biggest advocate for your company. Moreover, each employee will also get more follower for the brand by sharing your content. Next, you need to promote the page outside the company and outside LinkedIn. You can share the page on your personal Facebook profile, or you can share the page on the company website. This will further bring in more followers.


Adding a follow button on your company website can also be helpful. LinkedIn has an easy-to-use Follow Company Plugin Generator that you can use.

Publish Engaging Content                                 

LinkedIn is a professional network, and “salesy” content generally does not perform well on the network. You cannot directly promote your company, your products or services. Rather, you can share more engaging and professional content that deals with how your company solves a certain problem.

The content should be insightful and bring a fresh idea to the table. This will automatically give a massive boost to your company page on LinkedIn.

Use Rich Media

Use images, audio, and video wherever possible. Posts that contain rich media have higher engagement than simple textual content. You can add presentations, YouTube videos, and a whole lot more.

Make Use of Sponsored Content

Do you feel that a certain post or an article is performing better than the others? Then you can consider making a sponsored post out of it. With sponsored posts, you will attract more followers. You can even get detailed analytics data and conversion tracking.


Create Ad Campaigns

Finally, you can also create ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides with multiple tools to manage ads and see their performance. You can make InMail ads, Dynamic Ads, Account Based Marketing ads and more. Like setting up your company page, it is essential that you also have a well-defined goal for your ad campaigns.

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