6 MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST TOOLS – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

6 Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Having a mobile-friendly website is a crucial part to gain traffic and online presence. Just think back to the last time you landed to a website that wasn’t optimized for the mobile.Chances, are you need to zoom the page to read what’s on the page, sometimes the

structure of the webpage is very complex, 404 error is the most annoying thing that we have experienced. In 2015, Google realized how frustrating this whole experience, it took the decision to update the algorithms according to that make users easy to read and use websites.

So, are you looking for ways to take your online presence to the next level? If yes, there are countless methods are available for doing this, but here we listed the best strategic mobile-friendly test tools that will increase your website efficiency, traffic, and accuracy.

Let’s have a look at the best 6 tools to conduct mobile friendly testing:

1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly tool:

This is one of the simplest and easiest tools to test

whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Keep in mind, this tool doesn’t test the whole website at once. The functionality of this tools works on the page to page basis. In order to access this tool, all you need is to do, just paste your web page URL on the “Text input” and click on test, and get the report. Hence, this tool will be sufficient for most mobile-friendly testing tasks.


2. Page speed insight:

The second tool that launched by the Google is page speed insight.

Later this tool is not completely for testing mobile websites, but now it is very useful for the do same. Google has quietly added a new feature in this tool- the ability to download the

optimized image, CSS and Java. If your site has major mobile friendly optimization issues, use this tool because it alters the user to which specific things are not optimized and suggest what should be done to them. Along with that, it provides users with a lot of other information such as its UI on mobile and desktop, speed score on mobile and desktop and errors areas on the website and ways to troubleshoot them.

3. Keynote MTI:

This one of the most amazing mobile-friendly test tool that allow users to analyze website on a multitude of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and dump

phones. It is free and very informative that can give you numerous features to explore your site to the next level. To start your analysis, simply enter your website URL, then keynote MTI will analysis your website and give you a result. In addition, it gives will show you a preview of a page on mobile and some suggestions on how to improve it.


4 Browser Stack:

Amazing could web and a mobile testing tool that gives you a screenshot of how your website looks on different platforms. The only downside of this tool is that it

can be at time slow in delivering results. It helps developers keep the focus on what matters

most- building better products and services as well experience. Along with these facilities, it

also offers the necessary recommendation for the alteration that needs to be done.

Remember that it is a paid service.

5 Mobi ready:

This is quick and easy to analyze if your website is mobile friendly. You can
This is quick and easy to analyze if your website is mobile friendly. You can use this tool to test multiple sizes of mobile devices at once. One of the important features of mobile ready is you can compare your website to the top 1000 Alexa sites to see how “mobile ready it is”. Along with that, this tool gives a score from 1 to 5 to the website being tested.

6. W3C’s Mobile OK checker:

Our list remains incomplete without adding this tool. Though

it is outdated and bad need of a UI update, its test your website’s markup code for any web standard errors, graphics and image errors. It will check for other things such as SSL certificate validity, pop-ups detected and so on.

Ending Note:

Like mentioned at the very beginning of this article, there are countless of methods and tools are available on the internet, but the above mentioned tools perform a detailed analysis and give suggestion how to fix the website errors. So, examine your website and get instantaneously your report from this tool.

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