Pick Your Best Logo Design

If you are visiting this page, I assume that you already understand the importance of digital marketing in the success of your online or offline business. If your business is located in the world wide web, the understanding of this importance must be greater than if you it had been in offline world.

Even in offline world, you had borne multitude of occasions where you had to combine offline marketing with digital marketing tools and tactics. Am I right?

Of course not!

Nobody in this world can underrate the value of digital marketing in business world.

But how can you compete effectively on this platform when around 1.3 billion other businesses and websites are offering their own set of data and marketing material through the same channel?

You can compete by defining your brand and creating a unique brand image in public eyes. And your logo is the key symbol that will come to minds of customers when they search for your offerings.

A logo is a visual design made of text, images and style which is a symbolic presentation of a business’ persona.In essence, your logo is the key to your product positioning in the market. It should be done well to display your professionalism and capabilities.

Composites of a Your Best Logo Design

Key ingredients of your perfect logo include

  • Relevance to your services
  • References to your brand name
  • Inclusion of your unique style, and
  • A pinch of professional outlook.


Start with considering your business and its philosophy. Ask yourself, what perception of your business do you want to propagate?

Should it be creative and support free-thinking?

Should you go for more streamlined appearance to showcase a professional business niche?

Do you want to convey emotions to your clients?

Or is your business geared towards businesses with lower levels of creativity?

Understand that your logo is a connection between your philosophy and the imagination and needs of your customers. Connection is the key.

A few rules that help you attain this connection within the first second of observing a logo include:

Simplicity of design, so the viewers do not get overwhelmed by the provided information;

Attractive, it should be pleasant-looking;

Fresh, to engage viewers in awe;

Balanced, again, to reduce information overflow; and

Original, so customers can identify it with you.


Different Categories of Logos

The three most common categories of logo designs include logotypes, symbolic logos, and combination marks.


These logos take the name of the business and brand and style its text according to the nature of the brand. It contains nothing but text and a little bit of styling. Most common businesses which have used this logo type for positioning of their brand include Google, and eBay.

Google Logo
eBay Logo

Symbolic Logos

These logos are image intensive and most likely refrain from using text within the simple design. A few common examples of these designs include logos of apple and nike.

Apple Logo
Nike Logo

Combination Mark Logo

These are the most common types of logos we see in our everyday life. These logos are a combination of text and design. Examples include PEL, Amazon, and Hyundai.

PEL Logo
Amazon Logo
Hyundai Logo


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