Pixabay Mobile Apps – Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

Pixabay Mobile Apps – Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images 

Pixabay is a variant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images and videos. All its contents are released under Creative Commons CCO, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist- even for commercial purposes. Creative Commons CCO is a public domain rich in images videos and written materials where its authors have given free access to them. That means you can use them in whichever that you like.

Pixabay Mobile Apps - Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

In 17th of January 2017, Pixabay launched their mobile phone applications on Google Play Store and iTunes with features such as: Fast search and user-friendly interface, direct download and the ability to share images in all sizes, the ability to send messages and comments that would allow you to connect with others and images that could be liked, favorite and easily managed within the app and also could show tags and camera info for all images. Also, you could easily upload images from your device and as well manage your own uploads. This came in handy to individuals and industries that ran their companies under Pixabay.

So what are the different types of images you can employ commercially?

Pixabay Mobile App Features

Pixabay Mobile Apps - Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

1. First search and user-friendly interface:-

With this feature, you can search for popular and latest images without necessarily high lighting the category. You can also use it to search for any tagged images related to a business company that you know. Its search feature is actually pretty fast.

2. Direct download and sharing of images from your phone:-

On clicking to an image, there is a feature on the app that enables you to download it to your phone. Or if you have associates within the app, you can also share the image directly to their link. If they are not there, you can share the image through other platforms with ease. This feature also enables you to manoeuvre through one device where you can edit the photo and use it however else you want.


3. Its ability to write messages and share comments:-

Pixabay app has made it easier for any individual uploading their image to Pixabay to actually communicate with people, even potential clients, on a single platform. This way, the parties can make future arrangements and talk of working together in case the need arises.

4. Liking and adding images to favorites:-

Everyone feels good when their product is liked. It encourages them to work more passionately to produce even better goods. Pixabay app has done a great deal in advertising individuals works and thus promoted commerce.

5. Uploading and managing your uploads:-

For commercial purposes, if you feel that the image you upload to Pixabay is not attracted as much attention as you had hoped it would, you can take it down and upload another one. In addition, you can also see how your page is growing from the number of like you images get and other promotions done through your image.


General features of Pixabay

Pixabay Mobile Apps - Destination of Commercially Usable Free Images

A major characteristic of Pixabay is that there are thousands of royalty free and licensed free images to choose from. The requirements of your project will determine the image you will want to use. The collection of images in Pixabay runs from art, animal and nature, mountain climbing to usable tools such as a hammer or a brush.


The Freedom that Comes with Images on Pixabay

If you are running your own business, you should consider downloading images from Pixabay. The demand for free content is always in demand and is growing every day in the current as we speak. The look of a fresh image suit today modern business needs better than traditional stock photography. With a vast array of images available and no copyrights or trademarks associated with it, you can claim any and use it or manipulate it in any way that you so wish to suit you.

Most of the images on Pixabay reflect the direct will of an individual for them to be out there. They show that the individual in the image gave his/her consent before the photo was uploaded and that the photographer was also rightly compensated for his job. Some of those images may have been taken many years ago at some foreign place. So before a company gets to claim trademark and copyright against the use of a photo, should they claim one, due diligence was given to the parties involved.

Once the company is satisfied that the right model was followed before claiming an image is that they may choose to manipulate it in any way they so wish and run it with their trademark on freely and with ease. Sometimes, photographers upload their images to the public domain, such as Pixabay, to attract more audience. They may later come to learn that some of their work was acquired by a company and are being used to market their brands while using others to add a label to their product. However innocent the intention of the photographer was, if they try to instigate a lawsuit against the company, to try to claim some form of compensation from the company, they will stand a chance of winning as they lost all rights pertaining to their images when they uploaded them to a public domain.

Another added advantage of downloading images from Pixabay from your Pixabay mobile phone app is that once you download the images you can edit them, that is resize, crop, merge or add filters to them and still get to upload them back to Pixabay. To use the content on Pixabay does not require you to create an account with them. Be it that you are working from your phone or computer, Pixabay ensures direct access of its content to any users. However, if you are running a business I would recommend that you create an account on Pixabay where you can upload your photos. This will help improve your business portfolio and overall growth. Furthermore, working on Pixabay is absolutely free.

Sampling some of your products to Pixabay is also a way of advertising your work. Big business companies looking up for free best images from Pixabay would consider hiring you or working with you to be providing for them pictures for a fee. Similar to advertising yourself on Pixabay, you may also find that some images run with the label ‘Shutterstock’ with their logo on it. These photos are meant depicts the financiers of Pixabay and also to provide a choice of professional photos.


Why Use Pixabay

On Android platforms, Pixabay is rated at 4.6 based on 5,393 voters on Google Play Store. Its usage continues to gain traction globally. In terms of photography, United Kingdom users have ranked it no. 246. Pixabay does not contain adds, it currently has over 73.6% referrals and a growing 7.2% social preference. It features a filter that can restrict your webpage searches as there are some images that have not been filtered out by its developers but may pose a concern to its users.

About 25% of Pixabay’s visitors speak English, 2015 Spanish, 11% Portuguese, 7% German and 5% speak French. The users are mainly bloggers, graphic designers, authors, journalists and advertisers. Every photo uploaded to Pixabay are checked manually by Pixabay’s staff members to ensure a high-quality standard and avoid legal issues.

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