Pros and Cons of Technology

Since the beginning the time, humanity has used technology to make life better in every way. Every discovery is a form of technology. At one point, being able to create fire was cutting-edge technology. We’ve come a long way in a relatively short time to the innovative ways we have used technology over the generations.

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What are the Pros of technology?

It allows us to experience a new culture. Technology has allowed the planet to become a smaller place. In the course of a single day, it is possible to travel to the other side of the world to see new countries, new cultures, and new opportunities. Even in previous generations, shipbuilding technologies provided this same benefit. In the future, spacefaring technology could be the next evolution of this experience.

The technology collects massive amounts of data that can be mined for numerous insights and benefits. These analytics allow us to pinpoint specific weak points that can be turned into strengths. It can identify new business opportunities, create new learning opportunities, and help people discover new facets about themselves so they can achieve more than ever before.
It is possible today for a sole-proprietor to run a global business for their garage or office. New technologies have created platforms where freelancer and independent professor can make more on their own than if they worked for a traditional employer. Technology can even improve the efficiency of delivery and distribution mechanism, which can also improve profit.
If a worker is able to save 10 minutes of time because of technology, that is an extra 10 minutes in which they can do something else. We can save time through technology with improved communication, improved manufacturing processes, and automated communication. Computers, after all, can work with greater efficiency when compared to how a human typically works.

What are the cons of technology?

If Technology can be “good” it can also be “evil” based on how one uses it. Innovation has led to incredibly destructive, world-altering weapons with nuclear, and hydrogen bombs. Hackers can use the internet to steal personal information. In September 2017, more than 143 million people were affected by a single data breach at Equifax. If humanity were to ever become extinct, there is a good chance that technology would be the major culprit.

2017 was a unique year from an environmental perspective. Hurricane Irma became the most powerful storm of its type to form in the Atlantic Ocean. In Seattle, there were records set for the most consecutive days without rain and the most time above 80F. From a global perspective, 2017 became the second-hottest year in modern recorded history. Without careful supervision, it is clear to see that our use of technology has the potential to destroy our home without using any weapons.

Many forms of technology, from computer to televisions to automobiles, cause people to sit for a majority of their day. This constant sitting could be just as dangerous to a person’s health as smoking could be. Consistently using technology can lead to hand, wrist, and forearm pain, lead to social isolation, and may even be a contributing factor to the formation of depression-like symptoms.
New technologies are difficult for some socioeconomic groups to access because of their cost. That includes technologies that we may consider to be essential to life, such as medical advances. Reaching some station with standard vaccines or something basic, like a mosquito net to prevent malaria, can be extremely difficult because of the costs involved. Technology has created the idea that everything is a profit/loss concept and one could argue that part of our humanity has been lost because of that.
Technology can offer greater efficiencies, but it has also created the need to constantly upgrade and improve the technology being used. If there is 100% reliance on a specific technology and it stops working, then nothing will get done.

Technology can certainly make life better, but it can also be a hindrance to our daily routines. Modern technology can be addictive. The average smartphone owner checks their phone almost 100 times throughout the day. We have come to a point where we rely on technology using more than our own ingenuity.

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