4 Reasons Why Router Speed Becomes Slow


WiFi signals may face various problems that can hamper your data browsing. The sees of the router get stuck when certain factors come into play. The four major factors are listed here.

1)Router’s Placement

One may not take it seriously but the position of your router is really a matter of great concern if you are concerned about your WiFi speed. Most of the people don’t know about it and roughly place their Router anywhere on the ground or beside any object. But the fact is the router must be kept at a certain height to receive radio signals properly. Keeping it at your basement or on the ground would disturb the signals. So make sure that you out your router at as much height as possible and away from any large object because that may again block the broadcasting waves.

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Metals and concrete are again a great barrier to the signals. This includes all the buildings and the objects surrounding you.  Actually, these materials block the majority of the electromagnetic radiation. The router must be kept at an open space thus. It must be taken care of that there is a minimum hindrance to the wave signals. It must be kept away from large concrete and other large objects.

Another important fact is that you must be not too much away from the router. You must not be too far from the range of the router. Well, most of the router broadcasts data at 360 degrees. So it is better to place it at the centre of your house so that you can get optimum speed at any corner of your house. Installing your router in a corner of the house may not give optimum speed at all the corners of your house. However, it is advisable to stay in the range of the router to obtain the best speed.

2)Signal interference and sound interference

We are surrounded by various electronic devices and machines. Most of them are operated on wireless signals. So there is always a continuous interference of signal around us. Although WiFi frequency is greater than these still it may interfere with other devices.

Our home microwaves work at a frequency of 2.4GHz while WiFi signals operate at 2 5GHz. Due to close frequency channels, they tend to interfere with each other. This reduces WiFi speed. Our Bluetooth devices also work at a frequency close to the Wi-Fi frequency. Thus again there are chances for the interference of signals. modern Bluetooth devices come with shielding and operate at multiple frequencies but still, interference is possible so its better to keep your Bluetooth devices away from WiFi. Sometimes even the loud sound of the radio may interfere with Wi-Fi signals

A strange fact is that large flashy light also interferes with the Wi-Fi signals. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by them interferes with the Wi-Fi signals. Many led lights come coated but many of them do n’t.


There are various people who don’t have access to the internet or Wi-Fi or even if they have still they hack others Wi-Fi and use them. They do this save their own money or data but they end up making your connection slow. Thus it is always advisable to maintain a strong password rather than a simple one. A week password is easy to hack but a strong password keeps it safe.  A strong password would also keep your data safe. Cybercrime is increasing every day.  Regular change in password keeps your data safe. Therefore it is advised to change your password on a regular basis.


In a house, there are many people who live. Friends and relatives keep visiting regularly. In case someone is watching an online movie, someone playing a game, someone downloading a large file and others watching YouTube videos on the same Wi-Fi network them it is obvious that your connection speed will go low.


This article aims at providing a clear overview of the reasons why our router speed becomes slow. There are certain points they should keep them in mind. Also, there are certain points mentioned in this article and certain tricks that can enhance your data speed.

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