How to Reduce Page Load Time without Having Any Technical Skill

Online presence for any business is a must for survival of companies these days. If a business does not have a website, then there’s no doubt that it is not reaching a lot of potential customers.

It is a really crucial task to have a fast loading website as it determines customers’ average stay time on your website. Working with some basics, reducing webpage loading time is not a rocket science. Even if you do not have any technical skill, you can work on easily make sure to reducing webpage loading time. Let’s see some fundamentals rules to increase your website speed or reducing webpage loading time:

Optimized images:

Images play a very important role in any website page load time. And for reducing webpage loading time & there are 90 % websites which are impacted in terms of speed due to heavy, large & unoptimized images. Let’s find a solution for images compression:

  1. PNG images are always heavier in comparison of JPG, so always use JPG images unless you need some pictures with transparent background i.e. for icons or logo. And only using JPG images will not work for reducing webpage loading time, you need to make sure that any JPG on your size does not cross more than 1MB size.


  1. For reducing webpage loading time, use Page speed insights or other responsiveness checking websites or tools to check how many & which images are needed to be compressed. There are many websites available to measure site performance & give you clear stats where your website is lagging behind.

  • Page Speed Insights gives clear picture by monitoring your website & helps in reducing webpage loading time.

  • Use Compress Jpg site to reduce images size without losing the quality of your pictures.

  1. Using minimal Plug-ins: For reducing webpage loading time, it is must for you to work on Plug-ins getting used in back-end of the website setup. A lot of plug-ins promise high performance or different benefits for websites, yet they are crucial reason for reducing webpage loading time.
  2. Deactivate or uninstall unnecessary or excessive plug-ins. Check your website page loading time with plug-ins or without plug-ins, it will help you to determine if it is the reason for website slow speed & can help you in reducing webpage loading time. Use minimal plug-ins which are not hindrance your website speed or responsiveness.


  1. Enabling cache for your website: Chances of your customer visiting your websites becomes higher if your website loads fast & doesn’t lag. In the technical world, there’s term named: cache. It is a mechanism which stores a copy of website data in local files for reducing webpage loading time so that once visited site or page doesn’t take much time to load same logos, jpges or other static files.
  2. Till now, we have recommended using minimal Plug-in for your website, but for reducing webpage loading time Word press or other platforms offer some Plug-ins which help to save the cache of your website. And if you do not want to install any of these plug-ins, there is a very basic code that is needed to add the .htaaccess file. But as this article is for a layman for reducing webpage loading time, we recommend using Plug-in as these are easy to install without any coding.
  3. Enabling gZIP Compression: About optimizing images & using JPG images for reducing webpage load time, we got to know how reducing image size can help a lot in better performance & reducing webpage load time. So here’s catch, in the same way for compressing images for optimal performance & loading website faster. We can compress other back-end files also by admin access of website for reducing webpage load time. Enabling gzip compression will help in it.


  1. For enabling gzip compression for reducing webpage load time, there is not any hard task to be completed, here are basic steps: Login to cPanel of your website, visit software section & click on Optimise Website. If it is disabled, enable it to Compress All Content. Before sending whole data to visitor browser, when they visit your website, data or content will be compressed first & then sent to visitor browser. So this can help a lot in reducing webpage load time.

If you have tried above tactics for reducing webpage loading time, some other basic points are mentioned here to make sure that your website & all web pages load faster:

Hosting Server:

For reducing webpage loading time, you need to make sure that your browsed web hosting is best. Hosting server for website plays a vital & critical role in website overall performance & reducing webpage loading time. If you do not have an excellent hosting server, then it is time to change your website hosting provider.

Flash Content:

If you are using flash content in your website, then make sure that you keep it minimized. For slowing down your page speed low, it can be one of the top reasons, so for reducing webpage loading time, try to reduce flash size files & delete unnecessary flash files.


If you are showing some advertisement to your visitors, make sure that you do not overload these advertisements on your website. Too many advertisements will lead to making so many https requests & will not help in reducing webpage loading time.


Apart from above basic measures in website speed or performance, there are other technical factors, which contribute in reducing webpage loading time like removing ad on, minimizing codes, using CDN, Content without HTTP Compression, not implemented domain sharding, unclean coding, HTTP requests in excess, JavaScript issues, bulky files, too many redirections, server performance or server location.

For reducing webpage loading time you need to check all the above measures. If you have applied all above given changes in your website for reducing webpage loading time, we assure you that you will see a significant difference in speed of your website. Use different online panels to measure your site performance.

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