The 6 Techniques of Social Blogging Which Can Make Your Blog Great Again

The 6 Techniques of Social Blogging

Is your blogging getting in any traffic when you compare it to others? Expert research says that this could be due to your advertising how do you make your social blogging great again?

The 6 Techniques of Social Blogging - Make Your Blog Great Again

1.Blog most of the Time

Make your readers develop a habit of expecting something from you now and again. Select topics that will captivate your audience and cause them to want to read do. Do this by making the titles of your blog as captivating as possible. Naturally, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platforms, people scan through many titles before actually opening the content to read. The more consistent you are in your blogging the more the traffic you are going to get.[irp][irp]


2.Make a user-friendly blog

Make your front page as appealing as possible. Incorporate features that are can be accessed easily on your page such as the search or share features. This would make it easier for your readers to navigate through your wall. Keep your page organized with clear places where one can easily not the latest articles you have written and an active icon where you can interact with your readers online. If you have edited an older article, have bold word(s) in tag form that would improve visibility and capture the attention of your readers. Last but not least, create a section on your page where your readers and new ones can subscribe to get active emails in their devices.


3.Make your blog unique

Blogging is all about advertising yourself, demonstrating your thoughts and opinions in written form to others. It can be a life experience that you want to share or opinion about something you have come across. As such, you should avoid copying what other bloggers have written into your blog. If you do so, Google search will rank you low on search results and this will negatively affect your friendliness.
Some ideas you could adapt to make your blog unique is using polls. Engage your readers into voting on what they would like you to write about. Let them have a say in your blog as they are the second most important mainstay of why you write.You could also try incorporating catchy phrases or words and explaining them. This would go a long way in rating your creativity.Tease your readers by having them compete in a somewhat writing completion amongst themselves. Like, say, ask them to write on the funniest memory they ever had at the office. This way, you will also be creating a friendly tone with your readers which would positively rank you on top among other bloggers. Another way you could engage with your readers is through reviews where they will basically write in what they have seen. Another way would be to interact with your readers by interviewing them. Asking them questions where they would basically say yes or no or give a short answer response to your questions. You could even creatively write an article from a response from one of your readers.


4.Streamline the discussion

Live streaming is another tool that is yet to be adopted by bloggers. Live streaming opens up opportunities for you as a blogger to interact with your readers from an article that you may have written as has sparkled their curiosity more than you may have anticipated it would. Live streaming would help you get more views and perspective to develop the article and also will attract more readers to your blog. This way, you will see your blog grow in views and it more of your articles will be referred at a later date in the future.
Streaming a blog gives you raw data fresh from you readers. It makes your blog to grow.Remember that you are incharge of your page, it is your niche, therefore, you will be the one directing the discussions.


5.Offer value

Blogging is a roadmap to many readers. It is a means your readers derive their inspiration in their own way. Your writing should thus be demonstrative enough and suggestive enough to your readers.Blogging is about showcasing your creative skills. A good writing is one where you read and along the process, the topic unfolds to maturity and ends leaving its readers yearning for more from what they read camefrom. Thus, in demonstrating your skills in writing, I would strongly advise that you review your writing skills.
Secondly, a good article is one that renders quality. A long article with poorly developed pieces would injure your reputation as a writer and would affect your score on Google ratings. When you are writing about a topic on your blog, again I would strongly recommend that you do a thorough research on the matter then you carefully construct your sentences giving each point its form. This way your readers are likely to even recommend you to their friends and your blog page will also grow.
Thirdly is that you should write about what you care. Many people are inclined to invest in what they feel would satisfy them. Be it some cloth that they are buying or a house somewhere it mostly because they have grown attached towards a certain brand, in the case of clothing, or they want a house that is similar to their neighbors or that they were drawn by the architectural drawings. In a similar way, your blogging would reflect what you are attached to. An article written from the heart attracts more attention than a materialistic gathering of information just for the sake of it.The fourth-most important value of a good article is proofreading. Going through your work after you have completed it is important. Cross check for proper grammar, proper use of tenses, ensure there are no spelling mistakes and also to ensure that there are no logical fallacies. Make sure that your article is persuasive and compelling.
Lastly, keep on practising. Practice makes perfect. Discourage yourself from being lazy and avoid procrastinating. Be disciplined in practice, it’s the only way you will become a masterful crafter.


6. Spread goodwill

A good name follows its attributes and so does a good blogger. If you are any upcoming blogger, I would recommend that you get to know other top bloggers from your locality. And not only that but you also make an effort to communicate with them via email. Get to ask to interact with them like starting with something simple as requesting for a backlink. They will respond to you positively and word will spread that you are making efforts to being part of a great network.
There is value in an association of any kind as long as it the meaningful kind. When you interact with great influences in blogging, formulate questions in the back of your mind to try and find what they do that makes them great. Engage them in a deep conversation like their blogging life, how they all started and the hurdles they face along the way. Also, brand yourself to them by sharing a few great article pieces that you have written. Get to see their reaction and let them find out that you can also help them improve.
It is important to maintain contact with your influencers after your first encounter with them. You can do so from other social media platform. Develop an interest in finding out who are the other bloggers that they influence them and also others that are at their level socially. You can also try to engage with those other influencers that you meet. This will make your network to grow.
Another way of spreading goodwill is by actively engages in live streaming conversations hosted by your influencers on other social media platforms. Doing this will give them an impression that you always want to stay connected on the latest developing stories such that they will try to keep you on the loop in the future in case of other stories come up.
One key thing you need to note in the course of your blogging is that you share their information discretely. You can do so by only mentioning links to those articles and not sharing the article directly. Your influencers feel good when you would make an attempt of sharing their content. They would appreciate even more when you recommend them to some of your friends. However so, be cautious about it as too many referrals will send a message to your readers that it would be better if they got to visit your influencers to obtain the information all the same.

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