Top 15 Action Games for Android Device

Top 15 Action Games for Android Device

The most adventurous game people love to play is one and only Action games. They are full of excitement, thrill and the nervousness to win the level.There are hundreds of action games available in the play store to choose from. But sometimes it is quite tough to sort the wheat from the chaff.

But we are here with the 15 best action games for Android that is worth to play. We came up with this list after hundreds of hours of playing these games to make assure which one of all is perfect to play. Check it out:

Top 15 Action Games for Android Device

List of Top Rated 15 best action games for Android:

  1. ICEY:

ICEY is basically a 2D scrolling action games with a number of levels to make the game thrilling and exciting. One plays a role of kick ass warrior that follows the advice there by the narrator.


The game keeps on upgrading with different control systems. The player need to unlock various levels to win various trophies attached to it. It costs $2.49 as the installation charge and you are good to go.

  1. Super Mario Run:

    Super Mario is our all time favorite. In this featured game, Mario has to fight with all the hindrances coming in the way and thus have to collect the coins to survive.

You can own your own mushroom kingdom through this earned money along with unlocking the characters such as Luigi and princess peach.

It is completely free to download. The first three players are free of cost too but to unlock all the 24 embedded layers, onetime $9.99 need to be paid.

  1. Asphalt Xtreme:[irp][irp]

    Are you one of a car racing game lover, then without even giving it a second thought, download this game. The game offers total 5 gaming modes to enjoy the game at its fullest,

Furthermore, gamer can choose their favorite vehicle from total set of 35 options. The story does not end here. There are more than 500 challenges available that you have to play and win against your competitors.

  1. Critical Ops: 

    Want to play a terrorist custom unit or an individual terrorist in a game? This full featured shooting game is for whom who are shooting freak. It is completely skill based game that you would love to play.

Although it is not technically a complete game, as some of its features and levels are still in the process of building up. It means it will improvise in future to develop more thrill and the one thing you want to hear always! It is free of cost.

  1. Halfbrick Studios: 

    We are well known about Halfbrick studios. They are known for their wide collection of the games including various action games. The most eye catching of all is their graphics and the way they present their games.

They are full of color, family friendly stories that is enough to attract anyone and insist them to play at least. They are the one who make us aware of the fact that all action games do not require bombs, guns etc.

  1. Into the dead 2:[irp][irp]

    This game is for true action game lovers. It includes guns, excitement, thrilling stages and what not. You have to play a role of warrior in it and have to fight against the zombies.

It includes a wide range of defense systems such as a variety of weapons, dog companion, towers to stay protected from the wild zombies. They are various levels present in the game. Some are for daily whereas some are for special events.

  1. Ninja Arashi: 

    To experience a game full of thrill and enjoyment, ninja arashi is the best pick of all. It has 45 levels with simple controls that make it an interesting one. Also, to win the game, you have to fight the battles, kill the enemies extensively.

It is relatively inexpensive with a lot of features included. The special events and the tough battles make people love ninjas even more.

  1. Riptide GP: Renegade:If you want to race somewhat different from others, then Riptide GP: Renegade is you can think of. It is race jet skies in place of car or bike racing. The wave attacks make it quite difficult and intense to play.

Also, if you want to compete with real people then you can go for local multiplayer online mode. It is no in app purchase with great features.

  1. Rockstar Games:Rockstar games are all famous for their nearly half dozen composition action games. These all games have their own levels and story lines including the various situation sceneries.

They are well advanced with hardware as well as cloud save controls. This is all in one package with no cost in app purchase and other charges.

  1. Swordigo:From being a 2D side scroller to a bunch of things such as monsters, towns, treasures and dungeons, this game is lot to explore. It is quite simple game with easy touch control system.

With excellent features, gamer has to collect various assets such as swords, gear and magic. A number of gamer love this game because of its simple execution platform.

  1. Xenowerk:People love to face challenges will surely love this game. It consists of total 70 levels that get difficult from each level. You have to be skilled and active enough to face challenges to win this game.


You have to kill monsters, collect rewards, and avoid death to sustain in the game. You have to perform excellent to make a space in leader board list of top gamers. The top notch attraction of the game is the ability to play offline as well.

  1. Zombie Gunship Survival:
    Want to attack zombies? Download this full featured game and Attack now to be at the top in the game round and to save people from them. It is an action shooter game with realistic weapons as well as with dynamic graphics.

It is available in various modes to give the game realistic feel.

  1. Island Delta:Launched in 2016 by noodlecake studios, this android game contains the idea of island spying. You have to go on an island with your mates and have to catch the evil doctor and his henchmen army.

The most outstanding feature is its graphics. It is enough to draw user’s attention towards it.

  1. Downwell:[irp][irp]

    As the name suggests, you have to jump off in the well and keep going. Sounds Easy? Well it’s not. You have to go in deeper but while killing the monsters coming on the way.

It sounds easy but believes me it is even tough to master at it.

  1. Penarium:[irp][irp]

    There are total two modes on which you have to be best at. The first one is campaign mode in which several arenas needs to be unlocked and the other one is Arcade mode. In this, one need to collect as much coins as one can to survive in the game.

End Thoughts:

So if you want to flood these games on your android phone, just go to Google play store and hit download. Do not forget to share gaming experience with us. Comment below now!

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