Top 5 Ways to Enable Internet Connection to TV without Built-in WiFi

Top 5 Ways to Enable Internet Connection to TV without Built-in WiFi

When you think of purchasing a TV, then immediately SmartTV is the name that flashes in your thought. It is because as the name implies, smart TVs can make your life easy. You can watch TV programs at the same time browse the internet. Yes, SmartTVs are also called internet TV. It comes with built-in WiFi or allows the Ethernet cable to be connected to browse the web.

A world without internet is unimaginable. Right from kids, everyone wants the internet to play games online, watch YouTube, Netflix, and browse all the information on the big screen. So SmartTV helped them in getting their job done quickly.

But, what if you don’t have a SmartTV, then don’t panic and you can become smart by following these tips. You can quickly make your TV a SmartTV by trying one of the options given below to connect to the internet.


Top Five Ways to Connect Internet to TV without built-in WiFi

1. Mirroring :–

Understand the concept of screen reflecting which is also called screencasting and you can enjoy internet on TV. You must first check whether your TV supports mirroring to make use of this trick. Just mirror the content of your Smartphone with your TV. Remember your Smartphone must have an internet connection and mirroring option. Smart devices with Android OS 4.4.2 and above will have mirroring feature. Quickly open mirroring option in both your TV and phone to enjoy internet on TV.

In case your TV does not support screen mirroring, then still there is another way to connect to use your mirroring Smartphone for internet connection on TV. Use devices such as ChromeCast and screencast the Smartphone contents on your TV.

2. Streaming Device :–

Streaming players can be connected externally to your TV to enable internet. The online information is sent through the streaming device, and that gets displayed on the TV. Look for a streaming player and broadband connection (2 MBPS and above). You should also have a WiFi router or an Ethernet cable. Think of an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable that helps to transfer the image to the TV. Even a VGA (Video Graphics Array)/Audio cable can work the best in this process.

The media box or the streaming player has internet, and they have built-in preprogrammed applications and channels. They will act as a Freeview box hooking with the WiFi connection on your TV and prevents usage of any aerial connection.

Directly plug the device into the TV either using the wall socket, USB port or HDMI port. This device will play the role of a computer and will process the internet signal to connect to the channels and apps. Most of these devices have preset channels including Netflix, BBC, HULU, ITV player, etc.


Best streaming devices that are popular in 2018 includes Roku, Apply TV 4K, ChromeCast, Nvidia TV shield, etc. These players come with a vast collection of database, apps, and channels.

3. PC Connection :-

Laptop or HDMI computer can solve the purpose of connecting TV to the internet. In fact, it is the oldest method adopted by people who wanted to have an internet connection to their TV. Internet-enabled PC will have access to many contents, and hence TV linked to it will allow you to enjoy several varieties of media. However, making this arrangement is time-consuming and tedious.

Use an HDMI cable, and it will have both video and audio signals to connect to the TV. Alternatively, you can use audio cable or VGA combination to make your TV an internet TV.


4. Smart Players and Game Consoles :-

Several DVD players in the market had inbuilt WiFi and called smart DVD players. These players will help to connect TV and internet. This is also an economical option in the place of buying an expensive SmartTV. Also, purchasing these smart players are a smart option as it not only connects TV to the internet but also has three devices in package namely the media player, DVD, and makes your TV an internet TV.

Another similar option is connecting TV to the game consoles to enable internet access. Game consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 can easily stream online programs to the TV. They function similar to a streaming device and has preset channels provided by the manufacturer.

HDMI cable works the best to connect the game consoles to your TV.


5. Android TV and TV Dongle :-

To understand Android TV working model first understand the TV dongle working principle. TV dongles act as a miniature of the streaming device. You can connect them to TV using the USB port or HDMI port. All necessary things are available on the dongle, and you merely need to connect them. It is a compact option, and they are as small as a flash drive. Currently, ChromeCast offered by Google is the best dongle.

Android TV differs from TV dongle, and they are more similar to the Android phone connected to your TV. The entire app available in the Android app will be appearing on the TV connected to it on a big screen. Also, it is possible to install other third-party and official apps, games, social software, and music.

In a nutshell, from next time don’t bother if you happen to live with a TV without in-built WiFi. You can follow any one of the above options mentioned and connect your TV to the internet on the go.


However, remember that the following essential requirement must be fulfilled to get connected to the internet even without built-in WiFi.

  • There must be Wi-Fi or broadband connection in the surrounding when your TV does not have a built-in connection.
  • TV must have an HDMI port. For that matter, it can be LED, LCD or any monitor but an HDMI port is mandatory to connect the HDMI cable of any of the listed device to activate internet connection.

If you can ensure these two things, then you can enjoy internet connection on your TV. Feel free to try out any of the options and enjoy constant internet connection on your TV.

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