Tricks To Earn $50 Per Click or Even More from Google AdSense

Tricks To Earn $50 Per Click or Even More from Google AdSense

In the world of digitization where right from buying a product until meeting a client from another location, everything has become online. With this, the scope of new job opportunities has also come up in town. And if you are here probably looking out for an opportunity to win money with the clicks from Google Adsense, then probably this is the right place. Needless to say that in Today’s time, when anything needs to be tried for the first time requires guidance. So, The correct technique for earning money from Adsense would also need the same thing.

Below is the tutorial that will let you learn how you can earn $50 per the click that you do From the Google Adsense. Though these tips are certainly effective along with it, you try hard and also take every move smartly then your scope of earning the money increases further.


  • Create Fresh Content:

The more you create fresh content, the better it will give you a chance to be visible on search engines like Google. Blogging is working and if you keep your site running for 24X7 then it will, of course, be more visible. For this, you must come up with freshly brewed content that will generate traffic. The content must have specific keywords which are usually searched by the users the most. Along with it, you are also expected to come up with content that would create the curiosity in the mind of the users.

In short, creating a content that eventually would convince Google to Place an ad on it is advised. This way, you can generate income from the advertisement as well.

  • A better way to Stay connected Long Tail Keywords

Such type of keywords come with less volume and of course, are not searched so frequent because of which in turn, it proves to be a profitable concept. Furthermore, there are some theories associated with this concept that gives like this:

  1. Such type of keywords offer the most significant volume for the search which eventually creates a strong impression.
  2. These keywords have less competition as compared to that of the generic ones.
  3. Since they are more specific than that of the generic ones, you can alter the ads that would match the requirement of the finder.
  4. People who search for such type of keywords are more into buying some product or are willing to sell something. This means there is high conversion rate that you may come across. Such type of keywords can be quite profitable for a fact that it offers the lasting results in less span of time.
  5. The theories make it clear on why the concept is trending. Furthermore, the given benefits would give you a better idea of what all advantages you can actually enjoy.

Since Long tail keywords do not really have much of the competition, there are high chances for you to win the money through ad.


The reason behind using such type of keyword is it being a specific requirement based. This means, you can write more of the targeted keywords, which will only be relevant to the ad, and this way the searcher would get tempted to click on it.

Many marketers strongly believe that such keywords are way lot cheaper than any other option. Since it is not much in competition and only a few people tend to bid, needless to say, that this type of concept is extremely less.

  • Long Tail Keywords Always work:

This is another important thing that can help you understand the right way to earn more form the clicks. If there are certain targeted traffic that visits your website or blog on a routine basis, then probably you have a highs cope to earn a good income. Similarly, if you use the high cost per click keywords or must have done the same in your posts previously your chances of earning money from the Google Ad sense would double up.

But the question that comes now in your mind is how to find the keywords that are long-tailed one and can be in great demand so that you can increase your Adsense income.

  • Choose an Efficient tool:

    • HitTail:Tricks To Earn $50 Per Click or Even More from Google AdSense using HitTail

This is a lovely app that basically is used for finding the best of the keywords that can give your blog post or website a better boost. The purpose of such tool is to let you find the right set of keywords that have a high price on the clicks. It also helps you understand the current rate of your traffic and the approach that you need to make to improve the traffic of the site and this way eventually increase the Adsense income

    • SemRush:Tricks To Earn $50 Per Click or Even More from Google AdSense using Semrush

This is another user-friendly tool which is quite a lot in demand. This type of tool is quite similar to that of HitTail. But with this, you can work a lot faster than the previous tool and get quick results in less time span. There is no hard and fast rule to operate such type of too. But to use it you need to create an excel file where you can manage the keywords, open an account at SemRush and then find the website that matches with your site niche. This will help you understand what keywords need to be targeted.


Of course, the above methods that are shown can definitely increase your Google Adsense Cost per click chances and you can earn more money. But again, you are advised to be sure that you are using the best source and you shall be going ahead with either of the tools only when you are actually sure on which option to choose. Google Adsense is great. No doubt, that it is one trending concept by which many users across the world are earning money. You can also be one of them. However, just make sure you use the above tips in a right manner and success will not be far from you at all. Get started today.

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